This is a sample page from the updated version of
The Advanced Reader´s Collocation Searcher (ARCS)
by Horst Bogatz

HEADWORD: come (about/ across as/ after/ around to/ as/ at/ back/ back with/ away from/ away with/ back from/ before/ between/ by/ down to/ far across/ for/ forward with/ from/ from behind/ in/ in at/ in for/ in on/ into/ on/ out/ out against/ out for/ out of/ out with/ over/ over to/ over with/ round to/ short of/ through/ through with/ to/ towards/ under/ up against/ up for/ up to/ upon/ up with/ with/ within) v.
NOUNS: ability, academic subject, accounts, actions, added upset, adjective, advance, advantages, adverb, amount, ancestors, animal(s), answer, antagonists, approach, area, assemblies, assignment, association, attack, attempts, baboons, baby, bacteria, balance of payments, bank holiday, beautiful day, being, better idea, big loss, bill, bizarre situation, books, boy, broken homes, bruise, burden, bushes, businessmen, button, car, case(s), category, category of killing, cause(s), ceiling, cells, centre(s) of excellence, centuries, century, chancery Division, change, child, children, Christendom, chronic heart condition, church, civil states, class events, clergy, closer contact, coalition, Code of Canon Law, co-existence, cold, collaboration, colleagues, collision course, commentators, common focus, Common Law, communal principle, competition, concepts, conclusion, conflict, contact, context, control of the land, convincing advantage, couple of hours, court, Court of Appeal, covenant politics, cows, cricket, critical moment, criticism, CS, cutters, damsel, daughter, day, decades, decent place, decision, defeat, delights, details, destruction, dictator, diet, different country/ modalities/ types, director, direct ownership, disadvantages, disastrous upsurge, discovery, discussion, dispositions, division of time, doctor, doctrine, domination, door, dual impulse, dubiousness, early embryonic stage, echo, economic reasons, effect, eggs, element, élites, end, end of the world, energy, enlargement, environmental issues, Equity, equivalent results, escape, estate, evidence, evolutionary spectrum, examinations, expectations, experience, experienced pastor, experiments, explosive damnations, extra digits, fact(s), fallopian tubes, family groups, fashion, favourable impression, females, figure(s), filthy beast, final test stage, fire, focus, fortune, fossil-fuel use, friend(s), fruition, full circle, fundamental change/ premise, future time, future energy, general use, genes, Germans, Germany, good coaching/ horses/ idea/ while, girl, government, grafts, grains, great opportunity, greenhouse gases, grief, grips, group of facts, growing threat, grudgers, hall, halt, handle, hard afternoon/ evidence, harm, heading, hierarchical order, history, holidays, hometown, horses, hospital, house, human activities/ tissues, identical results/ version, illness, Imperial Rome, impetus, incident, increase, independence, individuals, infection, influence, innocent reason, instinct, institution, integration, intoxication, invaders, investigations, issue, judicature Act, jurisdiction of a court, king(s), kinship terms, knife, knowledge, land held by free tenure, language, lawyers, leadership, legacy, lens, lights, line, living cells, long odds/ way, loud demonstrations, lovers, luck, major breakthrough, magazine, males, manuscripts, marks, materials of knowledge, matter for discussion, mechanisms, medical malpractices, meetings, member, member of the public, message, messiah, midnight, misdemeanours, missionaries, moderation, modern poetry, moment of decision, moments of consciousness, money, month, more violence, motor bike, multitudes, muscle cells, myth, nasal secretion, nasty strategies, needs of the environment, negative feedback(s), new book/ evidence/ management, night, no surprise, nothing, noun, number in lottery, odds, old friend/ problem, one another, one's arm/ attention/ death/ dreams/ eyes/ head/ knees/ knowledge/ memory/ mind/ own/ possession/ senses/ table/ viewpoint/ way, open space, opening bars, operation, opposing team, opposition, order of our knowledge/ things, our beliefs/ world, outsiders, package, paint, papal encyclicals, parents, part(s), particular number/ region, parties, patient, paucity, people, period, person, personal freedoms, photography, picture, Pilgrims, pitch, pity, place, plans, plants, plaster, play, poem, poetry, point, point of view, politicians, politics, popular use, positive feedback(s), potential, power, preliminary findings, presence, pressures, presumptions, price, private property, processes, problem, production, progress, project, promise, proposal, provisions, psychology, pub, public, publicity machine, pupil(s), purines, Queen's Bench, rain, ramp, rattle, reaction, real advances/ test, realization, reason, reasonableness, reflection, regeneration, relaxation, report, reported decisions, requests, requirements, rest, result(s), revenue, rhythms, Roman Catholics, ruler, runway, rural backgrounds, salvation, same hand/ old thing, scheme, sciences, scientific advances, scrutiny, secretions, selfish-gene theory, sensation, sense of shock, set of criteria/ maxims/ nations, severe abnormalities, sexual partner, sheets of cells, ship, shock, shocking scene, side, single descendant, skylights, slavery, small fraction, smell, snow, some arrangement, s.o.´s death/ direction/ influence/ name, son, song, sound, source, speech, sports, spots, state(s), stains, start, state of nature, statesmen, statue, Statute Law, stimulus, storm, story, strands, stranger, strawberries, stroke, strong chemicals, structure, subject, success, suggestion, sum of money, supernatural force, surfaces, surprise, suspicion, sweat, symbiosis, teacher, teaching, team, terms, texts, thirst, tide, time, time-cues, tissue, toleration, top, town, transplanted nucleus, treatises, trees, tradition, train, trend, trust, truth, tumour, tutorials, two kinds, types, uncertain contexts, use, venture, vested interests, view, visitor, vogue, voice, walls, war, water, waves, way, welcome, West, wide range of sizes, whole, winter, work, writings, years, young street rabble;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: almost, already, all right, always, badly, by contrast, cheerfully, close, cloudy, currently, directly, early, ever, eventually, evidently, finally, fine, first, forth, funny, generally, gradually, hard, home, increasingly, indeed, in time, loose, mainly, never, next, nicely, not fully, now, often, once, only, partly, probably, queer, rarely, readily, really, recently, sometimes, soon, strong, strongly, suddenly, surely, then, there, thereby, therefore, thus, today, together, tomorrow, tonight, too, true, twice, undone, unexpectedly, unzipped, uphill, well, yet;
EXAMPLES: contemporary psychology has come a long way; and so it will come about that …; how does it come about that …; how does this come about?; old friends and old antagonists come across one another in shifting social contexts; we come and watch; come and get it!; come and see me soon; she has come along way; she came running into the room; it should come as no surprise that …; all of this can come as no surprise , since…; I'll come back in a couple of hours; he came back strongly into the game; cases of this kind rarely come before the Court of Appeal; where'd you come?; he had come by his name because he was so hard; for most of us their writings are too hard to come by; good horses never come cheap; this mix of policies might be attempted in the decades to come; the treatises have come down to us in manuscripts; yesterday I came across an old friend of mine; he came at me with a knife; she came between me and my wife; he comes from a different country; honey comes from flowers; digital photography has come into focus; the reporters came upon a shocking scene; it all comes down to something very simple; you've come down in the world a bit; she came in third; where do I come in?; I don't see where I come into all this; I feel a cold coming on; she's coming on seventeen; she came over faint; it came over cloudy; no sooner had the words come out than …; if it comes to that we're sunk; he likes to come on like a tough guy; I asked her to come out for a meal; nothing came of it; that's what comes of disobeying!; he came out in a sweat; you've come up in the world; that will come in handy/ useful; when do strawberries come in?; when did you come down?; where does it come from?; a new fashion came on the scene; she came out of the room; what has come over you?; success came to him early; the incident came to my attention; she came to her senses; it came to our knowledge that …; when it comes to politics …; it will come easy; how much does it come to?; she would continue to come for nothing; the prosecution need not rely on members of the public to come forward and give evidence; the genes in an organism today have come from many different ancestors; my arm is coming along nicely; our future energy must come from somewhere; we have almost come full circle; eggs come in a wide range of sizes; I won't come in; come in; such mechanisms come into play; most bacteria come into the category either of …; the publicity machine had come into operation; it doesn't come into it!; it did not come into general use until…; an easy symbiosis had come into being between …; come away with me for a few days; how come it'll rub off on me?; how come?; how come you are so late?; how do you come to be so late?; can I come back to you on that one?; he always came off badly in fights; she had come lucky; Kristina had come on her motor bike; the older one is bound to come out on top; his three books had started to come out; she would come over to see their horses; I think I'd better come over and see what …; they'll come round to it; behind them come still more multitudes of displaced peasants; a stroke does not come suddenly; now is come the last age of the song of Cumae; first among these come the reported decisions of the judges of the English courts; the message had come through to me; well, it would come to that; the details come to be worked out later; they come to less than one in 200; we come to hope for what produces pleasure; when you come to think of it; this is where the cells come to rest; it may well come to pass that …; we shall never, could never, come to know the truth about that; I have come to the conclusion that …; she had come to live with him; she is as vain as they come; she tried to come the innocent with me; that's coming a bit strong!; this is why/ how it came about; when you come to make your list of goals you will …; its genes will in time come to dominate the gene pool; evidence has come to light that …; she had come to feel that …; we could come to know about this by going to see; they may come to think that …; three lines come together at a point; I'll come too; everything came all right in the end; this fundamental premise has come under attack; perhaps someone could come up with some better idea; why don't you come up tonight?; she had never come up with an answer; one ought to obey the law what may; come what may; you could see it coming; Thy Kingdom come; the time has not come yet; will his memory ever come back?; how come you're still conscious; yes, I'm coming!; coming!; it came into my head that …; the agreement came about through …; how this came about must remain obscure; she got what was coming to her; she had it coming to her; you've got it coming to you; no harm came to us; the picture comes and goes; his name finally came to me; if it came to be known that …; Vivian finally came to consider me a friend; Jan and Patrick came running; her dressing came undone; the handle came loose; his dreams came true; what will come of Patrick?; the case did never come before a court; she had it coming; she comes across as being very intelligent; Juliana finally came around to my viewpoint; the new actress came away with a favourable impression; the teacher has come down hard on her for missing class; it comes down to the same old thing; I came down with a flu; they came out against my proposal; are you coming out for the team?; the adjective must come before the noun; my former colleague comes out with a new book; the Christmas pictures come out fine; they came over to our table; she finally came through with the money; the question at last came up for discussion; he came up with a good idea; she came into money; she came in for some money; the attempt did not come off; the flowers were coming out; she came round to my way of thinking; he came the fool; my whole family came through the war; Helga comes up to my shoulder; they came up to our standards; the dress comes to her ankles; his sadness came across; the pupils were coming across well; come along there!; the report came down against punishment; they came down in favour of an increase;
SYNONYMS: approach, draw near, advance, reach; move/ travel towards, close in on, bear down on; arrive, appear, turn up, enter, put in an appearance, materialize; occur, happen, take place, transpire; extend, stretch; be available, be produced, be made, be an offer; play, act, play the part of, imitate, behave like; achieve orgasm, orgasm, climax; arise, result, befall; meet encounter, run across/ into, chance upon, light upon, find, discover, unearth; be communicated, be clear, be understood, be perceived; give, deliver, produce, pay up; progress, develop, show improvement, improve, make headway, rally, mend, recover; hurry, make haste, speed up; break up, fall to pieces, come unstuck, crumble, split, separate, tear; obtain, procure, acquire, get one's hands on, get hold of, win, secure; decide, reach decision, choose, recommend, opt; reprimand, criticize, berate, reproach, rebuke; amount to, end up as, boil down to; fall ill with, contract, become wick with, fall victim to, be stricken with; offer one's services, step forward, volunteer; inherit, be left, succeed to, acquire, obtain; get, receive, endure, bear the brunt of; succeed, be successful, work out, occur, take place; progress, develop; be published, be in print, appear; become common knowledge, become known, be revealed, be released, be disclosed; come into bloom, flower; end, terminate, conclude; enter society, debut; declare oneself a homosexual; utter, say, blurt out, let out; regain consciousness, revive, recover, awaken; be persuaded by, be converted to, give way to, yield to; get through, survive, outlast, outlive; add up to, amount to; arise, crop up, spring up; extend to, reach; measure up to, match up to, admit comparison, bear comparison with; suggest, present, propose, put forward, offer, advance;
GERMAN: kommen (auf/ aus/ nach/ unter/ wegen), reichen (an/in/bis), geschehen, werden, erhältlich sein, geben, einen Orgasmus haben, spielen, passieren, drehen, beidrehen, herüberkommen, verstanden werden, ankommen, wirken, eintreffen, mitmachen, treffen (auf), rausrücken (mit), herkommen hinter, nachkommen, mitkommen, vorangehen, sich machen, auftauchen, sich ergeben, kaputtmachen, auseinanderfallen, zerlegbar sein, losgehen (auf), anfliegen, angehen, weggehen, abgehen, zurückkommen (auf), zurückfahren, wiedererlangen, wiederbekommen, wieder in Mode kommen, aufkommen, reagieren, treten zwischen, kriegen, verdienen, holen, vorbeikommen, herunterkommen, landen, absteigen, abgerissen werden, herunterfallen, sinken, reichen (auf), überliefert werden, verlassen, rannehmen, setzen (auf), stammen von, kommen aus, runterfallen, sich abnehmen lassen, reinkommen, eintreten, ankommen, erregen, hinnehmen/ einstecken müssen, mitmachen (bei), sich beteiligen (an), erben, im Spiel sein, gelangen, glücken, gelingen, nachkommen, zukommen (auf), hereinbrechen, ausbrechen , verhandelt werden, vor Gericht kommen, einsetzen, auftreten, auf die Bühne kommen, gegeben werden, erscheinen, herauskommen, auf den Markt kommen, anlaufen, bekannt werden, in den Streik treten, streiken, sich zeigen, aufgehen, betragen, debütieren, sich aussprechen (für/ gegen), befürworten, ablehnen, sich zu eigen machen, überkommen, vorbeikommen, wieder zu sich kommen, wieder vernünftig werden, dazu kommen, durchkommen, überstehen, überleben, beidrehen, zusammenkommen, angeschnitten werden, erwähnt werden, gewinnen, frei werden, stoßen (auf), treffen (auf), überfallen, erfüllen, entsprechen, ausdenken, machen, bringen;
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