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HEADWORD: knock (about/ against/ around/ at/ in/ into/ off/ on/ over/ to/ with) v.
NOUNS: aircraft, amount of money, argument, bad news, bit of engineering, blow, bottom, box, boxer, boyfriend, branch, brothers, building, bus, car, ceiling, characteristic, competition, crash, criticizing, cup, document, door, drink, driver, enemy action, engine, enthusiasm, essay(s), explosion, fence, few years, fist, five pounds, floor, foolishness, fright, furniture, gang, gap, gatepost, girlfriend, glass, good news, ground, gun, head(s), heart, heavyweight, high jump bar, hole, home, idea, impact, insect, jar, lantern, list, living daylights, looseboxes, lorry, meal, mileage, missiles, news, nonsense, object, obstacle, old man, one’s elbow/ feet/ foot/ knee/ nose/ purse, opinion, opponent, overtime, painting, part of state, performance, person, pipe, plans, price, quality, racket, radars, relatives, sense, seventh round, shacks, shape, shelter, shopping list, side, smoking, s.o.´s death, statue, stone, stuffing, suggestions, table, tablet(s), tanks, teacher, team, tin, thing, tool, tree, vase, videos, wall, watch, way, whisky, window, woman, wood, work, world;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: absolutely, accidentally, almost, completely, deliberately, easily, eventually, flat, loudly, nearly, not even, now, practically, sideways, somewhere, systematically, together, unconscious, vigorously;
EXAMPLES: if you don’t know it, don’t knock it; knock before entering; her knees were knocking; knock, knock!; she’d knock it into you in two shakes; his affectionate nudge nearly knocked her off her feet; the promoter knocked his purse from $20 to $5; his aim was to knock a bit of engineering into the heads of his students; to knock his perch; to knock the bottom out of an argument; to knock on wood; she knocked off at half past two; he knocked on the door and looked through the letter-box; Frank Little almost knocked out one of the greatest heavyweights; this watch knocked me back $50; what did they knock you back for it?; she knocked over her jar of biros on her desk; she leaned over and knocked vigorously on the window; he knocked around the eastern parts of the state with a gang; I knocked my head against the ceiling; he wanted to knock some sense into their heads; the impact knocked three teeth out of this mouth; knock it off!; he knocked her down to five pounds; they knocked holes in the tin with a hammer; she knocked him to the floor; her heart was knocking with fright; he found me knocking back his favourite whisky; how much did that car hit you back?; we managed to knock the price down quite a lot; he had some of his elderly relatives knocked off so that he could inherit the fortune; the tablets had knocked her out for two solid hours; I was sort of knocked out; the landlords knocked the shacks together; she knocked me up at 2 o’clock;
SYNONYMS: strike, bang, rap, thwack, whack, hit; beat, mistreat, manhandle, batter, strike, abuse; deprecate, criticize, disparage, run down; wander, ramble, travel, rove; associate with, consort with; discuss, debate, talk over; demolish, destroy, wreck, lay in ruins; cut down, fell; stop working, go home, quit; steal, pilfer, rob, thieve; complete, finish, bring to an end, make short work of; knock unconscious, floor, whip; overcome, stagger, astonish, stun, overwhelm; knock together, improvise; awaken, arouse, wake up; get with child, make pregnant, impregnate;
GERMAN: stoßen, schlagen, anstoßen, anschlagen, abschlagen, austreiben, stoßen gegen, dagegenstoßen, rammen, machen, klopfen, pochen, zittern, schlottern, aneinanderstoßen, herumziehen, herumkommen, herumliegen, verprügeln, schlagen, ramponieren, hinlegen für, blechen, schocken, erschüttern, zurückweisen, umwerfen, zu Boden strecken/ werfen, niederschlagen, umlegen, umwerfen, umhauen, anfahren, umfahren, überfahren, niederreißen, herunterhandeln, heruntergehen mit, nachlassen, runtergehen, versteigern, zerlegen, auseinandernehmen, einschlagen, aufhören, Feierabend/ Schluss machen, hinunterstoßen, abschütteln, hinhauen, aus dem Ärmel schütteln, klauen, ausschlagen, herausschlagen, ausklopfen, herausklopfen, bewusstlos werden lassen, bewusstlos schlagen, besiegen, ausscheiden, rausfliegen, hinreißen, kaputtmachen, auf die Beine stellen, sich einspielen, ein paar Bälle schlagen, aufwecken, wecken, hochziehen, hinstellen, zusammenzimmern, ein Kind anhängen, bumsen mit, fahren;
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