This is a sample page from the updated version of
The Advanced Reader´s Collocation Searcher (ARCS)
by Horst Bogatz

HEADWORD: concern (about/ at/ in/ over/ with) v.
NOUNS: above list, actions, activities, activity, administration, admission, advancement of knowledge, agriculture, air turbulence, allocation, ambit, analysis, animal orientation, antecedent events, anthropology, approach, area, arrangement, article, attempt, benefits, book, brain(s), building, cancer, case, change(s), chapter, characteristics, chemistry, Chief of Staff, children, Christians, church, civil law, clarification, classifications, clergy, cluster, cognition, cognitive apparatus, commentary, commercial consequences, common ancestor/ good, community, connection, conservation, contingencies, construction, contradictory combinations, contrast, contributors, convention, cooking fat, correction of errors, countries, country, crates, creditors, criteria, criticism, cultural history, daily life, date, daughter, decisi0ons, degree, democratic tradition, democracy, department, disagreement, disputed issue, distortions, doctor(s), doctrine, economic problems, economics, education, empirical implications/ studies, empiricists, environment, equal degree, eradication, ethologists, event, everyday facts, evolution, evolutionary development, experiments, facts, family, fate of mankind, fellows, fight in the street, fluctuating rates, focus of attention, following issue, Foreign Office, formation, forests, fortunes, fundamental qualifications, future, game, gender, genes, general aspects/ public, genres, geometry, global warming, government(s), gravity, Greek tragedy, greenhouse-gas emissions, greenhouse effect, groups, habits, hardware, heir(s), heretics, historical record, histories, home, homosexual, honour, hooliganism, human health/ infection, humankind, humidity, ideas, imitation, implication, imposition of duties, industrial countries, industries, infants, infection, inheritances, inner city, institution, intellectual culture, intentionality, interpretation, intrinsic desirability, irreversible effects, issue, Judaism, knowledge, knowledge of nature, laboratory notebooks, lack of clarity, law, law and order, law of guardianship, legal sex, level of neutrality, liberty, light, limits, literature, logical structure, maintenance, manipulation of information, matters, mechanisms, member(s), message, method, minor, minor ailments, model, molecules, monastic observance, money, mother, motor vehicles, movement, multiplicity, murder, music, nursing mother, natural world, nature, news, nutritional status, oil-production, oneself, opinion, painter, past, parents, parishioners, particular subject, paternal genes, patient(s), people, period, person, personal immortality, phenomena, philosophers, philosophical discussions, planners, poetry, policymakers, political action/ concerns/ unrest, pony, possibility, present, preservation, principles of morality, private matters, process, production, problem(s), property, proteins, provocation, public matters, quality, question, rationalists, reality, really explosive issue, recognition, reforms, region, regulation, related trick, relation, religious freedom, rescripts, research, resolution, rich, riding, rituals, robbery, section, security, serious history, set of genes/ results, sequence, sex, sexuality, situation, skin colour, social criticism/ discipline, societies, software, son, s.o.´s complexion/ condition/ safety/ very existence, source of discord, state(s), status, strategic issues, strategies, subsequent chapters, subtexts, symbiosis, system, task, temperature, testator's words, tests, text, theory, things, third parties, tides, timing, topic, total amount, transfer, treatment, treatment with drugs, tribes, trust, type of argument, typical features, unhealthy absorption, uniformity, unsolved problem, various parties, very word, viability, volunteer, war, way, welfare of the country, well-being, well-known problem, wider notion, women, word;
ADVERBS: ademically, again, also, deeply, directly, evidently, excessively, extensively, greatly, here, instead, mainly, merely, much, naturally, now, more, most, often, only, originally, otherwise, particularly, politically, predominantly, previously, principally, profoundly, quite, really, reasonably, scrupulously, seriously, steadily, still, therefore, too, ultimately, vitally;
EXAMPLES: the baby's feeding and crying habits directly concern the nursing mother; he was concerned at the news; she was only supposed to concern herself with matters pertaining to domestic life; a testator would have had no need to concern himself with this; first we must once again concern ourselves with method; they also concern the mind; it does not concern us here; his further adventures concern women; equally, so far as the civil law was concerned, a …; her parents were still concerned about her; I became quite concerned about what was happening to her; indeed in subsequent chapters I shall again be concerned almost entirely with the way in which …; where cooking fat is concerned, choose sunflower oil; we are concerned if we perform badly; the predictions that I have concerned myself with are rather more critical; I am not concerned to determine ….; I became concerned when I saw my wife becoming a pious person; the last chapter was concerned with his work; this book is much concerned with what I shall call …; I have been concerned with collecting collocations since 1982; it is one of the things that concerns me; to concern oneself in/ with/ about s.o./; it concerns the following issue; the first chapter is concerned with …; that doesn't concern you; to whom it may concern; where money/ honour is concerned; as far as is concerned; as far as I'm concerned you can do what you like; where we are concerned; the department concerned; who are the people concerned in this commentary?; the men concerned in this robbery; she is only concerned with facts; to be naturally concerned about ; there's no need for you to concern yourself about that; I'm very concerned to hear that;
SYNONYMS: affect, bother, burden, daunt, disturb, faze, intimidate, oppress, upset, worry; apply, bear, pertain, refer, regard, relate; annoy, antagonize, argue, bug, distress, goad, harass, hassle, inconvenience, irk, irritate, pain, perturb, strain, stress, taunt, trouble, try; influence, interest, involve;
GERMAN: handeln (über/ von), gehen (um), angehen, betreffen, zu tun haben (mit), sich Sorgen machen (um), sich interessieren (für), beunruhigt sein (über);
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