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HEADWORD: lie (against/ along/ among/ amongst/ at/ behind/ beneath/ beyond/ down/ for/ in/ over/ to/ up/ with/ within) v.
NOUNS: action, actual object, amplitude, anchor, answer, anus, apes, back, background, beach, blessedness, boldness, bullet, burden of proof, burials, calculation, case(s), cell behaviour, cemeteries, choice, cold, complication, concept, consensus, consistent change, contribution, cover, deeper meaning, definition, deliberate refusal, demonstration, department, destruction, developing regions, development, diagnosis, difference, divergent circumstances, drowsy trance, dust, duties, duty, economics, effects, egg cell, essence, events, evidence, experience, explanation, face, fact, fault element, fear, feasible ways, feature, floor, food resources, foreign press, formal identification, gastrulation, gene coding, genesis, gonorrhoea, growth of mind, heart, heart of gold, hierarchy, hope, horizon, importance, influence, interest, interpretations, investigation, investments, justification, key, lashing tail, legal distinction, liberality, linen, literal sense, manuals, mental element, methane emissions, mistake, moral obligation, murder, negation, one’s authority/ conduct/ desire/ nature/ reach, obstacle, opening, oral recital, origin, ovary, paradigm-shifts, parliamentary arithmetic, party, past, person, planks, point, potential, power, precedent, problem, procession, propensity, proper study, prosecution, public interest, rationale, real weakness, reason(s), reciprocity, reforestation, responsibility, rest, road, robbers, root, rural character, sections, secular clergy, selfishness, significance, snow, social interaction/ role, sofa, solution, south, spatial organization, spectacle, state, successor, surface, system, tangle, tiger, tissues, treasure, trustee, truth, ulterior motive, urethritis, value, virus, wait, way of thought, wealth, wisdom, work, written will;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: ahead, apart, asleep, beyond reasonable doubt, buried, certainly, comfortably, deep, dormant, dripping, dying, fallow, flat, heavily, helpless, herein, hid, till, elsewhere, eventually, low, mad, more, more heavily, obviously, probably, prone, quite apart, resting, therefore, thinking, underneath, unopened;
EXAMPLES: how do things lie?; the positing of such a relationship lies at the root of moral judgement; the amplitude of the crime of manslaughter lies beneath murder; a deeper meaning lies beyond the literal sense; she lay resting on the sofa; our road lay along the river; it lies beyond the horizon; the virus lies dormant in the tissues; the linen lies dripping on the planks; in its complication lies hope; the answer lies in disguised selfishness; the apparent paradox lies in the fact that ...; to lie at rest; you’d better lie low till the affair is forgotten; the snow didn’t lie; the snow lay deep; the answer probably lies in economics; the robbers are lying up; to lie down under; that responsibility lies with your department; these duties lay heavy on me; interest lies in the investigation of the activities called mental; where does the difficulty lie?; herein lies the number-one question about ...; it lies with you to solve the problem; behind the vaginal opening lies the anus; the truth of the matter probably lies somewhere in between; the problem lies with the documents; it lies within our reach;
SYNONYMS: stretch out, be prostrate/ recumbent/ prone/ supine; repose, rest; be, reside, abide, dwell, remain, belong; weigh, press, burden; keep out of sight, remain concealed/ in hiding, hide;
GERMAN: liegen, ruhen, lasten (auf), bleiben, herumliegen, sich ausruhen, sich hinlegen, im Bett bleiben, vor Anker gehen, zurückgestellt werden, untertauchen, abgestellt sein, nicht benutzt werden;
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