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HEADWORD: involve (in/ with) v.
NOUNS: abandonment, academic stress, action, admission, agencies, alteration, amounts, application, apprehension, argument, armed forces, assault, assembly, assumption, astronomical computations, athletes, attentional change, audience, badminton, battery, batteries, battle, behaviour, beneficiary, book, boxing, business, calorie restriction, care, case, cases of induction, cervix, change, chicken farmer, choice, civil law dispositions, civil liability, clash, chronology, classifications, climate models, clinics, close look, coalition, collaboration, Common Law, communication, comparison, compassionate assistance, complexities, components, conception, connotation, consent, considerations, continuous process, conversion, costs, country, couple, crime, cultivation, cut, dancers, deal, deceit, decisions, denial, deprivation, destruction, developers, development, diet(s), differentiation, difficulties, disabilities, discretion, discrimination, distances, distinction, distribution, doctors, drugs, duty, eating, element, emotional disturbance, emphasis, employers, energies, entrepreneurs, establishment, event, everybody, execution, exercises, expansion, expense, experiment, explanation, expressions, fallopian tubes, family therapy, father, fault, feeding times, fights, firearms, football, forearm, formation, fractions, freedom, function, gearing devices, gears, general practitioners, genital infection, glands, government, guilty state of mind, habituation, hardship, health care, help, heredity, hockey, homosexuals, hooligans, ideas, immigrants, implantation, implementation, incidents, increase, infective process, infliction, infringement, inhibitory component/ learning, insolvency, institutions, interactions, intercalation, interests, interpretation, intimate relationship, issues, issues of justice, judgement, justification, kind, King, laboratories, laity, life sentence, limb abnormality/ development, links, local politics, lymph nodes, male sterilization, males, manpower, marital counselling, marriage relationship/ union, material things, matter of principle, mechanism, medical measures, membership, mental process, misjudgement, misrepresentation, modes of time, modification, money, narrowing consciousness, natal cleft, nervous system, occurrence, offence(s), officers, oneself, outer layer of the eye, outflow, overdosage, over-eating, parties, partnership, past, payment, people, perpetration, person, petrol bombs, physical force, playground, plot, poet, politics, premisses, prescription, principles, process, product, profession, programme, propaganda, propagation, prostate gland, Protestants, provocation cases, public, pursuit, Queen, rape, reaction-diffusion, reader, reasons, recognition, reform, regions of the brain, rejection, relationship, relatives, religion, renewable resources, repetition, report, reproduction, researcher, respite, return, review, right, risk(s), running, satisfaction, search, scientific understanding, screening, selection, self, self-cutting, self-inflicted injuries, senate, sense, serious fault/ intent/ woundings, sessions, shift, siege, signal, skin, smuggling, soccer, social change, solution, sports, state, statement, status, strangers, struggle, subordination, subtleties, sum, surgeons, surgery, symbolization, synthesis, system, teaching, technical details, television, tennis, testing, test task, theory, third party/ parties, thought, tip of the penis, tragedy, transfer, transsexual, transfer fee, travel, treatment, truncation, trust, trustee, types, unnecessary expense, use, valves of the heart, variation, vasectomy, violence, war experience, weapon(s), white blood cells, work, wrist, wrongful acts, wrongs;
ADVERBS: actively, already, also, always, ardently, closely, commonly, deeply, directly, effectively, emotionally, essentially, fully, inevitably, inextricably, invariably, largely, merely, more, necessarily, no less, not normally/ yet, now, occasionally, often, plausibly, psychologically, rather, repeatedly, seriously, sexually, simply, still, too, usually, well;
EXAMPLES: the actual path of evolution involved a loss of fitness; the deal involved a transfer fee; my job as a teacher trainer involved my travelling a great deal; the local lymph nodes are invariably involved; we were involved with the technical details; Charleton was involved from its early days with the subject of the next chapter; there are, however, certain risks in delegating the patient the power to discontinue treatment; I was deeply involved in business; local communities must be fully and effectively involved in planning; the heart may be involved in a gonococcal myocarditis; religion is also involved in the violence directly; who should be involved in treatment sessions?; she would not allow John to be involved in treatment; she was involved with John; what does your job involve?; I was closely involved; it will serve to illustrate the problems involved; would you like to be involved?; it’s involving too much of my time; do you know what’s involved in raising a family?; the book doesn’t involve the reader; it wouldn’t involve you at all; it’s right to be involved with one’s society; we shan’t have to get involved with all that?; don’t involve yourself in any unnecessary expense; this involves a radical change in shape; the problem now involves finding appropriate solutions of ...; are you involved in that murder investigation?; I didn’t want to get (too) involved; the female also involves herself in this activity; over-eating involves eating foods you like;
SYNONYMS: cover, embrace, contain, include, incorporate, comprehend, number among, count in; mean, require, imply, entail, necessitate, suggest; implicate, draw in, concern, affect; inculpate, incriminate; associate with connect with;
GERMAN: verwickeln (in), beteiligen (an), betreffen, dabeisein, verwickelt werden (in), angehen, beteiligt sein, beschäftigt sein (mit), engagiert sein, ein Verhältnis haben, eine Beziehung haben (mit), Kontakt bekommen (mit), mit sich bringen, zur Folge haben, umfassen, bedeuten, beanspruchen, brauchen.
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