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HEADWORD: leave (as/ at/ by/ in/ out/ out of/ over/ to/ up/ with) v.
NOUNS: account, air, America, apprenticeship, army, atelier, aunt, battlefield, bitterness, body, book(s), boy, bug, car, car keys, cases, cell, chair, chance, children, classroom, clothes, community, conclusion, copy, countryside, crowd, dark, daughter, days, decision, deposit, desert, discharge, disposition, distinctions, dog, drawer, empire, enemy, estate, Europe, father, females, fields, film, fire, flock, flood, floor, free time, game, garden, genetic types, girl, ground, group, grudgers, heirs, hive, home, hospital, housework, important point, individual offspring, intentions, judge, jurisdiction, key(s), king, lasting mark, latent inhibition, law, legacy, letter, lid, light, list, local conditions, lurch, manslaughter, meat, message, mortgager, mother, much room, next chapter, no doubt, nothing, nucleus, oneself, one’s own devices, one’s judgement/ name/ worries, orbit, organization, orphan, others, palace, paragraph, park, people, peril, permanent mark, person, plane, pledged lands, population, position, problem, progress zone, property, queen bee, question, radio, reader, records, reformation, region, regulations, remains, report, requirements, residue, response, responsibility, rest, right position, room, rue, rugged life, ruins, scientists, scene in play, school, sentence, sentencing, shore, single offence, smell, sole possession, son, special treatment, station, swimming things, queen, table, text, theory, time zone, top, town, trace(s), trail, trust, type, uncle, urine, vagina, valuable paintings, vicar, victim, war, warrior-class, way of request, whole class, will, woman, work;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: after, ahead, alone, also, appointed, aside, as soon as possible, at home, at once, blank, before, behind, cold, close to death, continually, controversial, dead, devastated, fallow, free, high and dry, homeless, however, illuminated, inside, intact, intrigued, just, newly, open, outside, precatively, scattered, somewhere, soon, speechless, still, then, theoretically, unanswered, unchanged, unchecked, unclear, undetermined, unexplained, undone, unoccupied, unstained, unstated, untouched, untreated, vague, well alone;
EXAMPLES: Virgil´s Aeneas leaves a burning Troy to go on his adventures; that still leaves cases in which ...; it leaves intact the old law; he left his estate to her; he left her his estate; his response left it unclear whether he means that ...; he left her the report; he left the report for me; let’s leave it at that; please leave at once; Michael and his family left (Meppen) for London; if we’ll leave it so that he’ll contact us; seven from ten leaves three; what does that leave?; nothing was left to me but to sell it; however, this leaves much unexplained; may I leave the room?; she left her comfortable life for a rugged life in Alaska; they were left for dead on the battlefield; it leaves out the whole class of voluntary obligations; we had to leave this paragraph out of the text; he leaves property to his married daughters; we left them to their own devices; she leaves the decision to this judgement; so, leaving aside for a moment the difficult question of whether to ...; don’t leave the dog in all day; she left her children alone; they left the children with their mother; how long should the meat be left in?; the car left the road and hit a tree; her beauty left me speechless; the therapist understood the overdose as being intended to make her feel guilty about leaving home; we left off work after lunch; you left his name off the list; I leave it to you to judge; she left it to chance; we left them to muddle through on their own; the writer leaves the reader in doubt as to whether ...; don’t leave the top off your pen; I left Helga working in the garden; her parents went out leaving the small light on; they left the fields fallow; the film left me cold; the great flood left them homeless; he sought property without leaving their community; the war left my father an orphan; I left ARCS at home; certain procedures abolish the latter while leaving the former intact; the Russian army left the town devastated; they left the decision up to the president; they took what was left; the testator left an important point undetermined; much room is left for the discretion of the doctor; there is much left for scientists to do; the parties should be left free to choose their own policies; the martyrdom of his father left him with a cold antipathy to the pagan establishment; this new development left us with a problem; leave me alone!; Helga left hospital after three days; people felt left in the dark about ...; let’s leave this now; which flight did he leave on?; don’t leave me out of the fun!; she betrays her master and is then left in the lurch; capital equipment is likely to be left over from the American credit; the tide has left the shore; how many are there left?; the Reformation left the jurisdiction untouched; they also left themselves unable to dealt with it theoretically; I´ll leave the books out on my table; will you leave the tools out ready?; that all was left to regulation by the remedies of private law; it is left to the courts to ...; we’ve left all that/ our worries behind us; you left out the best part, we are left with the conclusion/ thought that ...;
SYNONYMS: go away/ off, get away/ off, withdraw, decamp, exit, run, be gone, say goodbye (to), quit, check out, fly, desert; deviate from, run off; forget, lose, mislay; take leave of, abandon, resign from, give up, renounce; make, render, cause to be/ become/ remain; hand down, will, demise, give over, resign, consign; commit, cede, assign, relinquish; yield, give, have as a remainder; cease, stop, forbear, give up, abstain from; disregard, neglect, reject, omit, ignore, eliminate, except;
GERMAN: verlassen, weggehen, wegfliegen, abfliegen, abfahren, abgehen, aufstehen, aufgeben, abkommen, abbiegen, entgleisen, sich trennen, lassen, dalassen, zurücklassen, hinterlassen, übriglassen, überlassen, hinterlegen, vergessen, liegenlassen, übrigbleiben, übrig sein, beiseite lassen, hinter sich lassen, in den Schatten stellen, anbehalten, anlassen, nicht entfernen, draußen lassen, ausschließen, weglassen, nicht wegräumen, liegen lassen, verschieben, vertagen;
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