HEADWORD: hang (about/ around/ around with/ back from/ by/ down from/ for/ from/ in/ on/ on to/ onto/ out of/ over/ round/ under/ upon/ up on) v.
NOUNS: acrobat, air, algae, alibi, analysis, ants, approval, aspects, bag, banners, bars, bats, bolt, boys, branch, breath, Britain, building(s), chain, chair, cloth, clothing, clouds, coat, cord, cover, criminal, decision, despair, door, edge, engine, expense, face, factory, fire, flag(s), future, hair, game, gate, hard-liners, hook, identification, information, keys, lamp(s), laundry, letters, life, material, meat, money, murder, murderer, mystery, newspapermen, one’s arm/ customs/ head/ privileges/ seat, outcome, paintings, pay, penis, person, pheasant, picture, polarities, power, problem, project, property, pubs, question, racquet, rail, reformists, relationship, report, representations, result, right, scarf, shields, shoulder, side, skirt, s.o.´s hands, spectre, statements, states of consciousness, story, streets, suits, symbol, system, tale, thread, threat of war, tolls, towel, tub, unsavoury characters, venison, wall, wallpaper, washing, weight, window(s), word;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: always, fascinated, heavy, limp, line, loose, loosely, motionless, straight, tight, together, unevenly;
EXAMPLES: guilty mystery hangs in the air; bats hang motionless from the ceiling; hang him!; hang it!; he can go hang!; just hang in there!; hang tight, we´re off!; come on now, let it all hang out; I´m hanged if I will/ know; Britain must hang on to the right to return to bases; the diagnosis hangs on the identification of the gonococcus; nice boys like you don´t hang round the bars; thereby hangs the whole complicated tale; the three parts of the system are meant to hang together; the entire project hangs on their approval; a small muscular bag hangs under the penis; Juliana keeps me hanging; I think we should hang fire a little longer; despair hangs heavy; he was found dead in his garage, having hanged himself; the solution hung by the thread; the outcome hangs on the results of the election; she hung onto my arm; we intend to hang onto this property; my coat was hanging over the chair; the decision will hang fire till after the election; the threat of is always hanging over Israel; the statements just don’t hang together; my students hang on every word; flags hung from the windows; time hangs on their hands; they hung back from giving information; the nobility hung on to their privileges; they hang out with their friends; Juliana hung up on me; time hangs heavy on my hands;
SYNONYMS: dangle, suspend; be posed, hover, swing; send to the gallows, execute, kill; fall, drape; idle, loiter, dally; frequent, haunt, spend time at; associate with, consort with, socialize with, mix with; hesitate, shrink from, stay away from; remain, be delayed, be in suspense; hold on to, grasp, grab, clutch; stop, stay, wait; carry on, go on, endure, hold the phone; listen carefully, give one’s undivided attention, be rapt; be dependent on, be subject to; be ashamed/ embarrassed; be postponed/ put off; be united, be as one, cooperate, act in harmony; be logical, be consistent, cohere; break the connection, disconnect, put down the receiver;
GERMAN: hängen (von/ über), aufhängen, einhängen, abhängen lassen, kleben, tapezieren, einstellen, zögern, zuwarten, henken, erhängen, (auf)gehängt werden, herunterhängen; 1