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HEADWORD: add (in/ on/ to/ up to) v.
NOUNS: advantage, amino acid, amount, angle(s), anterior margin, apple juice, areas, atmosphere, aversive consequences, authority, basic foods, beans, benefit, biography, birth, bloated urgency, blood, breakfast, cause, chemical agents, comments, complexities, computer, concept, cottage cheese, coward, crisis, demoralization, dimension, discussion, dried fruits, edition, effect, element(s), emission, emphasis, Equity, equivalent, extra body fat/ salt, factors, fat, fear, feeling, feeling of anger and hurt, figurate number, figure, footnote, force, friction, further dimension/ weight, greenhouse gases, hoax, house, illumination, incentive, indignity, interest, italics, knob of butter/ margarine, knowledge, latent inhibitor, lawyers, library, line, list, little steps, medical bill, medium, method, modifications, more hours, mythology, nasal mucus, natural sweetness, next goal, new fields, nothing, numbers, objects, oneself, old lady, oneís body/ pain/ repertoire/ voice, oneís own unctuous gloss, organic matter, ounce(s), painting, pair, payability, people, person, picture, polarizing region, pound(s), principle, problems, protein, rational coherence, real concern, reason(s), reassurance, reigns, remark, report, right angle, room, rule, saturated fat, secretion, service, several numbers, slice of bread, soil, something, soya flour, species, spermatozoa, spice, state of affairs, status, stimulus, storey, strength, sugar, suggestion, sultanas, support, sum, sweetcorn, system, teacher, teaspoon(s), term, testators, theory, total, transport, trust disposition, tuna, two weeks, upset, urgency, value, variety, VAT, vegetables, viscous remains, vitamin(s), volume, wad, weight, zeros;
ADVERBS: also, always, every day7 week/ month/ year, immediately, merely, now, often, recently, then;
EXAMPLES: it all adds up to disaster; it doesnít add to much; itís beginning to add; she added an extra sentence; she just canít add; add up the column of figures; the figures add up to $30; add a knob of butter or margarine; I will not add further/ a certain weight to the solution favoured by it; it adds nothing to our knowledge; it all adds up to a hoax; these changes add to the confusion; all that I am going to add is that ...; I must now add ...; I ought to add, perhaps, that ...; one should add that ...; one can also add that there is ...; this added to their pain; does it not add to the reasons for which they have to act?; add all the numbers; add up the points for the 9 questions; the three angles of a triangle add up to two right angles; it adds very little to a theory of genre; margarine has vitamin A added; ... he might have added; it should be added here that ...; that all adds up to a rather unusual state of affairs; it should also be added immediately that ...; it may be added, of course, that ...; he added on his own account:" I wish you every success in your efforts."; it was immediately added that ...; it added up to $100; to this is added the remark that ...; it doesnít add up; this feeling is added to a previous illumination; this term may be added to the sum; a further dimension is added to our understanding; a further 150 francs could be added to the bill; I added this amount to the bill; they added 10% for service; ideally you do not want to be adding even more sugar to the breakfast meals; do not bother adding sugar; adding this to the second suggestion, it follows that ...; meanwhile Equity is adding new fields of jurisdiction;
SYNONYMS: include, attach, affix, append, put in/ on; add together/ up, count up, count, compute, total; go on to say, state further; increase, magnify, augment, amplify, intensify, aggravate, exacerbate; amount to, come to; constitute, signify, amount to, spell; make sense, be/ seem reasonable/ plausible, stand to reason;
GERMAN: addieren, hinzuzählen (zu), dazuzählen (zu), hinzufügen (zu), dazutun (zu), dazusetzen (auf), dazusagen, anbauen (an), aufstocken, anfügen, hinzukommen, aufschlagen, zusammenzählen, beitragen (zu), aufbessern, mehr rechnen, stimmen, sich reimen, ergeben, sich belaufen auf;
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