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HEADWORD: look (about/ after/ at/ beyond/ down/ for/ into/ like/ on/ out/ out of/ over/ round/ through/ to/ up/ upon) v.
NOUNS: account, agent, baby-sitter, bar of chocolate, beliefs, bodies, body, book, boy, brood, buildings, cake, cell division, chain, changes, chapters, charts, chickens, Christians, commission of offences, correlation, countries, course, daily changes, crime trends, daughter, details, development, diary, dissection, eating habits, economy, embryos, end, end results, era, events, evolution, family, farmer, father, features, fields, figures, final result, floor, football shares, fortunes, friends, gazelles, gauge, gene(s), girl, government, graphs, grandparents, history, holy man, horses, house and home, household, human price, information, inheritance, internal organs, kinship, left hand, life, list of food, list(s), local government, manifestations, map references, maps, masters, matter, methods, mixture, monuments, mother, nations, newspapers, offspring, one’s children/ feet/ husband/ own progeny/ wife/ work, oneself, origins, past, payoff matrix, people, person, photo, physical shape, piles, players, populations, previous chapter, primates, problems, property, publication, question, rank order, rate, real world, recording tapes, relations, relationship, reputation, response, roofs, rows, siblings, side of things, singularity, situations, slaves, special circumstances, species, son, spires, stars, strategies, structure, sum, system, table, teacher(s), techniques, tenement, theories, time, trainer, twin sources, type, watch, ways, weight control behaviour, will, words, workers;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: adequately, alike, all evening, already, also, anxious(ly), around, at first, back, better, bleak, bored, briefly, carefully, closely, consistently, constructively, critically, curiously, cursorily, deliberately, delicate, different, dirty, disapprovingly, dubious, eastward, elsewhere, embarrassed, ethereal, even, faraway, finally, first, fresh, from time to time, full, German, good, grey, grim, guilty, haggard, happier, happy, hard, homogeneous, hopefully, hungry, ill, innocent, innocuous, interesting, inviting, jubilant, just, keen, later, less happy, like, lonely, lovely, maniacal, middle-aged, more closely, nasty, nervous, never, nonchalant, not only, now, odd, old, only, outside, particularly, peaceful, penetratingly, pensive, perfect, perfectly at ease/ round, pleased, positively accomplished, piercingly, pleadingly, professionally, promising, provocatively, puzzled, quite grotesque/ promising/ unlike, rather lie/ similar/ uncompromising, rapt, real, realistically, really, recognizable, regularly, remarkably, sad, shaken, sharp, shocked, sinister, sceptically, slightly apprehensive, small, sometimes, speckled, squarely in the eye, stern, still, strange, stunned, subsequently, sullen, surprised, suspicious, tender(ly), terrible, the other way, thoughtful(ly), too, too long/ much, troubled, understandably, uneasily, unfavourably, unlike, vacant, very healthy/ peculiar/ priestlike, vicious, with anxiety, worried;
EXAMPLES: they looked about ten feet high; Juliana doesn’t have to look after a family, she can look after herself; we looked to our parents for guidance/ help; things are looking up; she looked the policeman squarely in the eye; when they looked again, the dark shape had vanished; all genes look alike; I look all evening; the body looks and behaves like a pretty impressive agent; he still didn’t look any different; it is interesting to look around for ...; she looked over her shoulder; he wants the ball to look as if you will not give it to him; at first sight/ in this case too it looks as if ...; we will next look at each of them in some detail; just look at our figures; let us look at a holy man in action; when we look at the list of ...; look at what can happen when ...; to see this, look at ...; suppose that we look at ...; just look at them/ him/ her; look at it in one way; Juliana looked at me and sighed; he stood looking at his feet for some time; looking at the question from an economic standpoint, the ...; he looks at her in fear; he looked back at what had and had not changed; there is more to looking better than losing weight; they look carefully at the fundamentals; he looked down at us benignly at every meal; they prey looked easy to catch; so we have to look elsewhere; she looked for another straw in the haystack; he’s looking his old self again; she’s looking her age; to look one’s best; I look forward to returning to work; it would look good for her if ...; look how that’s come to the fore; it would be worth looking into; it does not look like it; this looks like homicide; what do you really look like?; look what you’ve done!; can’t you look what you’re doing!; look where you’re going!; to look and see; look here!; just look!; look before you leap; it is worth looking more closely at ...; the picture doesn’t look like me; it looks like rain; it looks as if we’ll be late; don’t look directly at the sun; she/ it isn’t much to look at; I can’t look at her without feeling ...; to look at a problem in a new light; you must look out for spelling mistakes; look to it that ...; they look no different from ...; this door looked out on the countryside; she looked out (of) the window; you shouldn’t look down on his attempts to help; we’ll look out for you at the station; it looks all right to me; how does it look to you?; it looks well on you; the house looked away from the sea; he’s never looked back; she really looked peaceful; this looks quite unlike ...; he just doesn’t look the right sort of boy;
SYNONYMS: see, view, inspect, observe, consider, regard, study, scrutinize, scan; notice, attend, watch, witness; appear to be, seem to be; overlook, look out on, face; take care of, mind, serve, wait on, be responsible for; disdain, despise, sneer, contemn, look down one’s nose at; require, demand; hunt for, search for; hope, expect, count on, reckon on; await, wait for; rely on, count on; study investigate, examine, dig into, research, check into; be careful, be vigilant, be watchful, beware, be on guard, pay attention; read, look at; try to find, track down, seek; get in touch with, call on/ up, ring up, visit, go to see; improve, get better, make headway/ progress; admire, respect, esteem, revere, worship, venerate, idolize;
GERMAN: schauen, sehen, betrachten, zusehen, aussehen, stehen, ansehen, angucken, durchsehen, aufpassen, suchen, Ausschau halten (nach), nachsehen, untersuchen, prüfen, gehen nach, zugewandt liegen, sich umsehen (nach), heraussuchen, sich kümmern (um), nach vorne sehen, vorausschauen, sich überlegen, in Betracht ziehen, aufpassen, zurückblicken, herabsehen (auf), belächeln, sich freuen auf, vorbeikommen, sich verlassen auf, sich wenden an, aufsehen, mustern, nachschlagen, sich umsehen;
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