** THE CREW **

Mr big Bang

Costume Queen

Warm duscher


chemo acoustics

Music man

Special thanx to :

Line & Leonie and Miche & Danille - for getting wet
Hannes - for making it all possible
Skinny - for the tower
Krümel - for the lights
Tom Plattner - for last minute car & light design
Tom Piper - for everything & bookin da right hotel
Frances - for making it there
Luanna - for lending the red lipstick to Ivana
Tom A Halk - for driving and fire watch
Ross Hammond - for putting up with us ;-)
Haggis - for how he is - also in bad times
Charlie - for anti rain set & Fire control
Machmut - for Club mate & water
Logo - for helping us out
Sarah - for room and car
Bella - for taking that flower
Ron - for speaking german and official
Kirstin Geller (& Fred) - for video art work
Pand - for keeping us smiling ;-)