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HEADWORD: allow (for/ in/ of/ on/ out/ past) v.
NOUNS: absorption, access, accommodation, account, acquisition, action, addition, adultery, airlines, alteration, ambiguity, answer, appeal, approach, aristocrats, arrangement, assignee, associability, association, attempt, aunt, author, average, aviati0n policy, avoidance response, baby, basic continuity, behaviour, bishop, bogus defences, boy, breach of contract, break with tradition, breakfast, breeding, brother, capital inflow, cell(s), changes with law, chemicals, child, children, choices in utterance, circumstances, claim, classical law, classification, cleaners, clergy, colonization, commodities, Common Law, Common Law procedure, communication, communicational interchange, company, comparison, concentrations, conceptions, conclusion, conquests, consent, constitutional framework, context, copy, correlated procedure, cost, country, court, courtship, creation, creditor, criminal law, critics, crops per year, cue(s), cultural backwardness, curator, current partner(s), daughter, death, definition, degree, demonstration, development, deviant reasons, deviations, derivation, diet, difference in age, discount, discriminating approach, discrimination training, distinctions, distraction, distribution, divorce, Divorce Act, doctor, doctrine, dogs, drink, duress, dweller(s), Ecclesiastical Courts, effects, eggs, ejaculation, embryo, emperor, employees, employer, enforcement, entitlement, equal chance, error, escalator clause, escape, essence, estate, estimation, evidence, exceptions, execution, existence, expenditures, experiment, experimental procedure/ results, exposure, exposure to a stimulus, expression, expression of feelings, extinction, euthanasia, fact, factor, fellatio, fertilization, fifth freedom, financial situation, firm, fish, flexibility, food abundance, formation, forms of learning, frame of reference, freshmen, full expression, fusion, generations, genius, Germany, girl, glimpse, global warming, goal, God, government(s), grandparents, grief, hard problems, hour for lunch, image of oneself, increases, individuals, indulgence, information, institutions, integration, intent, interpretations, interview, investigation, involvement, iteration, judgement, juries, jurist, jury, justification thesis, king, landlord, larger demands, law, leader, legal doctrines, legislation, limited expansion, lots, manslaughter conviction, marketing, marriage, matters, mercilessness, mistaken rule, mitigation, model, money, natural law, naturally strong child, network of links, nomads, no such thing, number of conclusions, objections, occupation, occurrence, oneself, one’s proper place, opponent, organisms, ownership, paradigm, parents, parties, party, passive use, payment, peak, people, person, pluralism, polygamy, Pope, pores, positions, possibility, practice, pragmatism, precatory trust, pre-exposure, presumption, principle, privilege(s), problem, process of comparison, processes, product, production, professor, property, propositions, prosecution, protection, provocation, public promotion, queen, rate of reproduction, rationalist, reactions, referendum, relationship, relative, repeated presentation, reporter(s), residents, retrieval of information, room, routes, sale, sample, sessions, settled land, settlor, shrinkage, simple explanation, simultaneous transfer, sin, sister, size, small indulgence, social activity, son, space, speculation, spouse, stable social system, state, stimulus, study, subject(s), substances, suit, systematic destruction, testator, theory, therapist, thesis, thing, third party, time, training, transsexuals, treatment, trust beneficiary, uncle, unwanted pregnancy, use, validity, vested interests, view, viewer, violation, visit, volunteers, watch, way of thinking, within-subject comparison, wordings, X-ray pictures;
ADVERBS: again, already, always, at once, clearly, conveniently, even, generally, however, in particular, presumably, often, once, only, periodically, rarely, remorsefully, simply;
EXAMPLES: smoking is not allowed; I am allowed one drink; will you be allowed to?; will you allow him to?; simple pre-exposure might allow a stimulus to acquire inhibitory properties; it may be morally permissible to allow a baby to die by non-intervention; juries will not allow bogus defences to succeed; existing law does not allow euthanasia; it is thus ready in principle to allow for exceptions; she allowed herself to be waited on; allow me to help you; allow yourself two hours to cross the city; we allow for the shuffling of genes; they allow, for example, that ...; conditions of food abundance periodically allow greater social activity; one must allow him to sleep; Juliana said she would not allow herself to get into the same state again; it would allow it to be enforced against the promisor; this would allow some room for choice; Mary would not allow John to be involved in treatment; bishops do not allow sin to enter in; perhaps one should allow that ...; it seems to allow that ...; allowing the circumstances ...; if time allows; after allowing ...; we allow you to enter; allow $10 for expenses; he refused to allow the party access to his fund; they allow themselves to become nothing; they allow up to 20 per cent private capital; you might also allow yourself one small indulgence with food now and then; volunteers are not allowed a watch; the subjects were allowed access to the saline solution for ten minutes; fellatio, in particular, allows ejaculation to take place in the mouth; this way of thinking allowed him to concede some shortcomings of moral insight; he allowed no such thing in his court; this view allowed room for disagreement; once it has been allowed that ...; if it is allowed that ...; is this allowed?; it could, therefore, be allowed to ...; nevertheless it is allowed to ...; nothing, however, was allowed to distract me long from compiling ARCS; interpretation is allowed to copy what it finds; some relaxation of wording is allowed where family property expectations are involved; allow for wastage; even allowing for the fact that ...; there is no reason for allowing that ...; in allowing this it would certainly be more acceptable to common sense; Mareike allowed herself no meat; we allowed for the difference in age; one must allow for shrinkage; our financial situation allowed of no unnecessary expenditures; I allow that you won; I must allow that she is capable; it allowed X-ray pictures to be made of skeletons;
SYNONYMS: permit, let, authorize, sanction, give permission; allot, allocate, give, grant, remit, spare; plan for, make provision for, concede, own, agree, confess, take into account/ consideration;
GERMAN: erlauben, gestatten, zulassen, dürfen, lassen, anerkennen, geben, einplanen, einberechnen, zugestehen, annehmen, möglich sein, berücksichtigen, einkalkulieren;
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