HEADWORD: find (against/ for/ from/ in/ on/ out) v.
NOUNS: abnormality, activity, allies, answer, backing, bishop, blood, body, book, bread, case, causes, chances, change, class-based politics, coins, colleague(s), commission, commitment, common cause/ form, company, compound, condition(s), conductor, contact regions, contemporaries, content, context-specificity, correlations, country, creatures, criterion, critique, diary, diet, difference, doctor, dose, dripping, drugs, duty of care, effect, employment, evening classes, example(s), experimental support, explanation, expression, fact, father, fault, food, food regime, form, formula, gain, gene, germ, globules, goods, government, hapless female, harm, harsh place, house, husband, indication, individual(s), infant son, infection, job, judge(s), justice, justifying arguments, kind(s), kitchen, knowledge, lactobacillus, lawyer, legal framework, lemma, life, literature, meaning, means, mechanism, member(s), methodical route, muscle, nations, new superlatives, novel, number, nutrition value, oil, oneself, one´s best interest/ way/ wife, opposite, organization(s), organism, ovum, party, people, person, petitioner, place, place of rest, position, powerful expression, presence, present state of affairs, principles, process, prognostications, pyjamas, reader, reason, recipe, reciprocation, relationship, repetitions, researcher, responsiveness, rest, rhythm, right answer/ exercise/ sizes, room, safe place, same sort of thing, scientist, seeds of scepticism, set, similarities, sinecure post(s), solutions, spark of pluck, spouse, starting-point, story, student(s), study, substance, substantive law, successor, support, tablets, target, task, theory, time, trace(s), universal propositions, value, victim, view, wall, way, weight, women, work, workable foundation, writing, youth club;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: again, abruptly, acceptable, accessible, appropriate, almost always, also, always, at all costs, at first/ last/ least, attractive, automatically, awful, basically, chic, common, commonly, convenient, convincing, definite, destroyed, difficult, disconcerting, easier, easy, empirically, empowering, enjoyable, especially, eventually, fascinating, finally, freely, guilty, hard, hardly, however, important, initially, in particular, inscrutable, interesting, intolerable, liable, mechanical, missing, no longer, not always, now, objectionable, obviously, occasionally, often, possibly, powerful, preliminarily, principally, recently, similar, slim, specifically, still, sufficient, universal, wanting;
EXAMPLES: what you want is to find ...; you need to find what ...; how will you find what ...; you may occasionally find ...; find me an interesting book; find an interesting book for her; have you found a suitable job for your daughter?; it would be difficult to find a ...; here we find a ...; indeed it is unusual to find ...; she now hopes to find ...; they found me working on a ARCS; not surprisingly one finds a ...; we found they were always ready to help: you will automatically find activity more enjoyable; she naively tried to find an answer; they found Berlin to be a fascinating city; Alvirita found Meppen interesting; the main problem is to find any reason for ...; so we find ...; we need to find examples of experiments which ...; it does not find experimental support; the soldiers found the Bosnian village completely destroyed; he was found guilty by the jury; it can find expression in one´s attitude to ...; you often find, for example, that ...; in the books we find ...; he finds himself considering the idea of ...; he set out to find his own job; you may/might find it hard/ difficult to ...; we can find justifying arguments for ...; I finally found out how to operate and program computers; in order to find out more of what she thinks about ...; to find out what it feels like to do s.th.; a sceptic might find reason to challenge this conclusion; they want to find some way in which ...; she must at all costs find the solution herself; they were unable to find the effect; they can find their justice in ...; they can find their way out; you need to find what is right;
SYNONYMS: discover, stumble upon, come across; bump into, encounter; uncover, turn up, reveal, bring to light, see, detect, learn, track down; become aware of, determine, point to, identify; understand, distinguish, discern; note, remark; think, feel to be, view; obtain, get, gain, win, procure, experience; recover, get back, repossess; command, muster up, awaken, arouse; allot, manage, set aside; determine to be, judge, decide, declare;
GERMAN: finden, auftreiben, vorfinden, auffinden, besorgen, holen, feststellen, sich herausfinden, befinden, sich entscheiden; 1