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HEADWORD: lay (at/ before/ between/ down/ in/ off/ on/ out/ over/ to/ up/ upon/ with) v.
NOUNS: accusation, advertisement, ambush, bag, bet, bishop, blame, blow, board(s), bones, book(s), breakfast, bricks, burden, cable, car, cards, carpet, case, cells, challenger, charge of murder, claim, clergy, cloth, clothes, company, complaint, concrete, conditions, corpse, crime, details, doctor(s), dollars, door, doubts, dust, ears, eggs, electricity, elements, embargo, enamel, entertainment, excursion, extra buses/ flight, fear, fire, floor, fork, foundation(s), gang, garden, host, goods, great emphasis, hands, hold, hospitality, job, judges, knife, limb, lino, lunch, mains, matches, mines, money, new law, office, one’s arms/ soul, page, paint, party, pattern, pen, penalty, person, physicians, pipes, plan(s), police, proposal, responsibility, road, room, rooms in house, rule(s), salesman, seeds, ship, skeleton, stress, supplies, supply, table, tax, teaching, track, trap, trouble, value, water, woman, work, worker;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: also, aside, back, bare, cold, definitely, down, finally, flat, later, low, neatly, often, once, open, pretty thick, quite apart, sometimes, towards, waste;
EXAMPLES: she was laid off from the job; the table was laid for five; she laid herself cold when she fell downstairs; I’ve been trying to lay hold of that book for weeks; there is no justification to lay the blame on Helga; the crime was laid to his charge; Hobbes aimed to lay bare seeds; to lay responsibility for on s.o.; to lay down one’s arms; you must lay a firm foundation of trust; I wish you’d lay off for a while; I´ll lay you that ...; he just wants to get laid; the police laid a charge of murder against her; the crime was laid to her charge; he lays it on pretty thick sometimes; he has been laid up with a virus; salesmen often lay out their expenses and are then reimbursed; you’d better take it easy or you’ll lay yourself up; to lay a woman; he’s laying trouble for himself in future; we have laid our proposal before the board; he lays claim to the property; the company laid on a party; I can lay hands on professional journals; choose one of the cards and lay it face down on the table; don’t lay the slightest value on going down in history; we laid up a supply of canned goods;
SYNONYMS: position, deposit, place, set down; arrange; build, construct, establish; risk, gamble, bet, stake; suppress, destroy; submit, offer, present, put forth, set out; direct, lodge, prefer, charge, attribute; intercourse with, sleep with, got to bed with, have sex with; expose, uncover, bring to light, unveil, lift the veil from; demand, require, demand, dictate; grab, snatch; assault, attack, assail, belabour; overstate, exaggerate; dismiss, suspend, fire, let go; let up, cease, leave off/ alone; provide, supply; impose, assess, charge; design, plan, arrange, set up, outline; spend, disburse, expend, pay, give, contribute; lay low, knock down/ out, flatten, floor; amass, lay in, accumulate, hoard, store, put away; hospitalize, disable, confine to bed, keep indoors;
GERMAN: legen, fassen, erwischen, gießen, verlegen, bauen, anlegen, auslegen, herrichten, decken, aufstellen, schmieden, stellen, auferlegen, geben, vorbringen, vorlegen, unterbreiten, erheben, erstatten, binden, austreiben, zerstreuen, beseitigen, verwüsten, ablegen, abschließen, setzen, aufs Kreuz legen, um sich schlagen, losschlagen (gegen), weglegen, zur Seite legen, auf die Seite legen, auf Eis legen, zurücklegen, hinlegen, hinterlegen, festsetzen, bestimmen, vorschreiben, lagern, auf Stapel legen, einlagern, runterputzen, fertigmachen, aufhören, Feierschichten machen lassen, auftragen, bieten, sorgen für, veranstalten, einsetzen, anschließen, besteuern, ausbreiten, zurechtlegen, aufbahren, gestalten, aufteilen, verteilen, anordnen, umbrechen, investieren, niederschlagen, Aufenthalt haben, beidrehen, anhäufen, ansammeln, aufbocken, stilllegen, einmotten;
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