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HEADWORD: bring (about/ again/ against/ around/ back/ before/ down/ for/ forth/ forward/ from/ in/ in as/ into/ on/ out/ over/ together/ under/ up/ upon/ up to/ with/ within) v.
NOUNS: accurate description(s), accusation, achievement(s), action, activities, administration, agencies, agent for tort or crime, agricultural systems, amino acids, amount, analogy, animal, another factor, antibiotics, appeal, apposition, argument, assembly line, attack, attempt, attempted murder, attention, attractions, aunt, baby, bag of crisps, banter, battalion, being, benefits, best, best qualities, betrayal, bill, biology, bird, bishop, bit, blossom, blush, boil, bombing, book, boss, box, bravery, brother, business, calculator, campaign, capitalist system, car, case(s), categories, category, chair(s), change(s), cheering crowds, charges, child, children, choice, Christianization, church practises, circus, city, civil calendar, civilian population, centre, clinical fruition, clock, close, coalition, coffee, coke, clock, comics, Common Law Court, committee, common sense, conclusion, conflict, conformity, conquest, consent, consequences, considerations, consultant, contact, cost of living, contract, control, conversation, corollary, costs, councillor, country, court, coup, coverage, creation, creator, credit, crisis, criticisms, crops, crowd, crucial point, cup of tea, custom, danger, death, debt crisis, debutante, decay, decisive change, decline, definition, desertion, destruction, development process, different position, direct miracle, disorder, disciplinary element, discovery, discussion, discussion group, disrepute, doctor, doubt, drought, drug, drug barons, effect, elements, embryonic development, emotional pressures, end, enemy tanks, enormous advances, epigenesis, events, evidence, evolution, excitement, expedition, experience, explicit formulation, expressions of trust, external stimuli, fact, factor(s), family, fashion, few words, figure, final break, fire, flowers, follower(s), footballer, friend(s), fruit, fulfilment, geometry, gene activation, general public/ quality, generation, genetic material, giant, glass of milk, globalization, golf, government, greed, Greek learning, group, guitar, halt, hanging, harvest, hatred, hero, High Court, historic turning-point, hospital, house, housekeeper, huge creature/ quantities, ideas, important point/ quality, impression, improvements, incident, income, increase, Indians, individuals, inequality, interest, interminable circuit, internationalization, intriguing conclusion, issue, jewels, judge, justice, kite, laity, law, lay assistant, leader, lecture, legal action, lengthy argument, letter(s), level, life, light, line, live sport, loss of citizenship/ associability, luck, magus, masterpiece, matter, meeting, memories, men, metabolic ability/ resistance, migration, mind, minimal amount, minister, miracle, money, motion, natural event/ justice, naturalist, negotiations, nephew, neural mechanism, neutrality, new course/ product, New Year, news, new song, niece, number, object, omission cases, one's feet/ insights/ performances/ plans/ point of view/ prominence/ senses/ side/ way of thinking, oneself, operating room, opponent, outbreak of violence, outhouse, overthrow, parents, part, particular state, party loyalties, pathology, patient(s), penicillin, people, perpetual doubt, person, phenomena, philosophy, physical harm/ sciences, picnics, pills, place, plan, plane, plasmid, plaintiff, play, player, plight, plough, point, police, politician(s), ponies, Pope, portrait, possessors, pressure, price, priest, private investment, prize, problem, professional recognition, proliferation, prominence, proposal, protests, quality, question, race, radical reform, rain, range, rash, ready-compressed spring, real life, realist, re-assessment, recurrent herpes, reasonable figure, reflex, rein, relation, relaxation, reorganization, report, reputation, reserves, response, results, revolution, reward, Romans, role, rule, sacred word, sailor, sails, salesman, same opinion, scepticism, section, selection, sense, serious difficulties, settlement, shame, sharp disappointment, sharper relief, single cell/ descendant, sister, snow, Special Court, special tool/ verdict, skills, s.o.´s attention/ death/ knowledge/ cheeks/ eyes/ tactics/ wake, spectacular synthesis, speech, spots, stage, standards, state, state of collapse, stimulus, stepping-up, sterile standstill, stories, strengthening of defence, stretcher(s), structure, subject, substances, suggestions, surface, sundial, swelling, symptoms, task, tea, team, tears, television, temperature, testamentary heir, thing, tide, tissues, topic, total devastation, town, transformation, trauma, treatment, treatment regimes, trial, trouble, trustee, type(s), uncertainty, uncle, unconscious person, urban population, use, verdict, very essence, victories, view, vigorous sexual intercourse, village, war, water, welcome change of scene, whole, witness, wonderland, word, working class, workers, work(s), world, worst, young;
ADVERBS: already, also, always, ashore, at least, at long last, badly, best, certainly, dramatically, even, easily, eventually, finally, increasingly, mainly, never, now, possibly, only, seldom, temporarily, therefore, too well, thus, well;
EXAMPLES: he brought word to me; he brought me word; she brought a book for us; she brought us a book; I brought a proposal before the committee; they were brought before the court; they brought my desk into the house; she brought trouble on herself; Helga brought water to a boil; you'll bring down the boss on us; Churchill's speech brought the crowd to its feet; we must bring Mareike to her senses; can't you bring her out a bit?; another few feet will bring it within range; I could not bring her to share my views; I could not bring her around to my point of view; do you have to bring that up?; I could not bring myself to read the message; Kristina brought a child to the world; their last-minute appeal brought us rushing to their aid; bring back some tea for me; bring me back some tea; they brought Astrid back to life; the artillery spotter brought down fire on the enemy tanks; we finally brought the price down to a reasonable figure; to bring s.o. with you; to bring into a different position; we must bring them in on pour plans; the crisis brought out the best in him; the incident brought her over to my side; President Bush brought them together for negotiations; I didn't want to bring the subject to Marianne Ginsburg at that time; the drought brought them up against serious difficulties; she raised up the question for discussion; they brought the children up on stories about the Nazis; I brought the trainees´ proficiency up to the required level; our parents brought us up to respect old people; her scream brought us up short; to bring s.o. to a place/ into a particular state; to bring s.o. to justice; she cannot bring herself to speak to him; the trial will be brought next year; to bring to a halt/ stop/ close/ end; to bring shame/ hatred on/ credit to a group; to bring s.o to do; to bring a price; to bring a lecture/ letter to a close; to bring a blush/ tears to s.o.'s cheeks/ eyes; to bring to s.o.'s attention/knowledge; to bring a (special) quality to a task; to bring a legal action/ an evidence/ an accusation against s.o.; to bring into being; to bring s.o. low; did you bring the guitar?; the only way of doing this is to bring a supply of air to the lung; the effects of behavioural activity bring about changes in both the physical and the social environment; the plaintiff returned to court to bring an action on the judgement; this will bring doubt and uncertainty; they had helped bring down the Lloyd George coalition in 1922; he was able to bring her back home; she had not been able to bring herself to discuss things with me; my goal was to bring her around to my way of thinking; he could not bring himself to look at her; "bring them in, lad," he said; the new sacred word will bring it into being; the nation is obliged to bring its law into conformity wit the law as stated by the court; their main aim was to bring military glory to themselves; I could not bring myself to sing Christmas carols; you'll bring them over; it is one that we may not always find easy to bring to fulfilment; he wanted to bring the story to real life; it took me most of my life to bring together and accept my three traditions; this is brought about by several factors; it was difficult to see how such a government might be brought about; it brought an end to the assault on Egypt; I such cases a prosecution might be brought for attempted murder; it had not brought forth creation; her insights brought her professional recognition; this brought him into conflict with a pagan critic; she brought in a new and radical reform; the church was clearly not to be brought into such public disrepute; the Chancellor is already brought into relation with the administration; this seems to have brought it to a halt; this case brought me face to face with a serious contradiction in my practice; we haven't brought our things; the girls brought out the ponies; they brought the huge creature alongside; it had brought them together; it is, too, something, with which the vulgar could easily be brought to agree; new land was brought under the plough;
SYNONYMS: carry, deliver, take, come carrying/ conveying, fetch, send, deliver, transport, conduct, usher, guide, lead, escort; bring in, fetch; cause, create, produce, result in, wreak; put forward, initiate, propose, institute, prefer; make ,yield, net, return, command; cause to happen/ occur, give rise to, achieve, occasion, bring to pass, effectuate; turn round, turn, reverse the direction of; cause to fall lower, reduce, cut, lower; cause to fall, overthrow, lay low, pull down; depress, sadden, make desolate, weigh down, cast down; raise, put forward, suggest, adduce, table; earn, yield, fetch in, realize; introduce, launch, usher in, inaugurate; pull off, carry off, succeed, in, bring about, execute, carry out, discharge, complete, perform; rear, raise, educate, care for, foster, nurture, develop; mention, allude, to, propose, submit, broach, touch upon; lead, move, persuade;
GERMAN: bringen, mitbringen, über sich bringen, stattfinden, einbringen, herbeiführen, verursachen, wenden, wegbringen, mitnehmen, zurückbringen, wieder einführen, wieder wählen, wieder herrichten, wiederherstellen, wieder lebendig machen, erinnern an, herunterholen, herunterbringen, zu tun bekommen mit, zu Fall bringen, zur Strecke bringen, niederschießen, senken, reduzieren, hervorbringen, vorbringen, nach vorne bringen, vorführen, unterbreiten, vorverlegen, vorstellen, übertragen, hereinbringen, einbringen, einziehen, begrüßen, einführen, einschalten, fällen, wegbringen, zuwege bringen, herbeiführen, auslösen, weiterbringen, herausbringen, auftreten, auf die Bühne bringen, herausholen, zum Vorschein bringen, herüberbringen, überzeugen, bringen (auf), herumkriegen, durchbringen, stoppen, wieder zu Bewusstsein bringen, zusammenbringen, unterwerfen, bringen (unter), erhöhen (auf), anheben, großziehen, aufziehen, erziehen, brechen, spucken, zur Sprache bringen, erwähnen, vorführen, heranbringen, konfrontieren (mit);
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