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HEADWORD: answer (back/ for/ in/ to) v.
NOUNS: advertisement, behaviourists, Bill, call, case, challenge, charge, children, choirs, criminologists, criticism, critics, defendant, demand, description, directors, door/ bell, emperor, exam questions, expectation, government, hope, jury, lawyer(s), letter, name, need, nickname, objection(s), parents, people, person, philosopher, Pope, prayer(s), problems, pupil, purpose, question(s), questions in writing, questions of fact, rescript, sceptics, some particular questions, speech, still pertinent question, stockholders, student, teacher, (tele)phone, test(s);
ADVERBS: affirmatively, already, always, appropriately, best, better, boldly, briefly, calmly, clearly, concisely, correctly, differently, easily, erroneously, explicitly, finally, frankly, glibly, gruffly, hardly, haughtily, insolently, ironically, laconically, maliciously, not really, on oath, partially, plausibly, politely, precisely, probably, promptly, qualitatively, quantitatively, quickly, readily, reluctantly, satisfactorily, simply, usually, vaguely, wrongly;
EXAMPLES: we are able to answer any limited question; the subject is required to answer; I answer in one word; I cannot attempt to answer; this is reasonably easy to answer; the evidence available for trying to answer such questions is ...; he will have to answer the Bill on oath; we will attempt to answer the following questions; let me answer the second question first; to answer them would go beyond the scope of this book; it was in part to answer these questions that ...; in order to answer this last question it is necessary to ...; it was apparent that prayers might not be answered; this is best answered by asking what the desired goal is; there was no way in which it could be answered; it will be answered only at its conclusion; these problems are ones well organized and analysed, though not answered, by ...; they had no criteria for answering it; in answering this question, one has to ...; he seems to be answering conservative critics; to answer at the earliest possible date; to answer to the description/ name of; will you answer that?; to answer the door/ bell/ telephone; to answer the call of nature/ duty; answer me!; I didn't answer a word; the directors had to answer to the stockholders for the loss; she only answers to her nickname; he answers to the description; Juliana answered (us) that she would come; children should not answer back to their parents; to answer for one's crimes; she has a lot to answer for; this answered our prayers; it answers the / our purpose; don't answer back!; to answer for s.o.'s loyalty/ mistakes; I do not to know how to answer; to try one's best to answer; to answer for the truth of; to answer to the controls;
SYNONYMS: respond, return, revert, react; acknowledge, come back, react, rejoin, reply, retort; suffice;
GERMAN: antworten, erwidern, beantworten, entsprechen, erfüllen, erhören, befriedigen, sich verantworten, reagieren, geeignet/ brauchbar sein, widersprechen, verantwortlich sein;
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