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HEADWORD: include (among/ under/ without) v.
NOUNS: abolition, abundance, accusation, admixture, advocacy of principles, act, affiliates, afternoon snacks, alms, amount(s), analysis, anger, animals, anthropologists, antibiotics, anti-Semitism, ants, apartment house, archaeologists, artificial feeding, aspirations, attempt(s), attitude, attributes, awareness, bark, beans, bees, biscuit, bill, boat race, build-up, cakes, canon, captain, category, cells, cereal, change of sign, chapter, chart, chief instrument, childhood, children, chips, Christians, chronic anxiety, church lectionary, cities, class, classification, clergy, climate change, clock, clothing, codex, code of offences, collection, colonies, combustion, commentaries, competition, complexity, components, compulsive over-eating, condition, conduct, conference, confiscation, contemplations, contemporaries, contracts, control, conversation, co-ordination, copy, corporations, cortisone, cosmologies, counter-thoughts, countries, creation, cuts, cystitis, dangerous driving, debts, decimation, definition, dependants, derivation, deserters, development, devices, diagnosis, diets, discovery, discussion(s), diseases, dispositions, distemper, divinity, doctrine, dominance, drawing, driving test, eating disorders, economists, education, element(s), emperor, empiricists, energy use, estimate(s), examination, examples, exercise, existence, expenses, explanation, exploration, events, factor, failed suicides, familiarity, father, fatigue, fat stores, feature, female, fertilizing practices, fevers, figure, fish, flakes, flexibility, flowers, flying buttresses, food(s), , food regime, foraging areas, fraction, frequency, fringe forests, fruits, games, general debility, genes, genre, glass of milk, goalkeeper, goals, goals of therapy, greenhouse gases, group, guests, health care, heart-attack, high fever, historians, history, honey-moon, housing types, housekeeping, human ecology, humans, ideals, increase, indirect force, individuals, integrals, interests, inventions, invitation list, justificatory considerations, kinds, kiss, label, laboratory, lack of involvement, land, language, law, learning, leaseholds, legacy, legal usage, lentils, liaison, life in being, lines, links, list, listlessness, long list, lure, lymphocytes, mainstream, maintenance, majority, malleability, man, mating, meal out, means, measures, medicine, mental experiencing/ processes, merchants, minerals, mixture, monkeys, moulds, muesli, multiplicity, murder(s), mussels, names, natural sciences, nature, natural sources, nervous system, notion, number, objects, odd party, offence, officer(s), oneself, one’s rights/ sisters, open forests, panic attacks, paper, parents, parish priest, partner(s), pastry, phases, parliament, pathogens, patterns, peoples, peas, people, person, philosophy, picture, plan, plant(s), plays, plural, poets, polite formulas, political morality, pollution, potential, power, prayers, presence, primacy, projects, province, possibility, prejudices, price, problems, process, programme, projects, property, proprietary rights, prostitute, protein intake, provisions, publication, purpose, push, reactions, reasoning, reassessment, reduction, regions, relations, relief of poverty, religion, remark, report, reproaches, requirements, result(s), rhythms, rights, rings, rituals, rotations, sadness, scenes, school, script, sectors, self, self-mutilation, set of tables, sexual offences, shopkeepers, showers, silver, single self, singular, slaves, slimmers, solution, space, special case, species, speech, spirals, spread, staff(s), statements, statute, stock-building, strain, strategies, streetwalker, stress of grieving, stretch, stroke, structure, studies, subjects, sub-groups, substances, substantial astonishment, suicides, sun and moon, sunlight, system, table, tariff, tendency, termites, terms, territories, test results, theoretical approach(es), theory, things, tip, tithes, touchings, trade imbalances, transformations, trauma, treatment, treatment sessions, trust clauses, type, unconsciousness, universe, urban tenement, use, vaginal examination, variant, varieties, variety, victim, violence against property, violent conduct, viruses, volume, wasps, way of eating, weed and pest control, welfare, welfare institutions, woman, women, words, works, world, writers;
ADVERBS: again, already, also, clearly, even, explicitly, finally, formally, formerly, frequently, generally, here, implicitly, inevitably, necessarily, no doubt, notably, not otherwise, now, often, presumably, reportedly, simply, still, therefore, visibly;
EXAMPLES: does that include me?; include me out; Helga includes me in her prayers; in which category would you include this?; the price inludes the increasing costs of technology; the tip is not included in the bill; all included; examples might include a push; a complete political morality must include a doctrine of justice; the short report included a table showing ...; this includes a discussion of ...; natural sources include all kinds of wetlands; this should include an attitude of acceptance on the part of the therapist; the eating disorders include compulsive overeating; the term `violence´ includes conduct intended to cause physical harm; I wish I could include here the whole chapter entitled ...; I think we should include a chapter on ...; he presumably included immense potential for ...; these people are included in the treatment sessions; this includes massaging the prostate gland; the report included one directly negative remark; later debts are not included; meat products often include pastry; the reason for him in the picture is that ...; pre-exposure needs to include some further process to explain the results; this might include the amount of light; this can be seen to include the ...; figure 4.5 includes the test results; sexually transmitted diseases are not included; the second kind of case includes those where ...; generally speaking, we shall include under the notion of ...; please don’t forget to include me in the invitation list; did you include geography among the natural sciences?;
SYNONYMS: take in, encompass, subsume, incorporate; categorize, classify, list, catalogue, register; number, count, allow for, involve;
GERMAN: einschließen, enthalten, aufnehmen, einbeziehen, gelten (für), dazunehmen;