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HEADWORD: apply (as/ at/ for/ in/ over/ right across/ throughout/ to/ towards/ under/ with) v.
NOUNS: acknowledged principles/ rules, Act, activity, analysis, animal kingdom, animals, areas of life, assistance, authorities, brakes, burden, captain, case(s), chart, churchmen, colliding plane waves, consent, consideration, context, control subjects, co-ordinate rotation, countries, country, course, death penalty, deterrent argument, device, different names, disputes, distinction, dressing, embargo, entities, environmental condition, equitable assignment, establishment, exercise, face(s), fellowship, finding, force, forehead, future, general analysis/ moral principles, grant, great energy, headquarters, hormonal conduction, hospital patient(s), humans, ice, ideas, imitation, inhibitory case, insight, institutions, interpretation, Ireland, job, judge, kind, knowledge, label(s), law, law of procedure, legacies, level, lotion, membership, money, name, nervous conduction, new duties, night-workers, ointment, oneself, one’s attention/ knowledge/ mind, option, original transformation, paint, particular situation, parts, past, pastel, people, person, plaster, political action, practice, pressure, principle(s), procedural regime, process, property, purchase, question, rash, requirements, reasoning, renal rhythms, reptiles, result(s), rule(s), ruling, sanctions, scholarship, set of facts/ rules, species contrasts, serial presentation, skill(s), standard, stimuli, surface, system, technology, term, test of citizenship, theme, theory, thought, transfer, trusts, under-development, university, verdict, vertebrates, violence, violent threats, wax polish, ways, work;
ADVERBS: abruptly, already, also, alternately, automatically, as much, basically, commonly, directly, earlier, energetically, especially, equally, even, evenly, first, formally, however, independently, indirectly, indulgently, initially, just, loosely, mainly, more widely, much more effectively, no longer, not really, obviously, often, only, particularly, practically, rapidly, sketchily, specifically, still, successfully, surely, unremittingly, very precisely, well;
EXAMPLES:under what circumstances do we either develop or apply a particular technology?; the foregoing remarks apply directly to ...; if it were valid, it would apply equally well to the evolution of any complex trait whatever; what is likely to apply for most of us is ...; the same principles apply in the management of any patients; some of the provisions of the criminal law apply only to British citizens; they apply only to sight; this can only apply to ...; the rule would seem to apply that ...; both these texts apply to legacies; does the same apply to mental performance?; this would particularly apply where ...; in face of insolvency the following principles apply; this idea of flexibility applies as much to exercise as it does to food; the point applies as much to B as to C; this finding applies, of course, at the level of the individual country; first, it applies to the ways in which ...; this result also applies to solutions which ...; this applies whether the fight takes place in public or in private; to be entitled to apply; to apply oneself to; to apply much thought to; most of these methods can be applied also to ...; they were applied by ...; the same applied earlier; this approach may also be applied for other types of space-times; these principles are, however, applied in different degrees in the respective spheres of Criminal and Civil Law; how could this test be applied?; the judgement could be applied more widely than its immediate target; this section has been applied so as to cover the administration of a drug; no-one applied for the reward at the office; ; TFAP is to be applied throughout the Third World; this knowledge was rapidly applied to ...; the same question applied to ...; clearly, the above technique may be applied using ...; the entities to which we are applying it are populations; how else, short of applying it to humans, could one test whether...; applying these principles, pneumonia need not be treated; we applied to the authorities for assistance; the captain applied to headquarters for a transfer; Juliana applied to be transferred; she applied to three universities for a fellowship; the rule does not apply to this case; I applied myself to my new duties in Meppen with great energy; she applied paint to the surface; I apply linguistic theory to practice; they applied a lot of money to this purchase;
SYNONYMS: dedicate, focus; massage, rub, spread; appeal, attack, file suit, go to court, litigate, petition, plead, prosecute, solicit, sue; exercise, resort, use, utilize; claim, enrol, file, sign up; accredit, ascribe, assign, attribute, charge, credit, refer; augment, capitalize on, enlarge, increase; regard, relate;
GERMAN: auftragen (auf), applizieren, anwenden, verwenden (für), gebrauchen (für), anlegen, betätigen, verwerten (für), zuwenden, richten (auf), verhängen (über), sich bewerben (bei/ um), sich verwenden (bei), beantragen (bei), sich melden (für), gelten (für), betreffen, zutreffen (auf);
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