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HEADWORD: lose (by/ from/ in/ on/ out/ to/ without) v.
NOUNS: ability, address, advantage, all credibility, amount(s), amounts of fat, argument, associability, arts, attitude, balance, barrels, battle, behaviour, belief, besiegers, blood, bouts, button, capacity, cargo, car keys, case, cause, cells, championship, church members, civil war, close relative, club, clutches, commander-in-chief, competition, concentration, confidence, contact, control, co-ordination, count, countries, crew, day, deal, defensive mechanisms, domicile, dramatic impact, effectiveness, election, excess weight, expanse, faith, favour, forest, fortune, friend(s), funding, German, ground, half a stone, heat, heart, height, hope, hour, information, interest, Judaism, law of trusts, leg, liberals, limb(s), match, millions, mistake, mother’s blood, myth, night’s sleep, obsession, officer, one’s ability/ autonomy/ balance/ break/ chains/ cherry/ dignity/ English/ errors/ friendship/ game/ hair/ head/ home/ hooks/ job/ nerve/ partner/ potency/ powers of speech/ purse/ rationality/ seat/ self-control/ temper/ way/ wife, oneself, opportunity, organism, painting, papacy, party, passport, past, patient, poem, people, person, piece of paper, points, political influence, possessions, primeval state, prize, properties, property, proprietary feeling, Protestant bloc, pursuer, rectum, remnant, rent money, republicans, reservoir, respect, rival, sciences, sense of identity, sexual reproduction, shares, short-term effect, sight, simplicity, sleep, stimulus, story, structures, students, support, sympathy, system, team, tempers, ticket, touch, treatise, use, usefulness, valuable time, value, vibrators, war, water, ways, week, weight, whole day, willingness, work, workers, year;
ADVERBS: actually, again, also, automatically, clearly, completely, continually, easily, gradually, irretrievably, just, now, practically, promptly, quickly, recently, simply, then, totally, very;
EXAMPLES: if a teacher goes too fast she will lose her students; you lost a fair amount of weight; people had lost all respect for them; my watch lost ten minutes; I can’t follow the reasoning, I’m lost; the genetic information has been lost; the mistake lost him his job; to lose no time in doing; the novel loses a lot in the film; the ship was lost with all hands; many men lose their hair; the joke was lost on her; good wine is lost on him; to give up for lost; I got lost after the first chapter; we lost the match to them; our team lost to them by two points/ goals; you will lose nothing by helping them; her errors lost her the match; she had lost confidence in herself; the papacy lost control of its agents; almost all was promptly lost for him; it should not be lost; James and his besiegers lost heart; nothing’s lost, if he can’t do it; she was lost in a poem; he lost himself in his work; he had also lost interest in it; and now he has gone and lost it; it isn’t lost on him that his reading matter is junk; the liberals lost out when the Shah was expelled; his propaganda had by this time in any case lost practically all credibility; we have recently lost sleep; Germany lost the war; they lost touch with their old communities; the habit of keeping themselves to themselves was not easily lost; you will have lost your ability to get through the day without becoming over-tired; the shock loses effectiveness; even Neville loses his head; this story loses some dramatic impact when one discovers that ...; she never loses self-control; she lost out to her rival; to lose one’s case before an assembly;
SYNONYMS: part with, misplace, mislay; suffer the loss of, be deprived of; forfeit, yield; admit/ suffer defeat, bow to, be conquered, succumb, capitulate, give up, be beaten, ; run out of, dissipate, squander, waste, slip; use up, expend, consume, spend; escape, throw off, give the slip, evade, elude;
GERMAN: verlieren, abschütteln, vergessen, verlernen, nicht bekommen, ausgehen, kosten, nachgehen, nicht mitkommen, verpassen, nicht mitbekommen, sich verlaufen, untergehen, sich verirren, schlecht wegkommen, den Kürzern ziehen (bei);
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