HEADWORD: hold (against/ at/ back from/ down/ for/ in/ onto/ out/ out for/ out on/ over/ to/ under/ up/ with/ within) v.
NOUNS: account, agent, alien, amount, approach, argument(s), army, audience, author, authorities, BA, bachelor’s degree, balance, banks, banquet, bay, beauty contest, belief, better terms, blunders, board, body, book(s), boots, bosom, bottle, brake, brother, bus, cage, candle, car, card, ceilings, celebration, chair, challenge, chamber concert, championship, charge, check, children, chip, choruses, church, cigar, cigarette end/ holder, clamp, clothing, collection, colony, company, competition, condition, constituents, consultation, contempt, contract, conversation, corner, counsel, country, course, court, Court of Appeal, criminal record, crowds, cushion, dance, defence, defendant, delivery, dinner, director, discussions, distinctions, door, dream, effect, election, emotions, enemy, equipment, estate, everything, expenditure, family, fascination, females, fictional office, film, force, forces, fort, freedom, front of the saddle, future, gallons, gap, gold, good life, goods, group, guerrillas, gum, hall, hand(s), hearts, heirs, hoop, hope, hostage(s), hotel, husband, ice, ideals, idea(s), illuminations, implication, impression, inflation, instrument, interview, invitation, job, jurisdiction, jurist, key, ladder, land, lap, laws, leading post(s), legacy, legends, letter, level, life, line, literature, living, luck, marriage, Marxists, matter, meeting, membership, men, mind, minute, modes, molecules, monopoly, mouse button/key, musical note, mysteries, myth, nationalists, nothing, notions, number of people, offer, office, one’s arms(s)/ breath/ course/ drink/ fire/ ground/ head/ laughter/ lead/ liquor/ luck/ name/ own/ passion/ peace/ position/ reserves/ shoulder/ tears/ temper/ tongue, oneself, opinion, option, parcel, parents, party, passport, people, person, phone, phone messages, plane, oneself, other views, paper, permit, pillars, pistols, place, plausibility, play, point, police, policy, position, post, power, predictions, President, pressure, prices, principal, prisoner, procession, production, professional positions, prospect, promise of happiness, promotion, principles, prisoner, production, property, psychology, puppy, question, rain, ransom, rationalist, rebels, record, refusal, reins, responsibility, ridicule, rifle, right(s), rioters, rise in living standard, road, room, rule(s), scorn, season-ticket, seats, service(s), shares, shipments, sign of fear, smoking, s.o.´s attention/ behaviour/ interest/ ways, sound, spectators, speed, stadium, stomach, storm, superstition, surgery, suspect, sway, sword, talks, team, terms, territory, theatre, theories, theory, train, traffic, transactions, travel agency/ plans, trial, trump card, trust, trustee, umbrella, understanding, union, USA, use, user, values, vehicle, vessel, virtues, voluntary undertakings, wages, weather, winning ticket, women, work permit;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: accountable, aloof, also, apparently, a moment, a little longer, at all costs, cheap, close, communally, completely, constant, directly, ear, erect, false, fast, for life, forth, good, immoral, in common/ tall/ trust, indeed, instinctively, just, known, liable, longer, much better/ longer, no longer, only, open, overnight, probably, responsible, secret, securely, somewhere, steady, still, strongly, successively, tight, together, true, very well, voidable, well, yet;
EXAMPLES: each male’s territory holds up to four breeding females; what does the future hold?; life holds no fears/ mysteries for them; Chaucer could not hold a conversation with a modern Englishman; he held his head high; the defendant holds a mistaken belief about that circumstance; they will not hold your past blunders against you; she held onto my arm; she holds herself ready/ upright; the Easter rising of 1916 still holds a cherished place in the hearts of the majority of people; hold your fire!; hold your horses; hold everything/ it!; hold still!; hold a minute!; here, hold on to this!; hold up your hand!; if his luck holds; I´ll hold you to your promise/ word/ it!; I don’t hold with that; her promise still holds (good); she can hold her drink; you are expected to hold to the terms of the contract; I am holding aloof from short-breads; we held the visiting team to a tie; he can no longer hold back the approach of death; I don’t hold with her ideas; they hold cyclical views concerning the nature of time; we hold that these truths are self-evident; they held him responsible for the prolonging of the war; they tried to hold down expenditure; they hold life cheap; the family holds directly from the Creator the mission and hence the rights to educate the offspring; she held the ladder steady; lack of education held her back from promotion; Juliana holds back with her reserves; she holds to the mystery; the rule forbidding an alien to hold English land was abrogated in 1870; they held out for better terms; do we seal a contract to hold for all time?; will the good weather hold?; don’t hold out on me; teachers are held up as examples; it shall hold my name in reverence; Alvirita has to hold upon her travel plans; I´ll hold it for you; however, the promise did not hold; my car does not hold more than five; he held the corner well; British aircraft industry was required to hold off competition; hold out a cushion against your own inadequacies; they will not hold out much longer; this rule holds good for everybody; he will hold that ...; this theory holds that ...; he wanted to hold the government together; hold your property without pride; hold this position for a few seconds; Churchill continued to hold up of an imminent glorious end to the war; this charge holds with the same force against the simple principle;
SYNONYMS: grip, grasp, clutch, seize, hang on to; embrace, hug, cradle, enfold; put, maintain, occupy, engage, involve, sustain; restrain, coop up, detain, confine; believe, consider, judge, think, esteem, regard; support, carry, accommodate; comprise, include; assemble, convoke, convene; be in effect, apply, hold good, prove/ be true, function, be the case, operate, hold water; possess, have; stick, stay; suppress, control, inhibit, check, hinder; reduce, diminish; declaim, preach, discourse; offer, proffer, submit; delay, put off, postpone, avoid; keep off, repulse; grip, cling; hang on, cling; last, persist, stand firm; survive, bear up, endure; exhibit, display, show; agree to/ with, approve of, concur with;
GERMAN: halten, anfassen, festhalten, greifen, sich anfassen, enthalten, fassen, meinen, behaupten, halten für, aufhalten, anhalten, zurückhalten, einstellen, innehaben, bekleiden, haben, besitzen, behaupten, abhalten, gelten, aufstauen, verheimlichen, verbergen, verzögern, unten halten, einziehen, warten, ausbleiben, durchhalten, beibehalten, reichen, vertagen, verschieben, knechten, stützen, tragen, sein (gegen); 1