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HEADWORD: meet (at/ in/ on/ under/ up with/ with) v.
NOUNS: accident, appeal for aid, approaches, approval, areas, armies, army, artist(s), atelier, attitude, basic needs, bishop(s), blame, boyfriend, boy(s), bus, bus-stop, car, challenge, chapter, characteristics, charge, children, Christian, club, committee(s), condition of surviving, conditions, contributor(s), converts, cost, court, deadline, debt, deficit, demand, denigration, diagonals, difficulty, disaster, discotheque, door, drafting room, each other, early spring, earth, encouragement, energy demands, equivalent, expectations, expenses, friend(s), girlfriend, Greek culture, group(s), heavy criticism, hierarchy, hill, horizon, hostility, husband, idea, ignorance, individual(s), joyful response, kindness, lawyer(s), legal staff, literary people, little sympathy, loss, monetary resources, moving object, needs, negotiator(s), new book, objection, obligation(s), observer, ocean, official(s), one another, one’s bus/ death/ efforts/ eyes/ guests/ head/ plane/ train/ wishes, open disapproval, opposition, people, person(s), post office, praise, precautions, priest, professor, proposal, Protestants, representative(s), requirements, retreat, river, road(s), Roman Church, room, shore, sight, silence, situation(s), shock, setback, skirt, s.o.´s eyes/ gaze/ plans/ plea, social role, specialist(s), standards, stranger, substance, success, suggestion, target, teacher(s), team, themes, theory, track(s), untimely death, vessel, warm welcome, wife, women, writer(s), young man/ woman;
ADVERBS: again, also, at last, automatically, calmly, certainly, ever, every day, face to face, first, halfway, head-on, independently, in person, just, later, momentarily, never, only, outside, partially, previously, probably, seldom, simply, sometime, substantially, tomorrow;
EXAMPLES: all my efforts meet with little response; the horizon is where the sky meets earth; his decrepit car met a slight hill; the representatives met again later in New York on 20 April to consider ...; these conditions are certainly met; he met his guests at the door; she had just met a boy at a discotheque; will these precautions meet the requirements?; other vitamin requirements will also be met automatically; its transport needs will be met by Lufthansa; we met each other first through our work; have you met Kristina, Henrik?; we met in the drafting room every afternoon; the conditions are substantially met independently of the consent; we felt we knew them before we met; they’ve probably met; in chapter 5 we met the more sophisticated idea of ...; when I first met these ideas, I was reluctant to accept ...; his call to fly flags met with a joyful response everywhere; he met with open disapproval from them; they met with an accident; one seldom met women at the post office; I don’t think we’ve met, have we?; meet me under the clock; I´ll meet your train; come and meet ...; haven’t we met before somewhere?; now, who would you like to meet?; pleased to meet you; nice to have met you; until we meet again!; we’ve met before; she came to the airport to meet us; certain standards must be met; these problems would simply have to be met as they came; how are we to meet this challenge?; where did you meet your wife?; her mouth met mine; our eyes met; her eyes rose to meet his; the man met the girl’s gaze; there’s more to this woman than meets the eyes; Hugh met his death calmly; Ewald met his death as a result of a car accident; her approaches met with ill-conceived disdain; the skirt wouldn’t meet her waist;
SYNONYMS: see, come across, encounter, stumble on/ into; rendezvous with, get together with; assemble, convene, congregate, gather, collect; make the acquaintance of, find, be introduced to; join, link up, come together, unite, touch, intersect; deal with, fulfil, answer, satisfy, carry out, dispose of, handle, observe; be met by, experience; endure, undergo, suffer, go through;
GERMAN: treffen (auf), begegnen, sich treffen (mit), stoßen auf, sich begegnen, finden, empfangen, entgegentreten, sehen (in), kennenlernen, sich bekannt machen mit, abholen (von), warten (am), bereitstehen (am), Anschluss haben (an), sich vereinigen (mit), münden (in), fließen (in), schneiden, berühren, erfüllen, entsprechen, gerecht werden, decken, bezahlen, begleichen, zusammenkommen, tagen, aufeinandertreffen, aufeinanderstoßen, sich vereinigen, sich schneiden, sich berühren, ineinanderfließen;
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