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HEADWORD: make (against/ away/ between/ for/ from/ in/ into/ like/ of/ off/ off with/ on/ out/ over/ up/ up for/ up of/ upon/ with) v.
NOUNS: accounts stated, accusations, Act, activity, abandonment, adoptions, advances in knowledge, aggression, agriculture, airline rates, alcohol, allowance, alteration, ambitious plans, amplification, analogues, analysis, angle, animal, anus, appointment, appropriate complement, approximation, arrangements, arrests, assertions, assessment, associative assumption, attack, attempt, authorities, availability, bankrupt, banning orders, belief about life, beneficiary, bequest(s), bet, bill, binge, biology, book, brain(s), break, brief mention/ statement, bronze, building, cake, calculations, campaign, capitalism, cardiac pace-makers, careful assessment, cartilage, case, cells, centre of power, chance, charcoal, check, chemical elements, choice(s), Christianity, claim(s), clone, cold drink/ shower, comment(s), common cause, Common Law, comparison, components, composure, compounds, compulsory subject, computation, concept, concession(s), condition, confession, conflict, consciousness, contact, content, context-specificity, contract, contribution(s), copy, correction, coward, criminal law, critical remarks, criticism(s), daughter, decade(s), decor, decree, deep impression, deity, demand(s), dependants, descriptions, detailed studies, diagnosis, difference, direct comparisons, discontinuation of supply, distinction, dieter, difference, doctrine of neutrality, doubtful assumptions, drawings, dress, driver(s), ecological sensitivity, economic pest, effects, effort, elaborate speech, elevation of thought, eminent sense, employment, enemies, engine, environment, equation, error, evasion, evolution, excuse, exemptions from military service, exercise, exercise session, existence, expeditions, explanation, exploitation, extreme hunger, eye spots, facilities, fan, farmer(s), feature, feeling, filed measurements, fields, film, finality, first place, fool(s), foraging, fortuitous observation, Fortune, friend, fun, gains, gene, genetic engineering/ information, good case, great deal/ progress, general assumption/ duty/ point/ principles, goal-posts, God, gold, good faith/ roast/ sense, grants, great advances/ stir, greatness, guide, heart, heaven, heaven and earth, heavy weather, help, hole(s), homosexuality, honest boy, hormones, human society, genes, idea, ignorance, imitation(s), immediate advance, immense difference, impact, impediment, implication, important contribution, imprisonment, incidental observation, incubation period, infant, inferences, infringement of liberty, innovations, inroads, inspector, intelligence, intention, interesting point, interpretation, intuitive sense, investigation, involuntary joke, iron, issues, joint tenants, judge, justification, juridical intention, knowledge, lacerations, lass, law, law of homicide, legacy, legal definition, legislative efforts, legislator, letter, little secret, liturgy, living, locality, locket, logic, love, majority, male seed, malevolence, man, man’s living, marriages, materials, material substances/ world, mating flight, matters, meal, mediation, mechanisms, medical advances, medium, member, memorandum, memorandum of agreement, mention, miles, military commander, minister, mistake(s), model, modification, monasteries, money, motions, movement, mutual understanding, mystique, name, natural balance/ philosophy/ selection, nature, necessary condition, need, nest, neurones, neurosis, new regulation/ start, niceties, note, novel, nucleus, objection, observation(s), offence(s), offer, one’s access/ bed/ debut/ devotions/ escape/ example/ bid/ headquarters/ heart/ mind/ own history/ way, oneself, oneself, organism, organs, outstanding contribution, paper, participant, path, payment, penalty of life, people, person, personal identity, perspective, philosophy, picture, piece of fruit/ news, pilgrimage, plea, poet(s), poetry, point, point of view, political action, politician, position, position in life, possession(s), possibility, prediction(s), predilection, preliminary report, presence, pressing problem, procedure, product, profit(s), programme, progress, projects, promises, pronouncement(s), property, proposal of marriage, propositions, prosecuting angel, protein, protest, provision, psychology, public play, pupil, quality, queen, question, reader, real property, reason, recombination, records, recovery, reference, regime, relationship(s), removal, replacement, report, reportage, required form, results, request, requirements, resources, restriction, review, ring, riot, rules, sap, Satanist, scapegoat, science, school, secret, section, sense, series, service, settlor, shape, shell, shrines, signal, site-tenacity, showplace, simplifications, sketches, skills, society, son, sound, special provision, species, speech(es), spermatozoa, spouse, standard, start, state, statement, statement of the law, statute, step, stipulation, stories, strong start, study, subjects, successful pursuit, suicide threats, suggestion(s), support, surgeon, swim, synapses, synthesis, table, tale, teacher, technology, television, tenacity, tendons, testator, testatrix, text, theme, therapy, theory, translation, trip, trouble, trust disposition, tube, TV sets, undertakings, unpredictability, vaccines, validity, valuation, value of liberty, valuer, variations, variety, virus, wall, will, ward of court, weighty contribution, word(s), writer(s);
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: absolute, abundantly clear, also, already, always, amply clear, anxious, available, aware, basic, best, better, clear, comfortable, commonly, complicated, desirable, difficult, easier, easy, elsewhere, equally, equally clear, equivalent, ever, evident, evidently, explicit, explicitly, famous, finally, first, formerly, good, harder, hardly, here, huge, important, illegal, incautiously, inevitable, inoperative, interesting, invariably, known, largely, lawful, merely, mysteriously, natural, necessary, obscure, often, originally, plain, possible, previously, privately, probably, quite clear, sometimes, then, undoubtedly, uniform, unpopular, unsuitable, unthinkable, usually, void;
EXAMPLES: natural philosophy is not capable of being made a science; I made a bet; the devil made me do it; has my invention made money?; you have made your bed, now you will have to lie on it; he made as if to strike me; can you make out this name?; he made away as fast as he could run; he agreed to make good any losses; he made for me with a knife; we then made a new will; in October we’ll make a pilgrimage to Lourdes; they made a living in long-established farmlands; they made a powerful and immediate impact; do you think she will make it as doctor?; a number of points may be made about this debate; God made all men free and equal; it made an immense difference to military operations; the Egyptians made an outstanding contribution to the science of time; he made an immediate advance by ...; she made known her demands; she made much of her new title; one singer does not make an opera; 200 arrests were made; help was made available to members of the expedition; there is now no distinction made between those born in and those born out of wedlock; once again progress had been made in ...; the point is best made by ...; it is clear that a payment made by him for goods bought is binding; this/ it is made clear that ...; the rules have been made complicated; they made contact with the therapist; people will have made contracts; it reaffirms the point made earlier that ...; this is made explicit in terms of the sense of British identity; we can’t afford to be made fools of; a case had been made for brief admission of patients; they made friends with ...; he is ridiculed and made fun of; the division is made harder by ...; a lot of alcohol made her feel worse; it made her deed unforgivable; the argument made here is that ...; it made him cough; only the idea made his mind boggle; great advances have been made in finding out how best to use the many drugs; it could only have been made interesting by trying to ...; the report made it easy to create a right in a person; that made it better; how can I make up for all the bad things I said about you?; make way for the sheriff; it first made itself felt in the early 1930s; they are always made joint tenants; county cricket made little concessions to spectators; he made love with her; he made me a proposition to the effect that ...; my original inclinations made me identify with certain characters; for her it made no difference that ...; we seem to have made no progress at all; brains are made of cells called neurones; genes are made of the nucleic acid DNA; but what is to be made of adultery?; we’ll see what you’re made of; the suggestions that are made on the basis of the analysis may not suit everyone’s palate; changes must be made one step at a time; she would have said he was much attracted by the riding, yet he made out he wasn’t; he made out a good case for supposing there to be much of human value in traditions; their sons will be made over into their power; the property has been made over to me; the sum will be made over to another man; it made perfect sense to me; we need another player to make up the team; he made up that story; it is made present in time; he made straight for the nearest tuft of grass; I should have made sufficient out of my expenses to retire now; she may well have made the wrong choice for the right reason; the three children made their escape; belief made them see it; these influences still made themselves felt mainly in his illustrations; we are made to feel that ...; no one shall be made to answer for what he knows nothing of; what progress has it made towards this?; protein is made up of amino acids; he made use of this suggestion in ...; the same principle is made use of by plants; the cuts are usually made with razor blades; the critical comparison is made within subjects; this paper also makes a very persuasive suggestion for ...; it makes a difference to the likelihood that ...; a honest boy makes a confession; early on, he makes a general point; the only text which makes an express statement on this is found in ...; it makes an important guide for ...; a patient makes contact with a helping agency; now the criminal law makes heavy weather of the issue of sex change; this makes immediate intuitive sense; he makes it to London; this interpretation makes it quite clear that ...; it makes it a principle of restraint; she sometimes makes love; it makes me uncomfortable; he makes no mention of ...; it makes no difference; the book makes one conscious of ...; the guess makes sense; he tried to make Kate last night; they were making it all night; it makes the point quite nicely that ...; the virus makes us cough explosively;
SYNONYMS: create, build, put together, mould, fashion, set up, manufacture, fabricate, produce, frame, shape, devise, contrive; cause, coerce, urge, provoke, exhort, impel, compel, pressure, press, order, command, oblige, insist on, induce, persuade; bring about, give rise to; draw up, make up, write, sign, frame; generate, establish, institute; earn, take in, procure, pocket, acquire, obtain, receive, reap; represent, amount to, add up to, come to, total; alter, modify, transform, convert, metamorphose, transmute; grow/ change into, perform as; be suitable for, prove to be, become, turn into; return, realize, earn; secure, score; arrive at, attain, accomplish, win; arrange, rearrange, neaten up; cook, prepare, fix; travel, navigate, go, do, move; think, calculate, reckon, suppose; organize, set up; name, appoint, elect, select, choose, authorize, designate, commission, assign, certify, confirm; make it with, seduce; pretend, feign, act as if, give the impression of; run away/ off, flee, make off, take to one’s heels; steal, rob, walk away with; dream, fancy, fantasize, imagine; get along, cope, manage, muddle through, survive; aim for, head towards, be bound for; attack, assault, fall upon, go for, lunge at, assail; favour, facilitate, promote, contribute to; pay for, compensate for, offset, repay, settle, rectify, square, put to rights, correct, restore; carry out, fulfil; succeed, make good, win triumph; show up, appear, arrive, turn up; impact, tell of, disclose, reveal, announce, declare, publish; overstate, exaggerate, hyperbolize; baby, coddle, pamper, flatter, indulge, humour; detect, see, discern, perceive, distinguish; hint, imply, indicate, make to appear; get on, manage; redecorate, remodel, alter; fill out, flesh out, complete, form, compose, be comprised of; invent, devise, create, dream up, coin, construct; make peace with, reconcile, come to terms, bury the hatchet; make good, atone, make amends; move aside, allow to pass, clear the way;
GERMAN: machen, backen, herstellen, nähen, kochen, stiften, erschaffen, schaffen, treffen, halten, fällen, ernennen, wirken lassen, ausgleichen, ersetzen, wettmachen, veranlassen, lassen, dazu bringen, zwingen, verdienen, sich verschaffen, sich machen, erreichen, erwischen, anlegen, einlaufen, berühmt machen, zum Erfolg verhelfen, sorgen für, ergeben, abgeben, schätzen, erfüllen, mischen, schließen, schlafen (mit), sich lieben, senden, funken, Anstalten machen, spielen, markieren, sich ausgeben für;
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