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HEADWORD: characterize (as/ by/ from/ in) v.
NOUNS: absence, abstraction, accounts, approaching waves, artist's work, attempts, behaviour, broad strokes, businessman, century, capacity, changes, character, chronotype, city states, complex formulae, connection, Conservatism, cues, decade, decency, demand, dermatitis, devotional revolution, discussions, distortions, doctor's conduct, dry crusts, emergence, entertainment, epoch(s), era, essay(s), exhibition catalogue, family, fanatic, features, figure, genres, graceful curves, historical event(s), history of mankind, importance, improved tools, incessant demand, individual actions, key variables, kind, labels, lion pride, list of features, localities, material, mental rhythm, mistakes, mode of production, molecule(s), mood, mounting opposition, oneself, opponent, orang-utan, our time, painterly realism, patterns of development, peculiarities, person, personal relation, philosophers, philosophical debates, Phytagorean idea, picture, plan, practices, presentation, primitives, problem, political scepticism, power of God, prejudices, preoccupation, presence, protagonist, psychodynamics, pupil, revolutionaries, role, role of time, seventies, society, solution, song, s.o.´s view, species, structure, student, stylization, substage, summer of violence, swellings, talks, teacher, teeth, text, time and change, town, type of lettering, types, ulcers, vaginal discharge, village, village community, white patches;
ADVERBS: facially, in general, intensely, mainly, merely, particularly, philosophically, physically, properly, psychologically, sharply;
EXAMPLES:how would you characterize a shanty town from that picture?; his essays characterized decency as a British peculiarity; he can be characterized as fanatic; a number of different types characterize successive epochs; she used the word `antics´ to characterize his behaviour; if I were to characterize the past decade , the most remarkable thing was …; the highly crenellated teeth characterize orang-utans; specific cues characterize the conditioned stimulus; are there any features that characterize the … as …; the first to be characterized are … that …; an upper substage can be characterized by hunting and improved tools; his mental rhythm is characterized by a demand for endless repetition of the same events; the former are characterized by the presence or absence of …; he wanted to be characterized in the exhibition catalogue; purely abstract philosophical debates characterized such discussions in Germany; the period can be characterized on broad terms, as a battle between Dalton and Atlee;to be characterized by;
SYNONYMS: character; describe, portray, picturize, render, depict, represent, delineate, paint, draw; distinguish, differentiate, define; mark, highlight, be the mark/ sign of, betoken, signify, denote, mean; be characteristic of;
GERMAN: kennzeichnen, charakterisieren, beschreiben;
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