HEADWORD: fall (away/ back on/ behind/ down/ for/ from/ in/ into/ off/ out of/ over/ through/ to/ under/ within) v.
NOUNS: act, accepted canon, Adam and Eve, animals, arguments, associability, battle, body temperature, bottle, brooding, business, case(s), category, child, Christian West, claims, club circuit, coma, costume, country, crowd, defensive positions, desire, despair, detection rate, dice, dieters, distinct categories, disfavour, doctrine, domestic flights, doubts, dying, dynasties, empire, error, facts, favour, females, floor, gadget, generic playfulness, grievous bodily harm, hands, hard times, historical fact/ studies, hole, infinite void, intended death, international authority, involuntary manslaughter, Islam, kerb, kingdom, law of manslaughter, line, loss of self-control, males, meadow, men, metabolic rate, observation, oddities, offences, one´s domain/ knees, organisms, orthopedics, people, person, pigeon-hole, plants, precipitation levels, price, proponents, provisions, reality, reasons, reduction in the share, regime, relapses, republic, requirement, Shah, shell, ships, singularity, situation(s), sleep, state of consciousness, stress, subjects, syllable, temperature, test particles, total decay, town, trap, trench, troops, trousers, value of a will, victim, window-frames, zero;
ADVERBS: accordingly, also, asleep, automatically, downstairs, due, first, flat, generally, headlong, more, more likely, neatly, not nominally/ really, short, silent, squarely, subsequently;
EXAMPLES: John fell back into an easy chair; if we fall asleep the body temperature is about to begin to fall; the troops fell back to their defensive positions; one should not fall behind with the rent; it is easy to fall asleep after a meal; the act does not really fall automatically into the pigeon-hole; all doubts fall away when ...; we have to fall back on observation and experiment; she fell in with the wrong crowd; Jane fell out with her husband; they fell short of their goal; he fell flat on his face; crowds had begun to fall from almost 13,000 to under 9,000; its draft constitution fell in line with discrete categories; most men fall into error for want of method; she fell to brooding; the income from the estate will fall into the hands of the testator´s son; associability does not fall to zero; the Christian West fell to Islam; these cases should fall squarely within it; females are more likely to fall victim to violence in their homes; many forms of manslaughter fall within the law of manslaughter; domestic flights fall under international authority; she fell for him; he fell from grace and into disfavour; the plate fell off the table; the stress falls on the last syllable; the holiday fell on Thursday; he fell over the side of the ferry; it fell to her to break the news; she fell under his influence; we fell on hard times; the bottle fell to pieces; they all fell into step; her eyes fell; his face fell;
SYNONYMS: sink, come down, drop, descend, dive; collapse, stumble, topple, crumble; become lower, decline, drop, go down, subside; fall away, slope; yield, surrender, capitulate, be captured/ conquered, come to ruin; die, be killed, drop dead, perish; disintegrate, go to pieces, break up, be destroyed; retire, retreat, trail, lag; be infatuated with; cave in, sin inwards, deteriorate, diminish; attack, assault; differ, disagree, dash; come to nothing; begin, start, undertake;
GERMAN: fallen, stürzen, sinken, abnehmen, sich legen, nachlassen, abfallen, eingenommen werden, erobert werden, hereinbrechen, liegen auf, zerfallen, sich gliedern, abbröckeln, zurückbleiben, fallen (über); 1