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HEADWORD: intend (as/ for) v.
NOUNS: Act, acts, aircraft, approach, arguments, article, beneficiary, benefits, book, bride, burial, church, coheirs, commander, comments, conditions, conduct, consequences, course(s), crusade, daughter, death, defendant, denomination, destination, diplomatic service, disposition, effect, emphasis, examples of conscription, foster-child, friends, future generations, general public/ statement, grievous bodily harm, harm, hearer, guidelines, illustration, individual, industrial action, instrument, insult, interpreters, jurist, killings, legal institutions/ obligation/ relationship, legislator, Lord Chief Justice, low profile, material, modality, national government, new theory, nothing, object, one’s advice/ version, outcome, overdose, paragraph, park, person, phase, play, preparations, priest, principle, program, proof, property, public exhibition, purpose, pursuit of educational experiments, redemption annuities, reduction, remark, renditions, sarcasm, scale of development, sentence, settlor, students, sum(s), supply route, sweeping reference, taxation, testator, thing, tithe, transfer or ownership, trust, trustee, use, writing;
ADVERBS: at first, characteristically, clearly, deliberately, here, merely, never, never really, not clearly/ yet, only, originally, otherwise, perhaps, really;
EXAMPLES: did you intend that?; she intended to kill herself; I intend him to go with me; the man intends to have sexual intercourse; I didn’t intend that as an insult; he intended no harm; he does what he is intended to; the writer intends us to think that ...; the testator intended X to be a trustee for Y; he intended a legal relationship to exist between the two persons; the remark was not intended for you; it is not clearly intended for advanced students; she intends to file a suit; the comments are intended as guidelines; she is intended for the diplomatic service; this water is not intended for drinking; ARCS is intended for advanced students; what do you intend to do about it?; I fully intend to punish him; she intended him to do it; she can obtain the property intended for her; did you intend that to happen?; I do not intend here to give any details of the substances present; we never intended that she (should) get involved; the friend himself does not intend his advice to be accepted for that reason; it is not intended in this book to deal specifically with ...; he deliberately intended low profile; he intended the play to be a modern version of the story of Phèdre; they did not intend to stay long; I intend to rally that support; Bacon never really intended to complete this sixth part; you may have only intended to have a small black coffee;
SYNONYMS: plan, aim, purpose, determine, mean, have in mind;
GERMAN: beabsichtigen, wollen, meinen, sollen, bestimmt sein (für), gedacht sein (für), fest vorhaben, entschlossen sein.
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