HEADWORD: follow (about/ after/ as/ for/ from/ in/ on/ out/ up/ upon) v.
NOUNS: absurdity, access, account, act, action, actual union, advances, advantage, adventures, advice, alleviation, analysis, applause, approach(es), argument, article(s), assassination, assimilation, athletics, attack, attempt, authority, aversion, ball, beaten path, bishop, block, book, boxing, breakfast, break-up, building, candidate, case example/ summary, career, case(s), cattle, causes, cell(s), century, changes, chapter(s), Christian, churchyard, circumstances, citizens, claims, clause(s), club success, collapse, collision, comment(s), components, compound, concert, conclusion, conditions, conquests, consent, conspiracy, consequences, constraints, consumer advice, consumption, contemporaries, contribution, convention, conviction, countries, couple of words, course(s), court, cricket, crime, criteria, crowd, cues, cuts, day(s), death, decades, decision, decline, destruction, detail, detective, development, diet, dieting regime, disappointments, discussion, disease, disorder, diversion, earthquakes, economic pre-eminence, effects, election, elements(s), emergency, enactment, end, essay, estate for life, equation, evenings, event, evidence, examples, exhortation, experiment(s), expert opinion, explanation, exposure, extension, extracts, fall, fashion, fate, features, feeling, fellowship, fierce passion, findings, fire, food, footsteps, forebears, form(s), formula, full cry/ moon, gastrulation, gear(s), good example, guidelines, guiding principle, hard line, historians, horse, host, hounds, human behaviour, hunger, idea(s), idle luxury, identification, inaugural lecture, individuals, inexorable logic, infection, injection, inscriptions, insight, issue(s), insults, interest, interview, interval, invasion, joint meeting, little lamb, lead, leanings of one´s heart, legislation, letter, life sentence, lifestyle, light, lineage, lines, main meal, malaise, match, meal, means, medical research, memoranda, message, methodical route, methods, middle ground, mistaken methods, modernization, month(s), moral outlook, morning, music, necessity, news, newspaper, notion, observation, occupation, offer, omission, one, one´s own inclination(s)/ logic, one´s nose, overthrow, pain, painting, paragraph(s), parties, part(s), party, party structure, passage(s), pastoral letter, pastry, patient, path, pattern, pattern of behaviour, payoffs, peak, people, per cent, period(s), peritonitis, person, phase, plague, plot, pneumonia, poem, point(s), pointed finger, policy, policy of reform, Pope, popular protest, protocol, possibility, practice, preferences, preponderance, prescription, presentations, primates, principles, problem(s), procedure, process, progress, proliferation, promise, properties, public action, publication, questions, radio beam, raids, rank order, reasoning, reasons, recall, recipes, recommendations, rediscovery, reduction, region(s), reinforcer, reports, requirements, resignation, resources, revolution, riots, road, rule, rumour, scenario, schema, section(s), series, series of lectures, set of rules, sex, sexual intercourse, shifting cultivators, ship, shock, simplicity, sleep(s), season, slump, social trends, s.o.´s footsteps, solidity, sore, speech, spell, spider, sport, spring, stage(s), stage of training, statement, statistics, steps, stimulus, stipulation, strategy, strip cartoon, strong words, study, subdivisions, submission, success, suggestion, supplementary diet, suspect, sweets, target, terms, test, test-session, threats, text, tournaments, trade, trade war, tradition, transformation, translation, trend, trials, triumph, trust, undertaking, upsurge, urethritis, use, variety, verses, victory, view, view point, visit, voyages, wake, wave, way(s), way of life, week, women, word(s), work, winter(s), writer(s), year(s);
ADVERBS: again, also, always, appropriately, attentively, automatically, blindly, closely, completely, consistently, enthusiastically, especially, eventually, everywhere, faithfully, first, generally, hopefully, however, immediately, indefinitely, in detail, interestingly, logically, necessarily, no longer, now, often, possibly, regularly, reliably, shortly, simply, simultaneously, soon, still, successively, swiftly, therefore, usually;
EXAMPLES: were you able to follow everything in my lecture?; to follow one´s nose; what is there to follow; I´ll follow shortly; we were bound to follow wherever ...; she, in the following verses, gives advice about ...; we offer a guide for you to follow; it follows from what has been said that ...; Kristina follows in my footsteps; he followed insults with threats; we´re being followed; she followed me about/ out; the ideas followed through in our courses are ...; he led her to follow those American historians who ...; it follows, then, that ...; more was to follow; it followed, therefore, that ...; Locke does not immediately follow this traditional course; she followed this advice and ...; to follow this, there may be ...; I am following the ideas of ...; she follows the wording which ...; in what follows the term ´mother` will be used in its strict sense; she follows the example of Jesus; advances followed the development of ...; if you follow the recommendations I have made you can ...; let us now follow the ...; she will follow from where he left off; we will follow the ...; it follows that there is ...; does it follow that there is no distinct value in freedom as such?; but it does not follow that ...; it would seem to follow that ...; one possibility is as follows; this was soon followed after by penicillin; he is less likely successfully to follow right reasons which ...; ... which I always hopefully followed; the article seems to follow from the logic of this position; I was also determined to follow my own inclinations/ my father´s advice; a decision does not follow a definite logical process; most men, however, followed a less consuming path; the idea is as follows; individuals should follow an indirect strategy; what then followed appears to have been this: ...; this may be followed by ...; a promise to marry was followed by actual union; what follows from this account is that ...; it would seem to follow from this that ...; however, it also follows from this that ...; we will not follow Popper in much of this; but in following him through that aim, we ...; for what follows, I want to suggest, first, that ...; the answer is along the following lines; you should just follow her instructions; to this I would respond as follows; I don´t follow; I hope Astrid follows this through;
SYNONYMS: come after, go behind, come next, move behind; adhere to, cling to, believe in, adopt, support, comply with, observe, mind, reflect, imitate, ape; accompany, go along with, serve; run/ hunt down, trace, pursue, chase; succeed, step into the shoes of, replace, supersede; engage in, practise, occupy oneself with, cultivate, take further action on; comprehend, understand, see, keep up with; take an interest in, admire, watch, appreciate; continue, perform, make good, persist, realize; prosecute, look into, investigate, pursue;
GERMAN: folgen, nachgehen, verfolgen, kommen nach, fahren, entlanggehen, entlangfahren, verstehen, ausüben, nachgehen, verfolgen, regelmäßig lesen, sich interessieren für, später kommen, nachkommen, sich ergeben, durchziehen, durchdenken, durchschwingen, aufgreifen, sich näher beschäftigen/ befassen (mit), Erkundigungen einziehen (über), nachuntersuchen, ausbauen, fortsetzen, ausnutzen, folgen lassen, nachziehen; 1