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HEADWORD: bear (about/ against/ along/ away/ back/ down/ during/ in/ like/ on/ out/ to/ up/ upon/ with/ without) v.
NOUNS: additional underpinning/ work, anguish, arms, attacks, badge(s), blame, bleak meaning, blows, burden, calf, case, certificate, challenge, cheat, child, children, close stylistic relationship, collective experience, comparison, complaint, considerable resemblance, constant relation, criticism, daily experience, date, destroyers, development, dignity, disappointment, distinctive cues, doctor, economic costs, enemy carrier, environment, examination, expense, experience, external stimuli, factors, figure, food, fruit, gift, government, grandchild, grandchildren, grudge, guest(s), hatred, head, heartland, heaviest brunt, heavy load, high calorie value, ill-treatment, inadequacy, individuals, inedible signature, inscription, issue, joking, keenest political acumen, lack, language, latest resort, left, legend, legislators, loss, love, main responsibility, machinery, marks, marks of defeat and despair, memoir, message, military genius, mind, motto, much resemblance, naked likeness, name, noise, normativeness, notable resemblances, offspring, one, oneís class/ cross/ energies/ influence/ name/ powers of persuasion, oneself, pain, particularly important point, person, physician, pictorial content, picture, point, poor, power, pressure(s), principles, printed copies, psychological principles, public authority, punishment, reasonable relationship, re-examination, rebuke, relationship, resemblance, responsibility, right, scant relation, senses, servant(s), severe clinical disorders, signature, signs, silence, smell, s.o.īs art/ words, strong likeness, study, subsequent events, title, traces, typical experience, violence, weight, witness, worker, wounds;
ADVERBS: also, directly, hard, heavily, necessarily, never, overwhelmingly, patiently, quietly, severely, still, therefore, ultimately;
EXAMPLES: some additional works bear a close stylistic relationship to the portraits; they remember the incident and bear a grudge against any given cheat; we should also bear in mind that ...; we need still to bear in mind that ...; they all had their cross to bear; his wife brought pressures to bear on him; he brought his influence to bear on the legislators; they bear the attacks of the adversary; he was borne along by the crowd; her language doesnít bear repeating; it doesnít bear thinking about; we desire to bear witness to this feeling to the world; each copy bears a certificate of the Clerk of Parliaments; bearing all these factors in mind , ...; bearing in mind also that ...; coins were minted bearing the famous inscription Roma aeterna; his tomb survives there bearing the date 1129; evidence bearing upon it will be finely sifted; his words bear repeating; I cannot bear her behaving in that manner; she bears (me) no ill will; the contemplative life of monks would be lost if it bore fruit in action; the Russian destroyer bore down on the enemy carrier; the lack of such programme bore heavily upon the poor; it bore the naked likeness of a maid; to bear resemblance; to bear s.o. company; to bear away the prize/ palm; Helga bore me three children; to bear sway; please bear with me for few minutes; she canít bear being laughed at; she canít bear to watch me suffer; he canít bear being alone; she was borne down by poverty; she can't bear being alone; she bears us no ill will; to bring to bear on; to bear a good character/ name; to bear o.s. like a soldier; she bore herself with dignity; he bore up well under the death of his mother; to bear the brunt of; these facts bear on the case; to bear (s.o.) a hand; to bear the signature/ resemblance; it was hard to bear; to bear one's head high/ well; these facts bear on the case; in Britain one has to bear to the left;
SYNONYMS: carry, have, possess; produce, turn out, yield; birth, bring forth, deliver, accept, allow, concede, endure, let, permit, put up with, stand, suffer, sustain, take, tolerate, undergo; behave, conduct; convey, shoulder, transport;
GERMAN: ertragen, ausstehen, leiden, vertragen, tragen, hegen, führen, bei sich führen, mit sich führen, aufweisen, zeigen, empfinden, aushalten, standhalten, gebären, sich halten, aufwenden (für), anstrengen, zurücknehmen, mitnehmen, wegtragen, herabstoßen, zuhalten (auf), drücken, lasten (auf), bestätigen, sich auswirken (auf);
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