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HEADWORD: increase (about/ at/ by/ from/ through/ to/ with) v.
NOUNS: ability, acid, activity, adhesion, adhesiveness, air/ water pollution, alcohol abuse/ consumption, amenities, amount, animal protein, answer, antibody levels, article(s), attention, authority, availability, awareness, blood flow/ supply, body heat/ temperature, brain activity, burglaries, business firm, capacities, capacity, carbon dioxide concentrations, care, chance(s), chances of surviving, claims, clouds, comfort, community, complexity, compounds, concentration(s), concern, consumption, contribution, control, co-operation, cost, court activity, crimes, crisis, critical mass, cultivated land, damage, darkness, deep sleep, deforestation, demand, development aid, diagnosis rate, difficulties, discharge, discomfort, diseases, distinctiveness, division of classes/ labour, domain of anger, dominance, doses, ease, efficiency, effort(s), emissions, employment, energy, enthusiasm, error, escalator clause, exercise, exposure phase, extent, factor(s), fatigue, feeling(s) of hopelessness, fertilizer applications, fibre, fitness, food production, freedom, frequency, government, gross national product, growth-rates, grudgers, happiness, hardships, heart-rate, heat, heat loss, height, historiography, hostility, human activities/ population, humiliation, impact, incidence, infections, infiltration, influence, institution, intake, integration, interest, interval, intervention, joy, knowledge, legislation, lending, level of repression, liberality, libido, light intensity, likelihood, love, majority, market price, maximum, maximum wage, metabolic rate, multiple cropping, muscle strength, noise, number(s), number of flights, occurrence, one’s confidence/ doubts/ own popularity/ relevance/ stamina, opposition, ornaments, output, participation, penetration, percent, person, plant growth, pleasure, population(s), popularity, possessions, powers, predictability, presence, pressure, prevalence, probability, productivity, propensity, proportion, prosperity, provision, pulse rate, pumping of the heart, rage, rain, rapes, rate of crime, rates, real wages, receipts, recognition, recorded offences, release, reliance, replacement rate, reporting, resentment, resistance, resource transfer, resources, respiration, restoration, return, riches, risk of suicide, ruralization, sabotage, sales, scale of operations, scope, sections, sectors, self-absorption, sensation, sense of confinement/ intense observation, sensitivity, sentence, services, sexual drive, sheep, size, social integration/ mobility, sophistication, sorrow, space, speed, stability, stamina, standard of living, state intervention, stock, stress(es), subtlety, success, suicidal intent, supply, support, sweating rate, taxes, taxation, technical mastery, tempo, tendency, tension, tightening constraints, time-cues, time needed, town, trade, understanding, unemployment, urine flow, use, value, vandalism, variability, variety, victimization, violence, virtue, vital motion, vocabulary, volume, wage-bill, wealth, weight, width, wind, work, yields;
ADVERBS: also, always, annually, apparently, appreciably, catastrophically, clearly, considerably, continuously, correspondingly, dramatically, drastically, even, evidently, further, genuinely, geometrically, globally, greatly, indefinitely, later, markedly, massively, monotonically, naturally, obviously, only, particularly, potentially, progressively, quite rapidly, rapidly, really, sharply, shockingly, significantly, similarly, sizeably, slightly, startingly, still, suddenly, temporarily, well, yearly;
EXAMPLES: intense observation may increase a patient’s feelings of hopelessness; rapes are increasing in their intrinsic seriousness; car production increased by seven percent; it might even increase; the physician increased the dose from one to three; dairy products may not increase as rapidly in the future; their frequency is increased by agents; reported rapes have increased considerably in the 1980s; the amount of REM activity increases during the course of a normal night’s sleep; plan out some ordinary ways to increase exercise; deforestation increased from five to eleven per cent; the depletive pressure is likely to increase; some rhythmic change decreases our fatigue at some times and increases it at others; the party failed to increase its own popularity; the diagnosis rate increases markedly; this will help increase muscle strength; but this only increased our tremendous enthusiasm; copying examples from ARCS increases your vocabulary; the throng of slash-and-burn cultivators has been increasing rapidly in numbers; here are some good exercises to increase stamina; this way you increase the variety in your diet; this would increase the time needed; pro-divorce legislation increased the instability of marriages; fundamentalist religious groups have increased their power in Ulster; this trend is likely to increase unless ...; our fatigue increases very markedly; their influence is increasing yearly; the risk of catching the infection will obviously increase with the number of times intercourse takes place;
SYNONYMS: grow, enlarge, expand, inflate, enhance, distend, raise, develop, multiply, spread, flourish, broaden, widen, lengthen; advance, improve, strengthen, prolong, better;
GERMAN: zunehmen, erhöht werden, stärker werden, sich vermehren, anwachsen, wachsen, steigen, sich vergrößern, größer werden, erhöhen;
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