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HEADWORD: limit (among/ for/ in/ to) v.
NOUNS: ability, account, activity, advantages, alcohol, amount, amount of space/ comment, analysis, appeal, appraisal, anthropology, authorities, availability, background, balustrades, bank manager, bargaining, basis, benefit, body, bureaucracies, capacities, capacity, case, claims, class, clinical application/ test, company, concept, conception of justice, conclusions, consent, contract, coping ability, cornices, cost(s), courses, court(s), decision, definition, degree, discretion, discussion, doorways, effect, effectivity, emissions, enactment of laws, family, evidence, example, execution, expansion, experience, explanatory force, extension, extent, factor, feeding, female, field, flexibility, foods, form, freedom, generalization, geographical regions, government(s), governmental authority, government interpretation, group of people, growth, ideas, imagination, individual capacities/ freedom, ingenuity, interests, introduction, investigation, jurisdiction, jurists, kinds of reasons, knowledge, laboratory test, lawyers, legal events, legitimate power, liability, life, lifespan, life-sustaining procedures, male, market forces, material world, medical criteria, methods, movements, new bill, number(s), one’s career/ enquiry/ overdraft/ remarks, oneself, operation, opinion, opportunities, opposing pressures, organization, parents, Parliament, partner(s), possibilities, potential use, power, principles, private capital, problem, procedure, progress, proposition, purpose, questions, range, relationship, remarks, remedies, research, resources, respirators, responsibilities, revival, right(s), rightful power, scale, scheme, science, scope, seasonality, section, selection, sensory capacity, shackles, shortages of resources, social organization/ structure, society, speech(es), spending, spending power, spread, state, sterling area, stock of knowledge, strategic objectives, subject, success, supply, support, tendency, therapies, thoughts, time, tolerance, toxicity, treatment, use, validity, value, walls, ways, windows;
ADVERBS: actually, also, apparently, certainly, clearly, commonly, consequently, constitutionally, essentially, extremely, fairly, generally, grievously, historically, inevitably, intellectually, largely, less, more, often, only, practically, properly, rather, regrettably, severely, similarly, sometimes, strictly, temporarily, thereby, too, very;
EXAMPLES: even the new bill limited adoption to parents possessing the same religious identity; are you limited for time?; time is the limiting factor; I want to limit myself to a few remarks; the amount of space available in the department was very limited; this is both regrettably limited and frustratingly hard to interpret; the advantages of either treatment were too limited; she had to limit herself to five minutes; our sensory capacities are too limited; such authorities cannot be limited by restrictions; the shackles limited my movements; their validity is limited by their background; depression is severely limiting coping ability; of course the stock of knowledge is limited; it is of limited or no benefit for a current mood swing; it limits people’s ability to pursue some conceptions of the good; the bank manager has limited may overdraft to half what it was; exercise that requires a limited sort of movement, such as walking or jogging, may be excellent for stamina but it is not useful for suppleness; but one effect of this is to limit the opportunities for ...; they limited themselves to the words quoted; please limit your questions to the subject at hand; so far discussion has been limited to discussing the beneficiary’s ability to recover the trust property; most speeches were limited to half an hour; try to limit yourself to about one teaspoonful;
SYNONYMS: restrict, restrain, check, curb, hold in check; confine, delimit, focus, guide, channel; define, fix, determine, set;
GERMAN: begrenzen, beschränken, einschränken, hemmen, begrenzen, binden;
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