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HEADWORD: agree (about/ after/ as/ before/ in/on/ to/ with/) v.
NOUNS: abolition, accounts, adjectives, almost all, another point, answer, anthropologists, approach, appropriate responses, archaeologists, authorities, baby, basic means, bill, board, Britain, budget, calculations, calendars, certain reluctance, church, clergy, climate, condition, Conservatives, constables, contributors, countries, couple, courses of action, criterion, critics, curriculum, doctors, doctrine of justice, drink, each other, economy programme, employers, experts, fifth freedom clause, food, Foreign Secretary, four freedoms, general practitioner, generals, genes, Germany, goals, headmaster, husband, idea, ideological values, members of society, internationally controlled routes, Jews, judges, King, Labour Cabinet, lessee, lessor, main danger, manner, meeting, milk, moral facts, necessity, need, neighbours, number of flights, one another, opinion, opponents, parties, partner(s), pay rise, people, person, philosophically sophisticated, philosophers, point of view, politicians, position, presumption of liberty, problem list, process, prohibitive tariff, provisions, real things, records, relationships, remuneration, representatives, responsibility, result, routes, schools, sea air, second best, sergeants, sexual intercourse, similarities, similarity, some cases, s.o.īs name, species, spirit, stipulation, stories, synod, task(s), taxonomists, test(s), theories, therapists, totals, trade unionists, truce, unworthiness, use of force, view, weekend outing, wife, wordings, writers, year;
ADVERBS: absolutely, also, always, at last, beforehand, certainly, commonly, completely, entirely, eventually, finally, fully, generally, informally, necessarily, never, probably, readily, really, reluctantly, specifically, then, wholeheartedly;
EXAMPLES: the Jews of Edenbridge could never agree about their goals and ideological values; we agree to differ; to agree to do; each will then agree to a doctrine of justice; one can agree that ...; they agree in the results; she was bound to agree; contributors also agree on another point; what it could not agree on was how ...; all concerned agree that ...; however, he did agree that ...; (almost) all would agree that ...; neither Baldwin nor MacDonald will agree to serve under the other; to be agreed on; they agree to the contrary; I do not agree with those who think that ...; I do agree with s.o./; the food doesn't agree with me; I didnít and donít agree with him; a truce was eventually agreed; to this course the King agreed; Conservatives have always agreed on the main danger they face; the meeting agreed only that no decisions would be taken; it is now generally agreed that ...; it is agreed that I ought not to be prejudiced by him; she also agreed to talk to her father; they agreed to help; we agreed that everyone would receive an equal share; to agree with s.o. about; Churchill agreed with him that Britain had compromised enough; the tasks agreed upon are absolutely clear;
SYNONYMS: accept, allow, approve, comply, consent, endorse, subscribe; accord, comply with, conform, correspond, fit in, square, suit, tally; adjust, arrange, compromise, settle; acknowledge, admit, recognize;
GERMAN: vereinbaren, abmachen, einverstanden sein, zustimmen, vertragen;
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