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HEADWORD: let (down/ in/ into/ off/ off with/ on/ on about/ out/ to/ up/ up on) v.
NOUNS: arrow, awful smell, Britain, captain, cat, centre, children, compatriots, conference, country, culprit, death, dieter, doubts, dress, enormous bucks, feelings, fire, fireworks, fresh air, gases, gentleman, girl, hair, heir(s), eye, judgement, lawyer, man, matters, mutation rate, nature, news, oneís advice/ husband/ knees/ shoulders/ wife, oneself, parents, patient, person, phenomenon, plastics, player(s), population, prisoner, promotion, rain, rest, room(s), rope, seat, secret, shame, shot, small fine, snort of rage, stallions, student, substance(s), system, things, vapour, violator, visitor, wheel, wild scream, window, yell;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: alone, always, apparently, continually, finally, lightly, never, now, scot-free;
EXAMPLES: you canít let a man beat you; so letís all sing a song; this question is rarely raised, let alone answered; she was too well brought up to let any doubts show; and donít let anyone forget it; letís consider them in order; I felt let down; he was continually being let down by his old compatriots; meanwhile letís explore more fully what ...; letís face the worst; I`ll let myself out; that lets me out of it; Iīll let you off this time; she let him off lightly; letís get back in before they come back; she let herself in to the flat; see what youíve let me in for now; she let in a panel; letís have them out then; my parents let me walk on the long rein; these feelings are let in by the eye; let it be discussed; let me make myself clear; the trainer didnít let up on them until they were perfect; to illustrate this approach, let me give a very simple example; let me answer the second question first; you must let me out of here at once; my mother never let me bathe in the nude; they wouldnít let me do anything; she wouldnít let me; he was much more deeply concerned than he seemed to want to let on; her mother let out a wild scream; letís quit; letís see just how bad you are; let the cat out, will you?; let the next man look out for himself; let there be no doubt; let us (briefly) consider whether ...; let us now leap into the future; let us get back to the main argument; let us examine some of these points in brief; I wonít let you down; he let himself go on this subject; let it be known that ...; weíd better let well alone; she let it go at that; they let him off with only a severe reprimand; just sit still, and let yourself go with it; another possibility is to let yourself off doing jobs you do not like; she should let up on children; letís get out of here; letís be happy/ friends; youíll let yourself in for a lot of trouble if ...; the rain will let up soon; when does school let out for the Christmas holidays?; let me know what you think; let me go!; she didnít let up on haranguing us for an hour; she let him in on a secret; he let on (to the accused) that he could be bribed; they let (out) rooms to students; let death/ nature take its course; let her try (it)!; he let his advice tilt the balance in favour of his solution; we canít let that happen; oh please let me; let me help you; Iīll never let on that you are to blame; Iím not quite sure what weíre letting ourselves in for, Juliana; the gentleman is letting too much blood; let there be peace/ light/ music; let us pray; the weather let us down;
SYNONYMS: allow (to), suffer (to), permit (to), sanction (to), license (to), give permission (to); enable (to), arrange for, cause to; rent (out), lease (out), hire (out), contract (out), job (out); disappoint, dissatisfy, disenchant, fail, frustrate; admit, allow in; take in, include, receive, induct, install, welcome; forgive, release, let go, pardon; clear, acquit, absolve; discharge, explode, detonate, fire, set off; release, emit, throw out, loose, exude; reveal expose, let it be known, admit, let out, tell, say, give away, let slip, leak; pretend, feign, fake, simulate, put on an act; free, liberate, set free, let go; produce, vent, emit; end, stop, finish, break up, terminate; decrease, abate, slacken, subside, mitigate, lessen, diminish, moderate;
GERMAN: lassen, zulassen, auslassen, hinunterlassen, herunterlassen, beibringen, lšnger/ weiter machen, hšngenlassen, blamieren, durchlassen, hereinlassen, aufhalsen, abfeuern, abschieŖen, hochgehen lassen, von sich geben, ausstoŖen, verbreiten, anmerken lassen, herauslassen, entlassen, rauslassen, bekanntgeben, bekanntmachen, nachlassen, vermieten;
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