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HEADWORD: lead (against/ by/ from/ in/ off/ out of/ through/ up to/ with) v.
NOUNS: abnormalities, abyss, acquittals, adult life, amount, atheism, aggression, agreement, ambiguity, application, approach, authority, base lines, beliefs, birth, bishop, blind alley, break-up, Britain, card, certificate, chamber, change, church, city, club(s), clues, concentrations, concept(s), conception, concern, conclusion, conflict(s), congregation, consideration, constitutional framework, contradiction, country, course, crash(es), criminal, crisis, damage, death, decision, deforestation, degree of bachelor, desire(s), destruction, diagnosis, diet, dieter, difficulties, differences, disaster, discontent, disease, division of labour, DNA code, doctrine, dominance, duty, efforts, emission(s), end, endorsement, entertainment, event, evolution, excesses, exhaustion, expectation, expedition(s), explanation(s), exploitation, exposure, extension, factor(s), fertilization, fleshy spout, flex, flock, forces, form of disorder, formation, free traders, Germany, gill chamber, good moral lives, growth, halls of Fame, hand-to-mouth existence, hard life, hepatitis, hunger, ideals, ideas, inaccuracy, individualism, inequality, infection, insight, intellectual arrogance, interactions, interpretation, journal, justifications, knowledge, lane, law of trusts, leader, liberty, life, liver damage, logic, loss, manipulation, manumission, master’s degree, materialism, mental disability/ disturbance, messy drawing, modification, movements, national anthem, naturalist, need, nest, new stages, offers, omissions, one’s family/ scales, opposition, organized resistance, parties, path, peace, people, persecution, person, philosophy, physicist, politician, Pope, potential, precedent, prediction, preservation, prices, principles, prisoner, problem, procedure, proceedings, processes of evolution, production, prosperity, provocation, pursuit, random sequence, reaction, realignment, reason(s), recognition, recurrence, reductions, reformers, regard, relationship, resolutions, results, review, revolution, river, road, root, routes, scepticism, sleep, solutions, spread, sterility, strategies, struggle, subcategories, subject, subjugation, success, suicide, tear, temptation, theologian, thoughts, transfer, transformation, triumph, unanimity, unemployment, vicious circle, violence, vision, water vapour, way, wire, world, wretched life;
ADVERBS: again, along, already, also, aside, at first, away, clerically, directly, earlier, easily, even, eventually, exemplarily, inevitably, initially, irresponsibly, knowingly, lately, nationally, naturally, necessarily, normally, nowhere, occasionally, often, once again, only, originally, politically, possibly, provisionally, quickly, really, reliably, revolutionarily, similarly, sometimes, spiritually, surely, today, together, ultimately, understandably, unwillingly, usually;
EXAMPLES: it will help you lead a long and productive life; it might understandably lead a person to be so angry as to lose self-control; if you lead, I´ll follow; the provocation was not enough to lead an ordinary sober person to do as Simpson did; the proceedings will lead off with the national anthem; the desire for compromise leads astray; this technique only leads back to the original solution; this approach leads directly to various methods for ...; what led him to change his mind?; what leads you to think that?; she easily leads; who leads?; all this talk is leading us nowhere; I am led to believe that ...; this leads Engels to enthusiastically participate in rather technical debates; he led Germany into the abyss; she would come over to lead him through his scales and first pieces; the bishop led his flock out into the desert; the orchestra would like you to lead; this will lead into a consideration of social insects; he knowingly leads her to expect that ...; this enhancement leads on to religious elements of the new constitution; a precedent may lead one into a blind alley; a dressing room leads out of the chamber; this may lead some to suppose that ...; I should lead up to the subject delicately, if I were you; Churchill was the only man to lead the country through this crisis; this country leads the world; this will quickly lead to the conclusion that ...; these things lead to different outcomes on ...; we will learn which routes lead to disaster; this seems unlikely to lead to ...; the above arguments lead to the conclusion that ...; is aggression leading to violence endemic in sport?; this process leads to concepts; government expenditure in the crucial period led up to the sterling crisis in 1947; reason can lead us from what can be perceived to what cannot; spurious reasoning leads us into the realm of nonsense; she led her horse by the bridle; the path leads from our house to the river; she led the group from the bus to the museum; he leads the team off the field; radar leads ships through the fog; the boxer led with a right jab; I was led to believe that ...; the road leads nowhere; to lead s.o. a merry chase/ dance; she led off with a lively song; he led us up to the top;
SYNONYMS: show the way, guide, pilot, steer, conduct, usher; influence, prompt, cause, incline, move, dispose, bring; direct, govern, command, take the lead, manage, captain, head (up); come/ go first, precede, exceed, outstrip, surpass; experience, live, pass, spend; contribute to, result in, produce, be conducive to; mislead, misdirect, deceive; fool, hoodwink; commence, get going, get under way, initiate; lure, entice, beguile, tempt; pave the way, precede; bring up, approach, present, get up to, introduce;
GERMAN: führen, leiten, bringen, anführen, ausspielen, beeinflussen, bringen zu, täuschen, entlangführen, vorangehen, in Führung liegen, einen Vorsprung haben, gehen, beiseite nehmen, wegführen, abführen, hinausführen, hinausgehen, hinaufführen;
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