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HEADWORD: argue (about/ against/ at/ away/ for/ in/ into/ out/ out of/ over/ with/ within) v.
NOUNS: abolition, amendment, anthropologists, approach, book, Cabinet, case, chapter(s), committee, critics, dependence, detail, discrete stimulus, doctrine of justice, different conception, direct link, doctor, each other, essay, existence, experts, father, favour, Foreign Office, Government, group, historians, injecti0n of financial support, innovation, inquiry, issue, kind, liberal morality, line of tanks, linkage, logic, many places, matter, monarchy, mother, nationalization, neutrality, new law/ policy, nobody, notion, patient, person, philosophers, point, point of view, Pope, positive conclusions, position, present dearness, primacy, principles, problem, reform, regulations, research, second factor, section, slavery, social imperialism, specialists, specific context, stage, talks, text, truth, two people, type, view, writer, writing;
ADVERBS: above, already, also, always, angrily, calmly, cogently, commonly, compellingly, convincingly, first, further, groundlessly, heatedly, however, inevitably, in fact, irrefutably, logically, now, optimistically, passionately, persuasively, pessimistically, plausibly, rationally, recently, sensibly, sometimes, spuriously, strenuously, strongly, tenuously, unassailably, validly, vehemently, violently, weakly;
EXAMPLES: indeed one writer has gone so far as to argue ...; it would be as foolish to argue about which of these views is correct as it would be to argue whether algebra or geometry is the correct way to solve problems in science; the essay argued much research; philosophers could argue against them; I shall argue below ...; it is hard to argue conclusively that ...; I will argue, first, that ...; it is ambition enough to argue for certain principles of political freedom; one might argue from this that ...; he was moved to argue forcibly that ...; one could argue that ...; later Marx was to argue that the slave is in a sense less badly off than the free labourer; he argues from a position of ...; I will go on to argue that ...; on those grounds it ought to be possible to argue that ...; it isn’t easy to argue with Helga; indeed, one can forcefully argue that ...; we would not argue with the idea of fundamentals; he argues further that ...; Marx argues in many places that ...; this was, he argues, social imperialism; as Hegel argues, there is ...; it was argued above that ...; it was argued in Chapter 3 that ...; it has thus been argued that ...; it might also be argued that ...; one thesis I am arguing for claims that ...; bishop Empey argued to the synod ...; we can stop arguing whether feelings are causes of actions; sometimes Helga tries to argue me out of compiling ARCS; there’s no arguing with her; don’t argue (with me)!; don’t argue with your father!; there’s no point in arguing; this argues in her favour; the children are always arguing; you can’t argue with a line of tanks; argue that they are right; in arguing against the notion that ...; to argue that this is so is like arguing that ...; she argues within the specific context of women’s work;
SYNONYMS: disagree, dispute, bicker, fight, feud, wrangle, quarrel; assert, declare, insist, maintain, hold, contend, expostulate; debate, discuss, controvert; persuade, convince, prevail upon, talk around; indicate, show, suggest, demonstrate, point to, exhibit, imply, display, evince, be evidence of;
GERMAN: streiten, sich streiten (mit/ über/ wegen), sich zanken (wegen), widersprechen, diskutieren, wegdiskutieren, ausdiskutieren, durchsprechen (mit), erörtern, argumentieren, einen Standpunkt vertreten, sprechen (für/ gegen), behaupten, sich aussprechen (für/ gegen), vertreten (gegen), begründen, darlegen, erkennen lassen, verraten;
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