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HEADWORD: arrange (along/ around/ as/ before/ between/ by/ for/ in/ on/ to/ under/ underneath) v.
NOUNS: actions, activities, all living things, anatomists, appointment, bilateral agreements, blind date, book, car, cells, certain plan, chairs, children, chromosomes, collection, combination of fragments, conference(s), details, consequences, contraception, correlati0ns, country, couple, courts, customers, dance, daughters, days, distractions, dramatic effect, driving lessons, elements, embryos, event, everything, experimenter, experiments, explicit consequences, fight, flowers, folk song, form, fragments, furniture, genes, government agencies, grants, group, holidays, house, items in a collection, library, management, manager, marriage, matches, meeting, month, mortgage, music, oak table, objects, officer, one’s affairs/ day/ knowledge/ most active work/ things, order of importance, organisms, organization, pairs of events, parents, party, patient, payment, people, person, pews, piano, piece of music, programmes, regular order, relationship, room, sale, seminar(s), series of lectures, session, set of objects, shelf, shop, similar way, simple order, sitting-room, someone else, sons, space, spherical sheet, stimuli, substances, symphony, table, taxi, telephone, temporary loans, testator, testimonials, therapist, things, thoughts, time-slots, topics, vase, vortices, work-force;
ADVERBS: carefully, continuously, conveniently, definitely, finally, leisurely, linearly, locally, more regularly, neatly, now, obviously, preferably, secretly, smartly, sometimes, specifically, suddenly, symmetrically, tastefully, yet;
EXAMPLES: the substances may be ordered, organized, or arranged; the genes are linearly arranged along chromosomes; correlations are arranged between pairs of events; he arranged by telephone to visit her; the first session was arranged for 5 days later; a friend had arranged for Ann to spend a few days in Meppen; they’d obviously arranged themselves before the meeting started; a meeting has been arranged for next month; good, that’s arranged then; I have arranged for a car to pick you up; can you arrange an interview with the President for me?; we listened to his discourses as he furbished up or arranged his knowledge of antiquities; the day came his parents arranged his getting married; they arranged against a potential enemy; the bristles are now arranged in two vortices; if you could arrange to be ill that morning; that’s easily arranged; his training apparatus was specifically arranged so as to ensure that ...; when you have arranged things, I will come back; I don’t like having things arranged for me; but you arranged to meet me!; the interesting stories are arranged to dramatic effect in interesting ways; it was arranged that ...; she had arranged to see her boyfriend secretly; the eight bare feet were carefully arranged underneath the table; programmes are arranged within time-slots; how can we arrange it so it looks like an accident; Ronald Fraser´s book arranges a marriage between Freud and Marx; his therapist suggests he also arranges the topics in their order of importance; I arranged for a series of lectures in Lingen; we arranged to leave early; I arranged they should be seated next to each other;
SYNONYMS: put in order, set out, sort, group, position, organize, dispose, align, range, file, rank, classify, categorize, systematize, array; decide, settle on, agree, come to an agreement, come to terms about, devise, contrive; prepare, make preparations, plan; score, adapt, orchestrate, instrument, harmonize;
GERMAN: ordnen, aufstellen, hinstellen, anordnen, arrangieren, einrichten, regeln, vereinbaren, ausmachen, abmachen, beschaffen, besorgen, ansetzen, einrichten, machen, drehen, absprechen, entscheiden, bearbeiten;
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