HEADWORD: feel(about/ after/ against/ among/ around for/ for/ in/ like/ on/ towards) v.
NOUNS: act, affection, alienation, anger, anguish, animosity, anxiety, arms, being an outsider, benefits, biological tie, boyfriend, cheese on toast, child, children, control, countries, couple, crisis, dampness, dieters, disappointment, dis-ease, disgust, disillusionment, distress, doctor, each other, ethologist, explorer, failure, fatigue, fear, fool, forces, friends, frustration, futility, girlfriend, grief, guilt, hate, hauling, healthy, heat, heterosexuals, homosexuals, hopelessness, humility, insecurity, insult, issue, joy, loneliness, loss, loyalty, malaise, man, night-workers, one, one another, one´s kiss/ worries, opening, overdose, parents, patient, people, person, physicians, pity, place, pleased anticipation, powerlessness, pressure, profound respect, progress, queasiness, rancour, reader, regret, regretting, responsibility, sack of potatoes, sadness, school work, selfless devotion, spine, staff, strain, subject, tension, terrible consequences, therapist, these things, tragedy, treatment, untoward effect, usual size, warmth, way, woman, worthlessness;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: able, adversial, alert, alienated, angry, astonished, bad, badly, below par, best, calmer, capable, certainly, cheated, cold, comfortable, confused, deeply, deprived, disinclined, distressed, dizzy, dreadfully, duty-bound, energetic, exposed, faint, fatigued, fine, flattered, free, frustrated, generally, good, guilty, hopeless, hot, hungry, inclined, insecure, inside, intuitively, justified, keenly, less tired, lonely, lucky, miserable, most, much more, never, nice, now, obliged, occasionally, often, optimistically, personally, pessimistically, precious, prepared, pressured, proud, quite small, rationally, really, rejected, relaxed, relieved, rested, resultantly, reverential, robust, shamefully, slightly insecure, sluggish, sometimes, sorry, strongly, stuffy, surprisingly alert, suspicious, tempted, terrible, threatened, tired, trim, uncomfortable, unreasonably, upset, warm, well, worse, worthless;
EXMPLES: how do you feel about this problem?; Astrid feels for Hagen; she could hear his heart beat/ beating; I feel such a fool; it feels good to be on holiday; it felt nice to swim in the Baltic; Helga feels proud of her children; she feels a certain loss of romance; at what time would you feel able to do it best?; however if one feels about the treatment coming to an end one ....; some feel after God more coherently than others; you are feeling angry; she could not help feeling astonished; he did not feel at all alone; at what time of the day do you feel best?; you should feel capable of doing more; she is likely to feel confused; every now and again you feel dissatisfied with the way you look; do not feel guilty about giving yourself a little time off occasionally; we want you to feel in control of your weight; we might feel inclined to say ...; we feel intuitively that ...; this, one may feel, is implied by ...; personally, I feel it was reasonable under those circumstances; I see and feel it; they feel justified in doing this; I feel like not dieting any longer; I feel lucky that ...; how would you (now) feel?; I feel shamefully out of it here; your spouse starts to feel slightly insecure; I may therefore feel tempted to defect; I feel that sometimes I ...; some people may feel that ...; we are made to feel that ...; Henry had come to feel that ...; he hears and feels the same thing; I feel there can be only one conclusion; she need not feel this; you may feel uncomfortable hearing about ...; don´t you feel uncomfortable if there exists ...; she felt her way;
SYNONYMS: touch, experience, handle, sense, perceive, note; caress, stroke, fondle; be aware/ conscious of; believe, consider, think, discern, know, guess; suffer, bear, endure, undergo; appear, have the feeling, seem; take oneself to be, regard oneself; sympathize with, be sorry for, have compassion for; prefer, fancy, lean towards, crave, desire;
GERMAN: fühlen, befühlen, sich vortasten, spüren, verspüren, empfinden, leiden unter, glauben, sich fühlen, sich anfühlen, vorkommen, meinen, Lust haben auf; 1