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HEADWORD: analysis (for/ in/ into/ of/ through/ upon) n.
VERBS: answer, appear, attempt, associate with, apply, avoid, be, become associated with/ available, be accepted/ based on/ central to/ damaging for/ detailed/ difficult/discussed/ essential to/ exhausted/ flawed/ identical to/ inadequate/ laudable/ more limiting/ necessary/ obscured/ presented/ pushed/ relevant/ required for/ versed in/ unsatisfactory/unsuccessful, begin, belong in/ to, call (for), centre on, complicate, comprise, concentrate on, culminate in, defy, demonstrate, derive from, describe, develop, discern from, distinguish from, draw on, emphasize, enable, follow from, get, have, help, hinge on, include, invent, lead to, look into, make, need, negotiate between, offer, prefer, present, produce, provide, push backwards, regard, require, show, stem from, stop, suggest, take account of, turn to, undergo, undertake, use;
NOUNS: acquisition, action, activity, adaptations, altruism, animal orientation, anthropology, article, attitude, authority, axioms, background factors, behaviour, behaviour sequences, book, brain, capitalism, cases, causes, character, communication, composite wholes, concept, concrete problems, consent, Conservatism, constitutional aspects/ questions, correlations, country, crisis, culture, data, democracy, development, dictatorship, disease, ecology, economy, effect, environment, ethical principles, events, evidence, evolution, food, football hooliganism, freedom, frequencies, fundamental problems, global warming, habituation, historic past, history, homosexuality, ideological forces, implications, individuals, inner cities, kind, latent inhibition, lawful relations, literature, marriage, media treatment, memories, miscue-research analysis, mood, Name of Father, need, notion, observations, oneself, outlook, participation, particular qualities, past, perception, physical reality, plant ecotypes, play, political authority, polls, popular culture/ film, position, public opinion, purified proteins, reasons, relations, relationship, revolution, rhythms, riots, semen, sexuality, single behaviours, singularity spermatozoa, socio-economics, structure, social conditions, strategies, studies, taxonomic group, television, television fiction, time, vision;
ADJECTIVES: basic, best-documented, brief, brilliant, calm, careful, causal, chemical, comparative, conceptual, constitutional, country-by-country, critical, cybernetic, democratic, detailed, economic, erudite, ethical, evolutionary, fascinating, final, full, fully-sensitive, functional, further, general, genetical, grosser, harmonic, historical, inadequate, in-depth, last, laudable, left, linguistic, logical, ice-core, objective, painstaking, penetrating, philosophical, political, powerful, psephological, psychological, qualitative, quantified, quantitative, rational, right, scientific, social, subjective, subsequent, textual, theoretical, thorough, ultimate, verbal;
EXAMPLES: this analysis also helps to clarify another issue; they can be isolated only in analysis; this, too, uses analysis and synthesis; examples of this kind of analysis as applied to the types of activity are shown below; it was made by analysis; his analysis began by distinguishing between the background factors; more plausible is the analysis developed in ...; the relevance of this analysis for our present purposes is that ...; the same general analysis goes some way toward explaining why ...; we should note that this analysis involves ...; this analysis is equally flawed; as regards to the theoretical and philosophical analysis of time, the ...; we will present an analysis of the colliding wave problem; in this section I will offer an analysis of consent; Marx´s analysis of capitalism shows that ...; at one level of analysis, this task poses no special problems; in the last analysis they wish to ...; now, through analysis, you’re seeking the internal objects; subsequent analyses suggest that ...; as in his analyses, we are not talking about conscious strategies; in the final/ last/ ultimate analysis, ...; upon further analysis; our analysis shows that ...; a detailed analysis of the week's news;
SYNONYMS: cogitation, consideration, contemplation, deliberation, logic, meditation, reasoning, reflection, speculation, study, thought; exploration, inquiry, investigation, research; essay, examination, experiment, observation, test; assessment, commentary, criticism, critique, evaluation, judgement, review;
GERMAN: Analyse, Zergliederung, Gliederung, Psychoanalyse;
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