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HEADWORD: absorb (from/ in/ into/ through/ with) v.
NOUNS: antifungal agents, areas of experience, avidity, blood stream, business, calcium, carbon dioxide, cartels, changes, children, Christianity, Common Law, community, controversy, costs, council work, crowd, doctrine, doses, effects, energy, facts, fat, firm, folic acid, food, force, form of energy, frogs, gas, group, gut, heat, homework, impact, income, individual, infanticide, influences, information, iron, knowledge, light, liquid, living tissues, medium, menstrual flow, modus, news, one’s family/ job/ skin/ time, order, pages, people, person, plant(s), private insurance scheme, problem, process, profits, proportion, provocation, rocks, role, serious art, shock, smaller companies, s.o.īs attention, sound, stories, system(s), tampons, societies, student, substantial amounts, sweat, thought, universe, vibration, wider notion;
ADVERBS: avidly, best, completely, deeply, evidently, later, less readily, probably, quickly, rapidly, readily, relatively well, smoothly, thoroughly, totally, utterly, well;
EXAMPLES: he absorbed the imaginative stories avidly; the intellectual culture of the Roman world was rapidly, and on the whole smoothly, absorbed by late Roman Christianity; iron is far less readily absorbed from these plant sources; water and salts are absorbed into our blood stream; as a reader, I absorbed these influences; leather gloves absorb sweat best; frogs absorb water through their skins; she had just enough time to absorb this information; I was utterly absorbed in what I was doing; the small firms were absorbed into large cartels;
SYNONYMS: suck up, soak up, sponge up, blot up, draw in/ up, sop up, mop; take in, incorporate, assimilate, appropriate, co-opt; captivate, engross, occupy, monopolize, rivet, preoccupy, engage; consume, eat up, digest, ingest;
GERMAN: absorbieren, aufnehmen, aufsaugen, in sich aufnehmen, auffangen, dämpfen, schlucken, integrieren, tragen, in Anspruch nehmen, rasch auffassen, sich vertiefen (in), aufgehen (in);
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