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HEADWORD: mean (as/ by/ for/ in/ to) v.
NOUNS: abolition, absence, account, adoration, airlines, amount(s), analogy, animal, appeal, arbitrator, arcades, area, Aristotle physics, attention, authority, balustrades, beginning, blind trust, catalogue, chapter, Christianization, cause(s), code, concentration, concession, condition(s), consent, continuation, control(s), cornices, course, criticism, decision, definition(s), demise, departure, destiny, development, devotion, doctrine, doorways, effect(s), , election, end, essentials, estimates, example(s), exclusion, executive discretion, external cause, fact, friendship, future generations, government, Hellenism, idea, ideals, inflammation, influx, instrument, intellectual incapacity, kinship, lack, language, law, legislative authorities, legislator, level of expenditure, life imprisonment, literacy, losses, lost opportunity, majority, manifestation, marriage, measures, method(s), money, myth, name, nationalism, nature, neglect, neutrality, nurses, obedience, object, offence, operation, part(s), performance, permanent union, person, philosophy, piece, poet, points, popular suffrage, porticoes, position, possession, practice, presumption of liberty, Prime Minister, procedure, property, proportion, public consumption, reason(s), recipe, reduction in one’s income, regularity, religious identity, removal, repetitions, restriction, rival factions, search, service, set of methodological rules, scheme, sharing of genes, show of strength, social evolution, society, statement, stress, study, success, supply, surrender, survival, system, tendency, terminology, term(s), tetrathlon, theory, things, tide, traditionalism, traits, transcendence, treatment, use, viscosity, walls, wanting, way(S), windows, word(s), work, writer;
ADVERBS: actually, a lot, also, by contrast, certainly, chemically, commonly, economically, increasingly, inevitably, in no way, little, merely, necessarily, normally, obviously, of course, often, only, politically, possibly, simply, surely, really, therefore, usually;
EXAMPLES: in practice this meant a regularity in mealtimes; the Latin pauper means a person of modest means; Hepatitis simply means an inflammatory disorder of the liver; property therefore means belonging to a tribe; it means, by contrast, that ...; I meant you to have it; I mean what I say; you weren’t meant to see it; I mean to be obeyed; you mean everything to me; she was meant for John; do you mean to say you’re not coming?; what do you mean to do?; if he means to be awkward ...; her remark was meant for me; presumably he means in addition to the words already widely accepted ...; what it means is that ...; we know what that means; his words meant nothing to me; I only meant it as a joke; I only meant to help; translated into English it means ...; without meaning to be rude ...; they never knew what it meant to be thirsty; it means merely that ...; this means no more than that ...; he really meant that she wanted to leave us; this meant, of course, that ...; she meant them no harm; this (certainly) means that ...; that does not mean that ...; this means nothing; it also means that ...; it depends on what you mean by ...; she really meant that she wanted him to leave; it in no way means that ...; she means the horse; in turn, this means ..; we shall attempt to say what it means to be global; those clouds mean that it will soon rain; by explicit training is meant a procedure in which ...; what is meant by saying that ...; this new use meant a severe criticism; I understand exactly what Juliana meant; what is meant (here) is that ...; the Carrington case meant his being alive; and against the catalogue meant just what it said; go to hell was what she meant; by transcendence he simply meant surpassing the limits of previous organizations; television gave us an idea of what it meant to them; such a definition was meant to capture what iron really is; we may be meant to think that ...; what do you mean by that?; it means starting all over again; what he meant was that there are numerous examples of repeating patterns; to chop up the wood meant work;
SYNONYMS: have in view, contemplate, have in mind, intend, purpose, design; want, wish, expect, hope; have as a justification, be motivated by; signify, denote, designate, carry convey, refer to, allude to, bring out, get across; connote, imply, hint (at), suggest; show, foretell, promise, herald, portend; have the importance of, have the weight of;
GERMAN: bedeuten, meinen, sagen, heißen, verlangen;
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