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HEADWORD: appear (above/ after/ against/ among/ as/ at/ at about/ before/ close beside/ during/ for/ from/ from behind/ in/ on/ over/ through/ throughout/ to/ under/ with) v.
NOUNS: account, actor, actress, adjectives, alternative measures, analysis, ancient peoples, angle, apostles, array, article, association, assumption, avoidance response, bacteriophages, banker, banners, biochemical changes, body, characteristics, binding individual marriage, blue sport, book, bulges of water, burning bush, campaign, cause(s), cell surface, centre, characteristics, Christendom, Christianity, citizens, civilization, clergy, coins, comedians, commissioned designs, committee, community, conclusions, conference, contestant, context-specificity, contradiction, contradictory form, contrary intention, copy, countries, court, creator of wealth, critical commentary, crops, cultural/ material interests, decency, defendant, denominator, desire, dimensions, discharge. dish, disposition, distinct blocks, division, doctor, door, effects, Egypt, end of the world, entities, enzymes, equal heights, Europe, evidence, examples, excerpt, expectation, facts stated, families, favourite themes, features, fiction, figure, film(s), firearm offences, first place, fixed ratios, flank, flat disc, fool, footballers, front end, future, gens, German, God, group, height of impertinence, high art, higher growth, historical genres, horizon, ideal, illness, illustration, images, importance, incense-clocks, incubation period, index, individual labels, individuals, insulin, key event, landed property, letter, inherent properties, innovations, instant, inverse functions, items, kind, latent inhibition, leading article, lines of approach, list of goals, literature, magazine, magistrate, major sources, material impact, mechanical clock/ models, member(s), men, methods, midges, military precision, modes, molecules, month of life, moon, Moses, mosquitoes, mould, music-hall bill, Muslim community, new format/ strains, newspaper, nexus, notice(s), no reason, novel, number of studies, numbers, observation, oceans, one’s life/ trousers, oppressive mischance, others, page, painting, pair(s), paper(s), parasites, parties, party, patient(s), pattern, people, person, phrase(s), picture, philosophy, planes of division, players, poetry, points, police-officers, power, press conference, primitive promiscuity, print, private property, privilege, problems, proceedings, progeny, promoters, properties, protagonist(s), Protestants, psychological changes, rapport, reactions, recall, reflex, refusal, regular pattern, religious images, remissions, report(s), reproduction season, respect for authority, response, results, retention test, retrospect, review, rhythms, riders, right places, risen Lord, same time, scale of hooliganism, scene, set, shadows, sharp rebuke, sight of God, signs, skin, slaves, small bulge, s.o.īs eyes, solitary ulcer, somites, split, sporting characters, spot, streak, s.o.īs imagination, stage, staphylococci, star, statement, state of mind, subjects, succession, substances, subtle cheats, suggestion, sundial, symptoms, system of notation, tasks, technological developments, television debates, therapeutic possibilities, therapist, things, time, touch of pride, traditional concepts, treatment, TV, ulcer, understanding of the past, undiffferentiated communities, urine, variant, vesicles, video recorders, virus(es), wall, warts, water-clock, well-meaning couple, wheel, whole life, will-power, witness(es), woman, women, women disciples, wordings, word(s), work, writing, years;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: already, also, at first, attractive, cold, confident, drunk, duly, early, easily, eventually, first, frequently, hard, highly differentiated, hot, however, hungry, immaculate, immediately, inevitable, magically, mainly, monthly, neat, never actually, not yet, now, occasionally, often, once, once again, outwardly, personally, previously, publicly, quite ignorant, resistant, right, sad, sadly, shabby, sometimes, superficially, there, therefore, tired, too late/ soon, total, twice, unkempt, untidy, usually, very protective, weekly, yearly;
EXAMPLES: how does it appear to you?; we habitually employ double language, and entertain, as it would appear, a double and inconsistent set of ideas; it appears not; there appears a mistake; there would appear to be a mistake; it will be necessary to use whatever methods appear appropriate; the Iroquois gens appear as undifferentiated communities; first, it may appear as if ...; the Moon appears at equal heights above the horizon; a new blue spot will appear at the centre; they may appear in crops; to appear on film/ in a show; to appear to be; to appear to see s.o. as though; to appear in public; to appear before a law court as a witness; to appear in court; not to appear to have done; the word cancer did not even appear in the index; as will appear (later), it ...; these economies appear likely to remain primarily agrarian; the last star appears on the horizon; when is the division going to appear?; it may evoke nostalgia now, or appear quaintly naive, but there ...; in order to appear successful, each woman architect had to stand apart from other women; it may/ does/ might/ would appear that ...; at the end of the discussion appear the words ...; many of them appear to have been angered; he would appear to believe in an invented truth; the alternative approaches do not appear to be sufficiently well focused; that makes his subjects appear to combine worldly, gentlemanly elegance with a slight ridiculousness; these tasks appear to be done better at night; thus, there may appear to be a urethritis; this would appear to be the end of the road for ...; I appear to have strayed a long way from our original topic; two lines of approach appear to be most hopeful; she did not appear to be unduly depressed; on the same page appeared a sharp rebuke to her; no final answers have yet appeared; she appeared against him in court; the parties appeared before the magistrate; an array of studies appeared analysing the societal organizations; a variant of this theme appeared in the assumption made by ...; a leading article headed `Penicilliumī appeared in the The Times; he appeared less and less in public; there appeared no reason to support suicidal intent; she appeared to him in a dream; she appeared to be well; it appears (to me) that she will not come; the risen Lord had appeared not only to women; he replied that it appeared that there was a trust on the co-heir too; the testator’s words appeared to conflict with his intention; our men appeared to take no notice; the story appeared in a newspaper; he might as easily have appeared with; the Muslim community appeared within Christendom itself; the most classifying privilege has the privilege to appear to be the most natural one;
SYNONYMS: arise, come, come about, materialize, occur, rise, take place, turn up; ascend, come forth, emerge, form, loom; indicate, look, seem, sound;
GERMAN: erscheinen, auftauchen, sich zeigen, scheinen, hervorkommen (hinter), auftauchen, erscheinen, auftreten, dabei sein, Eindruck machen;
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