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HEADWORD: live (about/ among/ as/ at/ behind/ beyond/ by/ for/ from/ in/ like/ off/ on/ out/ through/ under/ up/ up to) v.
NOUNS: aborigines, age, altars, animal(s), apostles, athletes, audience, author, birds, bishop, bodies, body, box, boyfriend, brain, bread, brother, bushmen, capital, categorizations, cell(s), century, child, children, Christian(s), circumstances, cities, city, claims, close quarters, colonies, commentator, community, competitors, conditions, continents, cottage, country, creature(s), culture, danger, descendants, duplex, earnings, east, eggs, environments, era, farmlands, fear, fish, flat, flocks, forest, fresh water, friends, generations, gentry, girlfriend, God, grandparents, grassland, grass snake, group, high expectations, home, home ranges, homosexuals, house, human(s), humiliation, hut, ideal, income, individual(s), island, jug, King, labourers, lecturer, lie, life, literature, lives, livestock, luxury, maid, mansion, matter, memes, men, microbes, missionaries, mutual continence, nature, north, one’s breast/ days/ death/ faith/ hopes/ house/ land/ name/ native country/ past/ pen/ own/ reputation/ wit, organisation, organism(s), oneself, pace, pairs, palace, parents, part, parties, partner(s), partnership, party, patient(s), peace, people, penthouse, perfect equality, permanent basis, person, place, plant(s), poet, poetry, poles, pond, population, priest, professor, prostitution, proximity, public places, Queen, recluse, relations, relatives, reporters, respondent, responses, ripe old age, road, room, sailors, saints, savannah, scandal, senator, settlement, shop, shrines, sister, society, south, space, spectators, standards, state of nature, street(s), studio, subjects, systems, teacher, territories, things, threat, tissue(s), town, tradition, tree(s), troops, troubled times, tubes, universe, victims, village, water, west, winter, women, woodland, worker, world, young;
ADVERBS: actively, actually, again, always, apart, behind, certainly, comfortably, communally, diurnally, generally, habitually, happily, healthily, honestly, indefinitely, inside, instead, long, longer, mostly, near, normally, now, only, rarely, rather, really, short, simply, solitarily, still, therefore, together, totally, usually;
EXAMPLES: my girlfriend lived 4 miles away; she lived a life of luxury; in the pond there lives a grass snake; Moschion lived about the third century BC; the dead shall rise and live again; they were seen to succeed in living a sexually pure life; his name/ poetry will live forever; the patient was not expected to live through the night; we lived and breathed literature; before sexual conversion surgery he had lived as a woman for nineteen years; Marjorie lived out her days happily in St. Andrews; old-age pensioners have barely enough to live on; before she met him she hadn’t lived; where does this jug live?; Liz had continued to live at home with her parents; Shelley lived at a cottage; I have lived beyond my early sixties; to live by one’s pen/ wit; he’ll never live it down; you’ll live to regret it; to live within/ beyond one’s income; in our young days we really knew how to live it up; I wanted to remember him living; in Celle I lived close to my parents; a duke can live comfortably in a castle; she lived down the road from him; he now did not think he had anything to live for; microbes live free in the soil; if he shall so long live, he is still a leaseholder; the other athletes couldn’t live with her/ the pace; I doubt if he can live up to his sister; he’s got a lot to live up to; two souls together live in my breast; socially they live in loose communities; will she live, doctor?; to live and let live; I want to live in peace with others; they cannot live indefinitely beyond their means; they love casual lovers, in order to live it up; robins live mostly on the floor of woods; we all live near; it is he who is living off them; they lived on maize and bread-soup; we lived from day to day; we are living out the dream; she lives as a recluse; others live parasitically; we were simply living our daily lives the best way we knew; a patient, though dying, is still living; husband and wife live together; I always try to live up to the ideal; the speech did not live up to expectations; I have to live with these responses; Christianity learned to live with a Roman culture; he had been living a lie; neither partner could live without the other;
SYNONYMS: exist, breathe; survive, endure, continue, last, persist; complete, spend, spend, conclude, finish, live out; dwell, be, reside; stay remain, abide, lodge; get along, fare; function;
GERMAN: leben, erleben, wohnen, führen, nie vergehen, unvergänglich sein, überleben, überstehen, durchmachen, hingehören, mithalten (mit), sich ausleben, halten, gerecht werden, entsprechen, das Wasser reichen;
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