HEADWORD: improve (in/ on/ upon/ with) v.
NOUNS: ability, action, age, analytical methods, anomalies, appearance, area(s), aspects, astronomical tables, availability, behaviour, blood relations, book, building, business, chance(s), comments, communication, conditions, conformity, coping ability, cost of the act, credit, decree, design, developing nations, economies, education, educational standards, efficiency, energy, English, exercise, facilities, feeding, fertilizing efficacy, foodstuff, health care, inability, incomes, institutions, invalid, justice, kind, kitchen equipment, knowledge, level of amenities, livestock management, living conditions, low salaries, lung-power, management, maths, medical service, message, methods of testing, morale, muscle tone, offer, one’s compliance/ fitness/ looks/ mind/ mood/ outlook/ position/ shape, oneself, outcome, patient, performance(s), person, personal relationship(s), police, poor scheme, procedure(s), product quality, production, production-efficiency, professionalism, property, proposals, prospects, purification, quality of living, relationship, reproductive performance/ success, result, running speed, self-esteem, services, sex act, shining hours, situation, social circumstances/ life, societies, solution, standards, state of affairs, suggestions, support, survival, swimming, technology, tests, texture, things, tools, training, understanding, usual brand, use, version, visibility, ways, wine, workability;
ADVERBS: apparently, considerably, daily, distinctly, easily, fundamentally, further, generally, gradually, greatly, hopefully, however, marginally, phenomenally, progressively, rapidly, sauce, significantly, slightly, slowly, simply, socially, somewhat, spectacularly, substantially, sufficiently, technologically;
EXAMPLES: wine improves with age; things are improving; in trying to improve a poor scheme, the ...; Patrick has improved in English; the police have improved their procedures; I cannot improve on his performance; he can, however, improve his performance; the party wanted substantially to improve its image; the design of cars has improved more rapidly; the result could be most easily improved; how can I improve the relationship with Juliana?; this book improves on reading; it is unlikely to improve; the situation was somewhat improved when ...; doing more exercise will improve your looks and your outlook on life; business has improved considerably;
SYNONYMS: better, amend, repair, redress, fix up, correct, rehabilitate, put right; update, recondition, renovate, remodel; further, benefit, increase, advance, promote; pick up, look up; get better, recover, convalesce, gain strength, revive;
GERMAN: verbessern, verschönern, verfeinern, erhöhen, steigern, erweitern, aufbessern, sich verbessern, sich bessern, schöner werden, sich erhöhen, steigen, übertreffen, besser machen, überbieten, gehen über; 1