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HEADWORD: mind (about/ out) v.
NOUNS: children, father, government, mother, one´s own business, parents, people, person, shop, s.o.´s chair/ seat, teacher;
EXAMPLES: please mind what pour parents say; would you mind moving your car?; mind your own business; mind you do it!; mind you get that done!; Jane is minding the children so that we can get some work done; mind you, I´d rather go; nobody seemed to mind; do you mind?; I don’t mind if I do; I don’t mind waiting; do you mind coming with me?; what he does mind is the regime that came to power; would you mind (my) opening the window?; never mind the expense; never mind, you’ll find another; never mind (about) that now; never mind about your back; never mind about that mistake; never mind her; don’t mind me; I wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee; mind and see if ...; mind how you go!; mind what you’re doing!; mind your language!; mind your temper!; mind the step!; mind your head/ feet!; never mind about that; I’m minding the shop; she didn’t mind my snoring; I wouldn’t mind, captain;
SYNONYMS: dislike, object to, resent, be offended by, care, be troubled/ annoyed by, be cautious of, disapprove of, be affronted by; pay attention to, attend to, take note of, mark, listen to, obey, heed, note; watch, be careful of, be cautious of; watch over, care for, have charge of, baby-sit, look after, keep an eye on, guard; ignore, pay no attention to, forget, do not give a second thought to, cancel from your the mind, do not think twice about;
GERMAN: aufpassen (auf), achten (auf), beachten, sich zusammennehmen, sich kümmern um, etwas haben gegen, eigentlich lieber nicht mögen, sich etwas daraus machen, etwas dagegen haben;
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