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HEADWORD: address (as/ for/ in/ through/ to/ with) v.
NOUNS: appropriate responses, attempts, audience, ball, beneficiary, bishop, body of moral principles, broad questions, candidate, CEO, complaints, complex issues, comprehensive effort, connection, creator of demands, criminologists, daughter, deceased, delegate, developing countries, developmental needs, economic difficulties, envelope, environmental concerns/ issues, global climate change, gender inequalities, general nature/ reader, global warming, government, grievances, group, housewives, human population expansion, ideology, industrialized countries, intended beneficiary, issues, jury, king, lady, letter, lord, love, mail, manager, mayor, measures, oneself, one’s learning, overall assessment, package, parents, passages, people, person, petitions, poem, Pope, possibilities, postcard, post-office box, preoccupation, presbyter, president, primary causes, prime minister, priority items, properly-phrased request, queen, referendum, report, research program, serious intent, settlor, severe problem, s.o.sīneeds/ remarks, son, subject, substitute heir, systems, task, theme, theory, testator, treatise, trust, trustee, question(s), UN General Assembly, urgency, vein, wordings, words, work, worker, working group, world community;
ADVERBS: also, at once, constantly, directly, even, explicitly, lightly, never, primarily, seriously, specifically, still, scarcely, too late, usually;
EXAMPLES: he does not explicitly address this question; address any remarks to the manager; he was forced to address himself specifically to the bishops; the measures were meant to address some of the grievances of the rioters; a settlor can even address the beneficiary of the trust; truly radical television will address the needs of its audiences; she addressed her remarks to us; you should address her as lady; address your mail to my post-office box; I also want to address two more complex issues; these questions were the ones addressed; the candidates did not address themselves to the issues; these petitions came to be addressed directly to the Chancellor himself; he constantly addressed himself to passages about kings; ... but it must be addressed; his needs can be addressed only through a broad-scope effort; it is addressed primarily to people who ...; others have addressed the subject in a more popular vein; if it is not addressed with the comprehensive effort and urgency it deserves, ...; the trustee should be addressed with a properly-phrased request; I addressed the letter to her;
SYNONYMS: label, direct, inscribe, superscribe; speak to, talk to, make a speech to, lecture, give a discourse/ dissertation/ oration/ talk to, preach to, declaim to, harangue; salute, hail, greet; call, name, write, describe, designate, denominate; send, forward, remit, convey, communicate; aim at, take aim at, face; apply oneself to, direct one’s attention to, engage in, concentrate on, undertake, take up, devote oneself to, turn to;
GERMAN: adressieren (an), richten (an), sprechen (zu), sich wenden an, anreden, ansprechen, nennen, sich widmen;
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