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HEADWORD: maintain (as/ at/ by/ for/ in/ on) v.
NOUNS: activities, adequate exercise/ supply, adherence, airport watch, alertness, ambition, amount, anatomist, ancient aunt, animals, anonymity, approach, assertion, associability, attention, attitude, aviary garden, balance of justice, behaviour, bodies, brave front, building, bureaucratic control, car, carbohydrate level, cash flow, chambers, chemists, church, church-state accord, clergy, community, concept, conceptualism, conquerors, constant body weight/ condition/ output/ pressure, control, country, crew, crop yields, decision, degree, delicate balance, discipline, doctor, doses, drug, economic activity, effect, equipment, example, exercise, ex-husband, exploitation, family, features, feedback systems, female, fibre intake, food, form of divorce, fortifications, friendly relations, function, goals, good nutrition, government incentives, guarantees, herds, heritage, high degree of fitness, homoiothermy, human well-being, hygiene, illustrations, importance, influence, input/ flow of energy, institutions, integrity, integrity of community, interest, interpretation, Islam, law and order, legend, level of activity/ control/ exercise/ physical fitness, life, low weight, loyalties, machine, mainland, majority class, male, man, military colony/ prestige/ threats, moral standards, motivation, muscle strength/ tone, nation, nationalists, observances, oneís children/ composure/ family/ friendship/ ground/ husband/ silence/ wife, order, organism, organization, ownership, pace, painter, parents, partial reinforcement, party, patientís temperature, pattern, peace, people, person, philosopher(s), police, power, practice, predation risk, present rights, prices, prides, private property, profession, propositions, public order, qualities, quality, reasonable agreement, recurrence, regulation, reserve, rewards, right(s), road(s), roadworthy state, rhythmicity, salt, school(s), sensation of fatigue, sense of comfort/ community/ identity, shareholders, society, s.o.īs comfort/ duty/ obligation/ security, skilled personnel, sleep, social control/ discipline/ life, solidarity, speed, speed of advance, stability, stable pattern, stance, standard of living, state, state of affairs, sterling area, structure(s), style, stylistic unity, subjects, suppression, switches, tactful silence, tendency, theory, therapists, these things, tones of voice, traditions, trim figure, unity, vehicle, vintage car, war effort, water balance/ supplies, way, weight control, widespacing, woman, work, years;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: also, always, centrally, formally, frequently, most likely, only, probably, still, therefore, throughout, undisturbed, widely, wrongly;
EXAMPLES: you need to maintain a certain level of muscular stamina; try to maintain your composure; salt is needed to maintain a good water balance in the body; she maintains a trim/ slim figure; simple assertion can maintain an individualís security; a man/ woman is liable to maintain wife/ husband and children; he maintains that the accusation is groundless; he exhorted the nation to maintain discipline; a restricted form of divorce was impossible to maintain in practice; the centralized state comes in simply to administer and maintain law and order; these things help to maintain motivation; that partial reinforcement tends to maintain orienting to the light; the sensation of fatigue helps to promote and maintain sleep; this we will maintain; the policy decision was to maintain the sterling area; children of the first marriage will maintain their present rights; food and drink supplies one with enough fuel to maintain oneís bodyís activities; the police maintained he acted alone in the shooting; he stood his ground in the face of virulent attacks; the costs of maintaining the equipment are rising; our teacher maintained a cracking pace;
SYNONYMS: keep going, keep up, carry on, continue, persist in, perpetuate, uphold, sustain, preserve; look after, take care of, keep in service/ repair, support; declare, state, say, claim, testify, avow, insist, profess, allege; stand by, defend, fight for; make a case for, champion, plead for, justify, stand for;
GERMAN: aufrechterhalten, wahren, beibehalten, halten, erhalten, unterhalten, warten, instand/ in Stand halten, pflegen, behaupten, beteuern, vertreten, verteidigen;
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