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HEADWORD: mark (as/ at/ down/ for/ in/ off/ on/ out/ to/ up/ with) v.
NOUNS: absentees, age, agriculture, allegiance, asterix, aversion, beginning, birthday, books, bottle, boundaries, candidate, canon, cell(s), chair, change of policy, chapter, characteristics, collection of documents, coming of age, commities, conversion, course, cage, capitalism, daily rhythms, datum line, death, decade, degree, difference, discovery, distinction, divide, dot, effect(s), eggwhite, end of the night, environment, exam papers, external causes, familiar, feature, final departure, first and crucial step, future star, great advance, grief, impossibility, inactivity, intended use, interruption, items, jurisdiction, killing(s), label, latent inhibition, letter, loving care, map, marker, metal plate, month, movement, music, name, notation, one´s character/ choice, opponent, ordeal, outer limits, page, pain, paper, paragraph, passages, pauper´s grave, pencil, period, person, philosophy, picture, player, playing cards, point, preference, rationality, recognition, region, reluctance, renunciation, rich diversity, sameness, similarities, similarity, spot, spread, stage, stimulus, substage, success, swelling, teacher, text, trend, trusts, time, turn of the tide, turning-point, types of tenure, view, violence, way, words;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: absent, acceptable, also, apparently, especially, far less, final, increasingly, less, more, most, progressive, secret, wrong;
EXAMPLES: mark my words or you´ll be sorry; mark you, I didn´t believe her; she marked the correct answer with an asterix; the teacher marked her absent; we marked him A; the time marks the movements; his philosophy marks the turn of the tide; excess fat often marks the beginning of obsession with dieting and with shape; the spread of this belief marks the divide between ...; pain associated with excess gastric acid is most marked at night; the chair is marked at $10; the middle substage is marked by agriculture; the letter was marked down to be followed up; he has marked, for example, the name ARCS; mark down the prices for a quick sale; mark down these numbers in your copy book; a steely ascetic renunciation marked his character; a main real difference in the experience marked it off from the fundamentalist forms of conversion experience; this one sheet of graph paper will have twelve points marked on it along the bottom axis and around thirty points marked on the other axis; Christian communities were marked by their allegiance to Jesus ot Nazareth; the distinction is often less marked; 1660 marked the end of feudalism; they marked the other limits of the world; prices were marked up to keep pace with inflation; it was marked with a datum line; she marks her texts with loving care;
SYNONYMS: smear, stain, smudge, blemish, scratch, bruise, cut; signify, specify, designate, tick, label, indicate; notice, pay heed to, note, pay attention to, take notice of, look at, see, observe, watch; obey, respect, heed, mind; identify, characterize, distinguish, brand; correct, grade, assess, appraise; write, register, record, note, make a note of; raise, increase;
GERMAN: beschädigen, schmutzig machen, Flecken machen (auf), zerkratzen, zeichnen, markieren, bezeichnen, identifizieren (als), beschriften, auszeichnen, zinken, versehen (mit), mit einer Aufschrift versehen, ein Zeichen machen, auszeichnen, einzeichnen, kennzeichnen, deuten (auf), sich zeigen, zeichnen, anstreichen, korrigieren und benoten, benoten, eine Note geben, hören (auf), sagen, decken, auf der Stelle treten, schmutzen, schmutzig werden, Kratzer bekommen, notieren, heruntersetzen, heraufsetzen, markieren, abgrenzen, abstecken, absperren, bestimmen.
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