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HEADWORD: accept (as/ for/ from/ in/ with/ without) v.
NOUNS: account, alphabet, alternative view, altruism, ancestry, anthropologists, apology, argument, authoritative instruction, authority, award, behaviour, benefit, biologist(s), book(s), canon, cases, challenge, characterization, cheats, church, citizen(s), client, commissions, committee, Common Law principles, common-sense beliefs, communities, component, concept, conclusion, conditions, consistent point of view, control, conviction, country, court, cuts, Darwinian adaptations, defendant’s plea of guilty, delivery, development, differences, discoveries, doctor(s), doctrine, drastic reduction, easy answers, embryologist, effects, employment, equals, ethics, evils of this world, exception, expert advice, explanation, fact, family, fate, form, freedoms, further refinement, general proposals, Germany, gift, God’s will, ground, heretical volumes, historian(s), homosexual union, human uniqueness, hypothesis, implication, incapacity, incubation period, inheritance, input, instructions, interpretation, invitation, judges, law, lawyer(s), leadership, lecturers, legality, legitimacy, limitations, loss, maxim, love, marriage, medical treatment, member, method, ministry, mode, more radical idea, myth, natural duty, nature, neutrality, normal part of life, nothing, notion, ordination, other side, output, part, party, passenger, people, person, piece of advice, pieces, photography, poems, policies, political order, population, position, power, practice, practitioners, pragmatic grounds, prevalent belief, programme, programmer, prophet, proponents, proposal, protagonist, Protestants, question, reality, reasons, recommendations, recruits, relevance, reports, right, scenarios, science, society, sex role, situation, society, sociology, s.o.´s assertion/ duty/ opinion/ proposals/ resignation/ responsibility/ ruling/ word, state, statement, story, subjects, suckers, suffering, suggestion, superpowers, task, teaching, team, technology, theorists, therapeutic abortions, traditions, treatment, types, validity, version, virgin birth, vulnerability, way(s), welfarists, workers, working conditions;
ADVERBS: actually, additionally, already, also, always, at once, blindly, broadly, clearly, commonly, eventually, first, freely, fully, generally, globally, however, immediately, implicitly, largely, less, long, more, not even, not easily, now, passively, patiently, readily, simply, still, tentatively, therefore, today, too, universally, unquestioningly, widely;
EXAMPLES: the man who accepts authority is thus said to surrender his private judgement; she accepts all the blows dealt to her; he accepts it too; he also accepts that ...; if one accepts that ...; to accept for publication; to accept the advice/ one's proposal; to accept the fact; to accept in silence; to accept the blame/ responsibility for; I have accepted the challenge; ultraviolet light has long been accepted as a provocative for herpes of the face; divorce gradually comes to be accepted as a normal part of life; this was at once accepted by the Liberals; the tree-planting concept has already been accepted in principle; this reasoning is not accepted in English law; these are two ways of expressing what is now widely accepted notion; the present position is only accepted on pragmatic grounds; it is commonly/ generally/ widely accepted that ..., it may have to be accepted that ...; we’ll just have to accept things as they are; the Cabinet accepted the recommendation; this the court accepted; restrictions of liberty shall not be accepted unless supported by good reasons; he had reluctantly accepted this; this idea was accepted with varying degrees of caution; they accepted us as their equals; we accept that the proposal may be defeated; we must accept the fact that ...; I accept that it might take a little longer;
SYNONYMS: agree, allow, approve, assent, comply, consent, endorse; believe, buy, swallow; bear, concede, digest, let, permit, put up with, stand, take, tolerate, undergo;
GERMAN: annehmen, übernehmen, akzeptieren, zusagen, hinnehmen, glauben, einsehen, gelten lassen, anerkennen, hinnehmen;
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