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HEADWORD: measure (across/ against/ by/ in/ from/ off/ on/ out/ up/ up to) v.
NOUNS: absence, accomplishments, accountant, acts, amount, animal, body parts, boundary region, carbon dating, chest, coal reserves, comparative strangers, concentrations, consumer price index, consumption, delay, diameter, differences, distance, doses absorbed, double whisky, exacting standards, expectations, explosive force, extent, feet, figure, food(s), Geiger counter, haemoglobin, homework assignments, ideal, inflation, intensity, leasehold estate, length, men, methane flux, methods, months, neutral performance, norm, number, oil reserves, objective scale, oneself, one’s length/ tone/ way of talking/ words, oxygen concentration in the blood, pace, passage of time, percentage, performance, period of time, person, person for suit, phases of the moon, position, potency, powers, profits, ration of time, relief workers, results, rhythms, rhythms in performance, room, seconds, site, situation, social satisfaction, speed of response, state of repair, statement, success, suicidal intent, survey, swords, teacher, tests, thing, time, time taken, tons, tread, types of performance, uptake of oxygen, water, weights, width, women, wood, words, workplace;
ADVERBS: accurately, carefully, financially, generally, now;
EXAMPLES: the sand-glass measures a given time; the teacher should measure homework assignments according to the pupils´ available time; are you sure she’ll measure up?; will they ever measure up?; the rhythms in performance are measured by tests; a leasehold estate is measured by a fixed period of time; the accomplishments were measured against the norm; the living room measures twenty feet by ten; what does it measure?; private and social satisfactions could not be measured financially; the time taken to complete the task would be measured; errors were measured in the workplace; each user may be allowed a ration of space measured in words; no one else measures up to the job; a person’s acts after loss of self-control should still be measured on an objective scale; to her the village is a norm against which the neighbouring town is measured; the delay in doing this is measured; a test would consist of measuring of how many examples could be done in three minutes; to provide a means of measuring time at night the Egyptians also invented the water-clock; it is sad to have to measure yourself against professionals; she measured her length; he carefully measured out a double whisky; the state of repair failed to measure up to their exacting standards;
SYNONYMS: rate, gauge, rate, calculate, compute, determine, judge, evaluate, calibrate, ascertain, value, figure out/ up; adapt, relate, fit, adjust, control, regulate; limit, delimit, parcel out, pace off, lay off; mete out, parcel out, apportion, give out, share out, hand out, dispense, spread around; equal, fulfil, reach, attain, match, meet; qualify for, be equal to, be adequate to, be up to;
GERMAN: messen, abmessen, abwiegen, Maß nehmen, beurteilen, abschätzen, einschätzen, abwägen, groß sein, eine Größe haben, heranreichen, gewachsen sein;
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