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HEADWORD: introduce (about/ as/ for/ in/ into/ to) v.
NOUNS: Act(s), administration duties, archaisms, argument, arsenic, associated function, astronomers, audience, bill, bishop, bonus system, book, butler, calendar, calculus, campaign strategy, cell, Chancery, change, Christianity, city partnership, clocks, code of procedure, collection, Common Law Courts, comments, components, comprehensive school, computer science, concept, conditioning procedure, considerations, constitutional changes, contraceptives, control, co-ordinate, corporation, crude yoke, custom, cycles of time, dancing couple, day of rest, defence, definitions, diminished responsibility, disciplines, disposition, distinction, distribution, disturbing notes, divorce, doctrine, driving force, drugs, each other, Easter, economies, element(s), England, enlightened learning, era, Europe, evidence, experiments, explanations, factors, fairy tales, farmers, fashion, fire, friend, golf, government, health service, hierarchy, hypnotic, hypothecary actions, image, indiction cycles, industrial associations, industry, infection, inquisition, institutions, intellectual life/ reasoning, interpretation, instrument, intercalation, interlingual puns, intermediary stage, invention, Judaism, kinds of molecule, language, law, leap year, learning theory, leasehold enfranchisement, legislation, literature, logic textbooks, mechanical clock, medication, measures, model, modernism, mood, new devices/ disease/ function/ practices/ proposals, novelties, nucleus, offence, order, organism, part, penicillin, people, person, philosophers, policing tactics, policy, Pope, pottery, practice, private property, procedure, programme, protection, protein molecule, proverbs, realization, reform(s), republican constitution, retrenchments, Roman chant/ Society, rule, scheme, second stage, set of co-ordinates, singularities, social policy, sort, special clinics, speaker, statement, steps, stickers, streptomycin, student, study, subject, tacit hypothec, tariffs, technical term, technology, terms, test task, theatre, themes, therapy, topic, US, vaccination, variety of difficulty, work, writing;
ADVERBS: already, also, apparently, effectively, excellently, first, formally, frequently, gradually, inevitably, largely, not only, now, only, recently, slowly, successfully, swiftly, usefully;
EXAMPLES: the Acts introduced a whole code of procedure; this study also introduced a different test task; she introduced me to her friends; indeed, language itself inevitably introduced an element of permanence into a vanishing world; I introduced students to the elements of computer science; it introduced him to enlightened learning; he first introduced his new friend to his family; these will be introduced in Chapter 10; the equitable rules about penalties were, however, to a large extent already introduced into the Common Law Courts by statutes; a great variety of difficulty could be introduced into the tests; have you two been introduced?; I don’t think we’ve been introduced; they also introduced stickers to be attached to envelopes; she was introduced to golf; he was introduced to drink at an early age; who introduced him to heroin?; arsenic compounds were introduced towards the end of the nineteenth century; she introduced him to the fairy tales of Hans Anderson; the text introduces the disposition as a legacy; he was introduced to flying by a friend; he introduces three sorts of complex idea;
SYNONYMS: make known, present, acquaint, bring up, put forth/ forward, suggest, mention, propose, announce; start, begin, launch, bring out, organize, initiate, establish; add, put in, insert, interpolate;
GERMAN: vorstellen, bekannt machen (mit), ankündigen, einführen, bringen (in/ vor), einbringen (in), einleiten, einfügen (in);
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