HEADWORD: have (about/ against/ around/ away/ down/ for/ in/ in for/ off/ on/ out/ over/ round/ up) v.
NOUNS: acceptance, advantage, affair, allowance, altar, amount, angle(s), answer, appeal, appetite, arithmetic, arms, arrangement, attitude, authorities, base, basis, beard, belief, body, bushmen, capacity, car, cause(s), chaos, characteristics, charm, chip(s), choice, church, circulation, clearer picture, clock, commercial relations, commitment, component, confidence, congregation, connection, connotation(s), conscious awareness, consciousness, consort, constitution, contract, contribution (to make), couple of chocolates, cream, credits, criterion, cup of tea, daily rhythm(s), deep secret, desire, dialogue, dieter(s), difficulties, difficulty, directness, disadvantage, distraction, document, double chin, doubt, drawback(s), duty, effect, elaborate consideration, equality, essence, evidence, examples, excess fat, existence, experience, experimental means, faith, family, family game, feeling, figure(s), flavour, focus, force, form, frame, free access, freshness, friend, function, future, gift(s), girl(s), glass of milk, God, good mix/ time, government, graphic quality, grounding, guarantee, head, helper(s), historian(s), historical bearing, history, hope, horror, house of one’s own, idea, illustrations, immediate relevance, impact, inclination, influence, insights, inspiration, instrument, intellectual(s), job, judgement, justification, knowledge, later nights, layering of colours, life expectancy, life-style, liver, look, mail, main meal, martyr´s relic, meal, measles, medicine, meeting, meeting place, member(s), men, mind, modest place, moral belief(s), mother, mother tongue, motion, name, natural bodies, night-gown, nose, nothing, notion, object(s), one’s own views, operation, option, origin, parallel, part(s), party, people, pepper, period, person, personal predilection, photographic memory, photos, piano lessons, piece of fruit, policy, political stake, portion, position, power, preference, presence, priest(s), principle(s), print, private property, programme, properties, proportion, purchase, quarrel, quiet read, radio, rapport, ready answer, reason, recourse, relationship, reliance, requirement, reservation, reserve, respect, rhythm(s), right to cultivation/ life/ one’s possessions/ this land, ring, Rome, salt, scheme, science, secret, security, self-concept, senate, senses, servant, sexual rights, shoes, school(s), significance, similarity, skill, slice(s) of toast, small wrist, snack, social life/ links, soul, source(s), space, status, stories, strokes, subject(s), substratum, sugar, surname, sympathies, task, talent, team(s), technology, temporal limits, terminology, thing(s), thought, time, trade union(s), triangle, TV, type, understanding, use, value, view, warm feeling/ feet, way, weak bladder, weight problem, women, work, writer, year(s), zest for life; ADJ/ADV: actually, certainly, clearly, even, first, frequently, indeed, innocently, just, necessarily, never, no longer, normally, often, permanently, possibly, presently, rarely, soon, still, too, traditionally, ultimately, well, yet;
EXAMPLES: the senate was to have sixty members; people have a right to their possessions; it’s dangerous to have a gun around the house; I have a weak bladder; I have nothing against Juliana; Juliana, do you really love me or are you having me on?; poor people can have a good time; you have a different idea of it; what are we having for dinner?; I´ll have a party, will you come?; I have something on next Wednesday night; I hope you have a good time; I too have a (deep) secret to reveal to you; she has nothing on me; she will have a slightly different answer; we have to leave now; I must have more time; she had got me by the throat/ the hair; I have nothing to say to her; they may not have a reason to ...; they have a ready answer to this challenge; I won’t have this nonsense; you have me there, I´ll have you; as fate would have it, ...; they have something to tell you; they do not have a legitimate interest of their own; I have nothing to wear; have a look at the horses first; do you have a fat face?; he had his car stolen; he had/ got a gardener cut the grass; have a piece of fruit with the meal; she had her research assistant look up the information; now you should have a clear picture of your current size and shape; what would you have me do?; he soon had them all laughing; these ideas have a long history; I´ll have my martini dry; he had his hair cut; Patrick had his tonsils removed; I do have additional information showing that ...; others have addressed the subject in a more peculiar vein; he had two children by his first wife; they had it in for her; she had a strange thing happen to her; I have almost a mania to be in the USA; they have an influence on the intellectual scene in Berlin; does this have any substantial base in the text itself?; if you do not have private property you will have chaos; rulers have duties to their subjects; they have firm views; you have free access to all files; she had a weight problem for a long time; this does seem to have had a significant effect upon the late crusades; Juliana must have had warm feelings towards me; we can have ideas of things we have not experienced; let him have it!; he will have it that ...; that coat has it; if I miss the last bus, I’ve had it; all have in common some relation to experience; when´ll I have it?; we come to have knowledge by reasoning about ideas; these institutions have legitimate authority; they wouldn’t have me because I’m a girl; I didn’t know she had it in her; you’ve been had!; he had to have his arm off; we’ve got a big job on; they had new tires on in no time; he’s been had up for drunken driving; he’s been had up again; I´ll have it out with her; thanks for having me; we can have no knowledge at all; you have no faith; I have no doubt it was something pretty provocative; we have no idea of it; priests have no role in it; I have not the slightest feeling of humility for anything in existence; I have one reservation about her article;
SYNONYMS: own, possess, keep, maintain; get, obtain, receive, secure, procure; be struck, entertain; contain, include, comprise; suffer from/ with, be enduring/ experiencing, be subjected to; organize, prepare, hold, arrange; participate in, enjoy: drink, eat; give birth to, deliver, bring into the world; father, beget; make, force, oblige, press, compel; be wearing, be dressed in; be committed to, have in the offing, have on the agenda; tease, trick, deceive, fool, play a joke on;
GERMAN: haben, besitzen, essen, trinken, veranlassen, lassen; 1