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HEADWORD: break (against/ as/ away/ down/ due to/ for/ free from/ in/ into/ loose from/ of/ off/ on/ out/ out among/ out between/ out in/ out into/ out of/ through/ under/ up/ with) v.
NOUNS: accepted myth, agreement, all ties, amateur, analogy, ancestral customs, ankle, appointment, athlete, attempt, aunt, bank, biologist, bishop, bone(s), boy-friend, branch, British, capacity, capitalist concept, casual link, Catholic Church, cell(s), chain, chain of value, Chief Justice, china, Cistercians, civil war, code, commandment, Commonwealth, community, compound, conference, connection, contact, contract, co-operation, cotton, crisis, cultural enmity, cup, current, day, deadlock, diet, dieter, doctrine, dreadful plague, egg, encircled unit, encirclement, enemy lines, established order, estate, fabric of communion, feeling, fighting, final link, flight, force, fungi, generals, genes, girl-friend, glass, gloomy content, glycogen, government, great quarrel, group(s), habit, hard words, homogenous generality, horse, house(s), idea(s), individual(s), inner skin, jail, journey, law, leaf material, leg, letter and the spirit of an agreement, lining, link, loneliness, long-lasting bonds, love, machinery, main wing, market, men, monotony, new ground, news, one's bonds/ bones/ captors/ diet/ foot/ marriage/ neutrality/ oath of loyalty/ pace/ parents marriage/ past/ rod/ step/ word, outer skin, pandemonium, parents, participants, party, pattern, peace, people, periodical effect, phosphate bond, piece of news, pieces, players, previous experience, priest, prisoner(s), profession, program, promise, promise of coherence, quality, ranks, rash, record, regime, relationship, religion, remains of plants, repeated units, resolution, revolt, revolution, riot(s), rope, routine, rule(s), runs, saint, seal, sex roles, sexual crossing, silence, situation, small lots, s.o.´s arm/ conversation/ hold/ patience, sorrowful words, specific pledges, spellbound absorption, splinter groups, stick, stone, storm, stranglehold, strike, sum, system, task, television set, thread of story, threatened ill-humour, tissue, tool, town, tradition, traditional frames, traffic laws, treaty, tribe, troops, trust, uncle, veil of economic ideology/ ideology, vicious circle, vow, war, wave, weather, wheel, wild eating, window, women, wound, wrong code;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: actually, always, constantly, continuously, even, eventually, finally, financially, free, loose, most certainly, nastily, never, often, perhaps, suddenly, typically;
EXAMPLES: a saint would break a diet under these circumstances; the analogy with genes does not break down; she could not break free of the such ideas; he is afraid to climb walls or break into houses; break the program apart and rewrite it; to go into schism is to break that love between the believers; the aim of Marx´s work was to break through this veil of ideology; you will most certainly break with any regime that results primarily in disagreeable consequences; the fungi are more efficient at breaking down leaf material; his sorrowful words are constantly breaking out of their gloomy content; breaking ranks might be a suicidal policy; embryos seem to like breaking up into repeated units; they were blamed for breaking up the conference; war broke; war broke out in 1914; the women broke away for good; she broke down the accepted myth of the universal family; the driver broke those rules in a way which may be labelled reckless; Martin Luther broke with the Catholic Church; we broke for lunch; they broke into a song; he broke a tooth on a bone; our troops broke out of the encirclement and broke through enemy lines; she broke down in tears; he broke in on our conversation; we broke up the estate into small lots; he broke up with his girl-friend; the vase broke into pieces; they break free/ loose; to break s.o.'s hold; to break one's bonds; you break my patience; don't break your word; to break one's step/ pace; to break the force of; I had to break the piece of news to them; she broke a record; to break s.o. financially; to break the bank; a storm/ the weather/ a day/ a wave breaks; to break even; how can I break it to him?; to break from; hard words break no bones;
SYNONYMS: confound, confute, contend, contradict, deny, disprove, dispute, rebut, refute; abscond, bolt, depart, elude, escape, flee, fly, lose, run, sneak away, split; appear, arise, befall, come about, develop, do, ensue, evolve, fall out, happen, manifest, materialize, occur, fake, turn up; break down, collapse;
GERMAN: (zer)brechen, zerreißen, kaputt machen, verletzen, ruinieren, mitteilen;
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