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HEADWORD: keep (about/ after/ around/ as/ at/ down/ for/ from/ in/ off/ on/ out/ out of/ to/ under/ with) v.
NOUNS: accounts, acquaintances, admirer, agreement, album, appeal, appointment(s), area(s), arrangements, astronomers, case, check, baby, back, background, balance, Bank of England, bay, books, boy, brotherhood, business, calendar, campaign, capitalism, car, catalogue, cattle, celebrations, certificate, charcoal, check, child, Christianity, Christians, Christmas, church and state, civil peace, close eye, club, coat, coffee, cold, colleagues, commentary, common mind, company, conductor, constant review, contact, control, conversation, copies, correspondence, country, courts, crash diet, culture, custom, dance, danger, dark, daughter, delivery pony, determination, developments, diary, dieter(s), discussion, distance, domain of danger, dates, domestic dog, Easter, edge, eggs, employee, enemy, engine, experimenters, exports, eye, facts, faith, family, farmer, fasting, fat, fate, father, festivals, firm, flag, food, fortunes, friends, friendship, goal, government(s), group(s), gut, harm, hat, hopes, horse-feed, horses, house, hurricane, illness, image, individual, information, instructors, instruments, interventions, isolation, jargon, Jews, journal, jurisdiction, land(s), larvae, Latin, law, left, Lent, letters, level, lifers, life-style, life-support, lid, line, list, literary opinions, lot, low profile, machine, main road, man, metabolic rate, mice, microbe, mind, minimum, mistress, money, monopoly, moral, morale, mother, name(s), nationalists, notebooks, note(s), numbers, obligations, offences, offences of negligence, office, one’s anger/ body/ course/ custody/ feelings/ feet/ first appointment/ hands/ head/ interactions/ interest/ leg/ links/ mind/ mouth/ name/ position/ problems/ promise/ resolves/ rule/ seat/ spirits/ spoons/ stomach/ tank/ target weight/ temper/ track/ trousers/ way/ word, oneself, orchestra, order, others, output, pace, parcel, part, passions, past, payments, pedigree records, pencil, people, pigs, place, places of recreation, plan, playing staff, pocket, poet, point, pole, portions, posture, poultry, premises, prices, prison, prisoner, promise, property, pub, pupil, quality, race, rain, rate, record(s), regime, relatives, rents, restriction, results, revenues, revolt, right, road, room, rule, Sabbath, salaries, scent, schedule, schoolboy, scores, sense, servants, sheep, sheet, singers, sketches, sleeping bag, social barriers/ tone/ workers, son, speed, staff, standard, stock of foods, strength, study, subject, subordinates, subscription, suicide, sun, tactics, tally of days, taxes, tea, teacher, tears, tent, therapist, Third World, tight grip, times, tissue culture, touch, tradition, transparency, treasure, treaty, true feelings, tubes, two things, value, vital functions, voice, vow, waiting periods, watch, water, weather, whole thing, wordings, work rate, zip code;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: ahead, alive, aloof, amused, apart, awake, back, better, busy, calm, clean, clear, closed, comfortable, constant, entire, informed, inside, filled, fit, going, hardly, healthy, longer, moving, outside, overnight, quiet, secret, separate, silent, straight, thinking, tidy, trying, uninformed, united, waiting, warm, well, whisky;
EXAMPLES: can you keep a secret?; keep it to yourself; where do you keep your spoons?; I mustn’t keep you; what’s keeping her?; what kept you?; how are you keeping?; they kept up with the times; keep your hands to yourself; keep him off me; keep them from getting wet; that business can keep; keep on this road; I try to keep up my Latin; if you keep complaining ...; what’s been keeping you away?; please keep back from the edge; I wanted to keep her out of it; the baby kept me up all night; I keep thinking ...; keep your voices down; we kept aloof from most of the other people’s festivities; to keep a place for s.o.; to keep one’s place in a book; to keep a note of; he just can’t keep from the pub; we have kept an eye on the question of ...; keep them away from each other; keep her out of my way; keep away from her; if you keep on like this ...; you won’t keep him under; I earn enough to keep myself; I’ve been keeping it for you; would you keep this parcel for me until I return?; our garden is kept well; I can’t keep that zip code in my head; I keep telling you; keep on past the church; he asks us to join together two things that are often kept apart; payments should be kept as low as they possibly can; my mother was kept busy making altar cloths; the level of self-control must be kept constant; to keep the traffic moving; church and state are kept entirely separate; she kept her dress clean; that’ll keep him quiet for a while; it kept me in bed for two weeks; just to keep her happy; most things are kept from him; she kept her own literary opinions in the background; it must be kept in mind that ...; he keeps a sleeping bag up there; he always keeps his tank full; he kept a mistress in Meppen; she could hardly keep in the tears; keep to the left; keep off the grass; that court keeps the key which unlocks the estate; the British royal family have kept a close eye on the Turf; they kept alive the old posture of the persecuted church; water from a nearby spring kept it filled; Fate was the power that kept order in the universe; the police have kept her overnight; foods keep longer in the refrigerator; hedges kept the garden from prying eyes; commentary on form is kept to a minimum; our dear boy kept to pencil and charcoal; the jargon they kept up was delicious for me to hear; I kept Juliana awake; she keeps in her true feelings; Helga kept us waiting; they kept them prisoner; she kept the children amused with her stories; I keep my car in a garage; they kept me abreast of the latest developments; they kept after me to buy a new car; she kept aloof of the others; we kept Bennie away from Jan-Henrik; they kept the road clear of snow; the teacher kept him in after school;
SYNONYMS: save, have, hang on to, retain, preserve, maintain, control; hold, take charge of, care for, look after, keep an eye on, guard, protect, safeguard; nourish, feed, nurture, provide for; store, preserve; carry on, continue, persist in; prolong, sustain; follow, obey, mind, adhere to, pay attention to, observe, regard, respect, acknowledge, agree to; subsidize, support, finance; confine, detain, jail, imprison; celebrate, observe, commemorate; survive, stand up, stay fresh; harbour, maintain, keep dark; prevent, hold back, restrain, hold in check, prohibit, forbid, disallow, curb, discourage; repress, suppress, stifle, bottle up, withhold, conceal, hide, mask, camouflage; shut in/ up, detain, fence in;
GERMAN: behalten, halten, merken, haben, unterhalten, führen, versorgen, bleiben, lassen, aufbewahren, aufheben, einhalten, nachkommen, erfüllen, hüten, behüten, aufpassen, zu verkaufen haben, aufhalten, zurückhalten, verbergen, geheimhalten, immer wieder tun, weiter tun, dauernd tun, sich halten, gehen, warten, wegbleiben, fernhalten, einbehalten, kommen (an), zurückbleiben, zurückhalten, verschweigen, verheimlichen, nicht bekanntgeben, behindern, unten bleiben, unten halten, ducken, unterdrücken, bändigen, im Zaum halten, unter Kontrolle halten, unterkriegen, niedrig halten, einschränken, niedrig halten, bei sich behalten, wiederholen lassen, hindern an, daran hindern, abhalten von, bewahren (vor), zügeln, nicht ausgehen lassen, nachsitzen lassen, einziehen, anbleiben, sich gut stellen mit, wegbleiben, fernhalten, wegnehmen, ausbehalten, abbehalten, vermeiden, nicht aufhören, weitermachen, draußen bleiben, nicht hereinlassen, abhalten, beschränken, zusammenbleiben, zusammenhalten, unterdrücken, nicht hochkommen lassen, im Einklang sein, an der Kandarre haben, stehen bleiben, andauern, dauern, gleich hoch bleiben, nicht nachlassen, Schritt halten, auf dem Laufenden halten, aufrecht halten, nicht aufhören mit, fortsetzen, weiterpflegen, aufrechterhalten, instand halten, unterhalten;
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